April 24, 2018
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Comments for: Homeless advocates unveil giant Advent calendar of ‘truths’

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  • Anonymous

    The hard truth that no one wants to hear.

  • Anonymous

    Born and raised in Portland (1943), I recall no homelessness. What have we done or not done as a society? Are we pouring money into something that does not work; or does the system being used now only generate more homeless folks? I feel I have some answers, but will only be rejected.

    • G.W.Obama

      The demise of the nuclear family.That is what is “wrong with society”.And the music today sucks too….

  • Anonymous

    What! the progressives that rail against conservative hard truths are having second thoughts about the programs they love so dear.Or is it just hitting a little to close to home for them.As long as they are in someone Else’s backyard it is wonderful.I know, how about following the same path Maine did with the meth clinics.Send them to Bangor that way Portlanders can feel good and don’t have to live with the problems.

  • Anonymous

    If the Waltons and the Kochs had their way, we would all be homeless and working for $1 an hour. No where in America has “free” trade hit any harder than in Maine. No where. Keep patronizing ChinaMart and listening to our Koch head-in-chief governor. That should help.

    • Anonymous

      The “job creators” want us all to be just waiters!

      • Anonymous

        Too bad the jobs they create are in China and the Cayman Islands.

      • Anonymous


  • When I left home to strike out on my own, there were hotels all across the country which would rent a room for $4 a night, or just under $100 a month. Since wages back then were in the neighborhood of $2.25 and hour, about a forth of your wages went for rent. Of course since this was a single room you got light and heat included. You could get the breakfast special for $.99, and the dinned (full meal) for $1.25.

    Now during the time that has passed, the cost of food, energy, and housing has increased almost tenfold. That would mean that today an unskilled worker would have to make $22.50 an hour to live as well as I did back in the late sixties. I had fun, time off, and enjoyed the people I worked with. I never heard the word “homeless” unless someone was talking about kittens.

    You can not run a society exclusively for those who attend college, where white collars, and work primarily with their heads, as opposed to their hands.

    Homelessness symptom of a much larger problem. The larger problem being that we (as a society) have decided some folks are just not needed anymore.

    • Anonymous

      My first job was cleaning chicken barns for $1.65 an hour in 1972. I was 12 years old and it was the nastiest work I have ever done. That money bought more than $15 an hour does these days. Wages are definitely not keeping pace with inflation.

      • Anonymous

        So true. Today, all the money seems to be made at the very top. CEO’s that don’t perform get rewarded with huge “bonuses”, while hard working blue collar workers lose their longtime jobs overnight and get nothing in return. Wages for the average worker have been stagnant for far too long.

        • Anonymous

          Greed and ambivalence Greed on the part of the top 1% and total ambivalence on the part of the other 99% of us.

    • G.W.Obama

      Tux,they say that Tux cats are the smartest of all cats! Your point was well made and clear! Thanks!

    • 3rd rail

      Ever heard of these,


      Your comment speaks also towards the ‘service oriented’ economy. We lost our manufacturing base. (actually it was sold to the overseas market) That is America’s roots.

      Doesn’t matter what we do, unless we return to those roots we simply cannot support a nation such as America with a service oriented economy, it has barely lasted 25 years.

      I’m going to be attacked for what I’m about to say, but it has to be said.

      # 11. The homeless population percentage wise are under 50 years of age, druggies, drunks, criminals & the mentally ill, who along with their mental illness also happen to be druggies, drunks & criminals. That’s what makes up the homeless population Explosion in America.

      While those truly homeless through no great fault of their own even falling under the slogan of s–t happens, find it very hard to break out of the cycle because so much time and precious resources are spent on the ‘revolving door’ of those mention above.

      # 12. Homelessness in America along with soup kitchens are now the nations latest capital venture. Meaning those involved are making a comfortable living off of it.

      # 13. While there is the extreme lack of affordable housing everywhere in the nation, we actually could provide that privacy, that personal space with a pod.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, let’s give them more free stuff. That will teach them what life’s about. Handouts.

  • Guest

    My. Name is Robert delrymple

  • My name is spelled delrymple not dalrymple

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