May 25, 2018
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Monday, Dec. 3, 2012: Susan Rice, solar power and labor mural

Rice witch hunt

After weeks and weeks of investigations and question and answer sessions the Republicans say they still have unanswered questions from Susan Rice and can’t support her. This whole thing is a political witch hunt to force President Obama to choose John Kerry for Secretary of State, so Kerry’s Senate seat will come up for grabs and the Republicans can give Scott Brown another shot at getting a Senate seat after he lost his to Elizabeth Warren.

Sen. Susan Collins showed her cards when she said she could support John Kerry for the job. The next time Collins comes up for re-election she shouldn’t expect an automatic win.

Mike Avery Sr.


Solar power and Efficiency Maine

I recently had a grid-tied solar power system installed at my residence and have experienced a common problem occurring nationwide.

Solar panels are regulated by law to stop producing electricity when they sense grid instability. Grid disruptions too small for utility equipment to measure can cause solar installation dropouts. Due to the extreme sensitivity of the panel inverters and the grid activity in your neighborhood, the system can experience multiple short-term daily shutdowns. Standard installer and manufacturer warranties do not cover this.

Think of buying a new car and having the “check engine” light come on every time you’re driving down the road. Then imagine having your dealership tell you “even though it’s reducing your gas mileage, it’s probably safe, so don’t worry about it.” Two lessons learned from my experience are first and foremost to include an actual grid compatibility performance guarantee in the installer’s contract. Second, don’t assume grid-tied systems are guaranteed efficient and reliable just because they are backed by Efficiency Maine.

My system operates at 66 percent of estimated production and drops out at least once a day. With these facts in hand, no concern has been expressed from those at Efficiency Maine to warn potential customers. Although solar power has great potential, protect yourself in your

contract with the installer. Otherwise, you’re rolling the dice.

Gary Fogarty

Old Town

Unhappy with tree naming

In yesterday’s BDN I read that Sprague’s Nursery donated the Christmas tree to the city of Bangor. On the news tonight we were told that the holiday tree arrived today. If the city of Bangor would rather not name our tree appropriately Christmas tree, then I hope nobody will show up for the lighting of the tree. I, certainly will not attend.

Sondra Spencer


Mural, BDN decision

Did anyone notice? The news that the federal appeals court rejected the appeal about the Maine labor mural, hence supporting Gov. Paul LePage, was buried on page B6 in Regional/Obituaries section in the BDN (11/29/12).

If the decision had gone the other way, would this have been front page news?

Catherine Tanzer


‘Angel’ helps lost child

The busy holiday shopping spree approaches us. I was at Target the other day and saw a young girl that looked like she was not able to find her parent. As I strolled around I kept seeing this girl becoming more frantic. I went to the customer service to inform them about the girl, they said there wasn’t anything they could do unless the girl reported she was lost or the parent reported it.

While I was at the service desk I turned and saw the girl dash out the door. My instinct kicked in and I went out after her. I found her near a car, asked if she was lost. She replied, “I can’t find my mom.” I got her to come back inside and as we went to the service desk her mom approached frantic. I told her what I had done and she said I was an angel.

Well, I have six grandchildren of my own, one could only hope that someone out there would have a watchful eye while out shopping. Please don’t let your children out of your sight while shopping. It only takes a second for them to be gone. I was very disappointed in the safety procedure that Target did not apply. We can teach our children to tell someone their lost or can’t find their parent but when a child is scared or has a hard time communicating because of a disability they may just run.

Brenda Crossman


‘Suitable’ for care?

This is in response to Cora Snyders’ letter, “Hippocratic Oath,” in the BDN on Nov. 17.

I am a senior citizen also. I called a local physician’s office to transfer from a federally funded clinic. I was told to submit my records, and they would review them to see if I was “suitable” for their practice.

I haven’t done it yet because I feel that I may be going from bad to worse. In the past, before I came to Maine to live, I had gone to my doctors until they retired or died. It is very disheartening to be a senior citizen, in pain, and be treated like you just don’t matter. How many others out there are being treated this way?

Linda Dunn


Republican responses to two Rices

Think about the difference in Republican response in 2002 to former National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice and in 2012 to UN Ambassador Susan Rice.

In the Fall of 2002, then National Security Advisor Rice gave incorrect information about the presumed weapons of mass destruction many times on television before the congressional authorization vote in October 2002 that led to the start of the Iraq War in March 2003. Her comments were not questioned by Sens. John McCain, Phil Graham and Susan

Collins. They all voted for the war and also to confirm her as Secretary of State in 2005. From 2003 to 2011, tens of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were killed or wounded, and America has spent close to one trillion dollars from war in Iraq.

The Senators say that they are “concerned” about UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s statements on the Sept. 16 TV talk shows, five days after the Benghazi attack that killed a total of four Americans and when the investigation had just begun. On those shows, Ambassador Rice used the information from the unanimous, unclassified intelligence report requested by the Republican-led House Intelligence Committee.

Please, cease your attack on our current UN Ambassador. Do the people’s business and vote to maintain the middle class tax cuts and raise taxes on those earning over 250K to give citizens and business certainty.

Pam Person


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