May 25, 2020
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Comments for: At UMaine, Belcher was involved in Male Athletes Against Violence; impact ‘was boundless’

  • Anonymous

    So much for athletes against violence having such a profound effect on Belcher. A shame for his/their three-month old child, about whom he presumably didn’t care enough not to kill her mother. But a darn good football player!

    • Amy Fried

      Based on what people say who knew him well at UMaine, including people I know and respect, he was a fine individual who did a lot in mentoring kids and was a positive part of the anti-violence group.

      What this suggests to me is that something profound changed, perhaps from a head injury, a very common occurrence in football. From the Iraq war, we see how traumatic brain injury changes people, making calm people aggressive and unable to control their emotions. Rather than thinking the anti-violence group wasn’t important to him, let’s consider the incredible damage associated with football. If this business were any other, OSHA would have shut it down long ago, since it is so terribly harmful and produces so many brain injuries.

      On football and brain injuries, see and

      • Anonymous

        There obviously were profound changes in this man’s out of character behavior. You mentioned only one… care to discuss any others ?

      • Anonymous

        Ah, the “Football made him do it!” defense. I guess we can get ready for all those football players taking hard hits to start shooting everyone right and left, right? Right. Have a Twinkie.

  • nostrajimus

    The judge wouldn’t care what the BDN had to say, as he murdered his child’s mother and the then took the child’s father’s life

  • Anonymous

    It is most unfortunate that his actions spoke louder than his words in this instance. I believe his intentions were good, but his behavior did not follow. This is so tragic for his family and friends, and his girlfriend’s family and friends, but most of all for that innocent child.

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