AUGUSTA, Maine — A man who robbed the CVS pharmacy on Capitol Street Wednesday afternoon remained at large Wednesday evening as Augusta and Maine State Police combined to comb the surrounding area.

The robbery, which occurred at 3:08 p.m., was carried out by a male suspect described by Augusta police as skinny and about 5-foot-6 in height, wearing tan khaki pants, a dark, hooded sweatshirt, a dark, ski-type mask and white sneakers.

This is the third time this CVS location has been robbed this year, according to an employee.

“I know of two for sure that I’ve responded to,” said Augusta police Lt. Chris Massey. “And this is number nine for Augusta this year.”

A CVS employee reportedly followed the man toward Western Avenue. Massey said a police dog picked up the robber’s tracks and police recovered several items as evidence.

“We found some clothing items that matched what the suspect had on,” Massey said.

The criminal investigation unit is still gathering and processing evidence.

The man did not indicate he had a weapon or show one, but passed the pharmacist what police described as a threatening note demanding prescription medication. He fled the store on foot with a CVS plastic bag containing an undisclosed amount of pain medication.

“We have several witnesses and there is video surveillance of the incident as well,” Massey said.

Anyone with any information about the crime is asked to call the August police department at 626-3370 or the anonymous tip line at 620-8009, or go online at

The CVS pharmacy and store, which are open until 8 p.m., both reopened early Wednesday evening.

Early reports about the robbery suggested that the robber got into an SUV just off Western Avenue, but Massey said those were incorrect and the vehicle was actually attempting to follow the suspect before he disappeared.

Customers were inside the CVS at the time of the robbery, Massey said.

The robbery is the second in the city since Monday, when Walmart’s pharmacy was robbed. The suspect in that incident is also still at large. Wednesday’s pharmacy robbery is the 53rd to happen this year in Maine.