May 20, 2018
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Comments for: Petraeus scandal cheats military wives

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you for writing this. I am the wife of a currently deployed guardsman. I feel the exact same way and am glad I’m not alone in that!

    • Anonymous

      My experience tells me that the best way to keep “your man” in his stable is to write him plenty of letters (Cell phone calls don’t do it, neither does texting). WRITE!! Remind him of the places that are special to you and him. sprinkle liberal amounts of the perfume you wear on the envelope. Enclose pictures of you, the dog, the house, and the children (if you have them) BUT most-of all… YOU (fully clothed is better… you don’t want to get him excited way over there….thousands of miles away). These need to be hard-copy pictures that he can keep under his pillow, in his locker, and/or in his pocket. These pictures become doubly inportant in the unfortunate event that he is injured.
      Most of the guys I knew wanted to get back home to “Their girl” (Yeah I know that’s not politically correct…but I’m an old guy) and believe me that most of the stuff that happened over there wasn’t love-based, but fear based. They traded their teddy bear for something more adult to hold. If this happens, you have the choice toforgive and forget. Humans make lots of mistakes. putting on a uniform does not make them superman… and even he had more than one girlfriend.

  • Anonymous

    It must be a tough call to volunteer for a job in the military and spend so much time being separated from your family. I’m actually not sure why anyone with a family would choose that particular career for themselves.

    • Anonymous

      As a person who has spent 29 years in the military, with 2 1/2 years remote, life is tough. War is tough. Freedom is not free… It takes love for your spouse, and will to continue, building each day for your future!

  • This general has a full time job taking care of the soldiers in the field……Where does he find the time to do this messing about???? Disgraceful….I would just as upset if he played golf or watched sitcoms….He has serious responsibilities….

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you in that General Petraeus failed us, especially his own family. But I doubt the general neglected his other responsibilities as a top brass leader and head of the CIA. Let’s not take away credit where credit is due. Yes, he made a serious mistake in his personal life. That doesn’t mean however that all the good he accomplished in his career should be considered lost and to no avail. On the contrary, his list of accomplishments is very commendable. For that reason I am remain grateful for his superb service to our country. Although necessary, it’s sad to see him gone from his government post. Leaders like him are very few.

  • Mórrígan

    Viva la women’s liberation! Feminism means that catting is no longer the exclusive domain of the Tom. It really does take two to tango and it can be damn difficult to determine now which sex is stalker and which is prey.

    If your husband is good looking and powerful, you can bet there will be some woman out there who will try to play him. It is just the nature of society today.

    Instead of being fearful, be forceful and pro-active. When was the last time you told him exactly how you would react to any infidelity? This Petraeus tragedy is a perfect opening for every military spouse to have that conversation.

    Oh, speaking as a military man who has been retired now for longer than he served, the worry over extra-marital opportunities goes both ways. You may know you are faithful, he can not. Axis Sally, Tokyo Rose and other female propagandists in every war have worked this angle to demoralize soldiers, sailors and airmen.

  • Anonymous

    All men are pigs when it comes to pretty woman and sex. The thoughts are always there its morals fighting instinct it does usually separate us from the other species. It shouldn’t come as a big surprise some wear a uniform and act on the instinct. Btw Kelly may be a socialite but she is in debt up to her eyeballs and appears to be very insecure. Looks like the money is spent and in 10 years so will her superficial beauty.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, painting with a broad brush there….All men are pigs…..

  • Anonymous

    Oh please like this is something new and different? How is it that a military wife like Sarah never watched M.A.S.H. or China Beach where all those pretty nurses paraded around in their skimpies.

    Yeah yeah, I know that’s just T.V. but the Saigon night life wasn’t T.V. and let me tell you that there were PLENTY of married guys taking advantage of the wares offered on To Do. (Pronounced tue doe)

    …and the man who was arguably our most famous five star general Dwight D. Eisenhower cheated on his wife with his secretary.

  • What about the flip side? Soldiers being cheated by their woman (or man) at home when deployed isn’t exactly an uncommon phenomenon either. If there is no trust on both sides, it’s not going to work.

    Jealousy and envy aren’t traits likely to keep a man faithful. So a guy looks at women and likes listening to a voice on the radio. Big deal. Give men, especially your man, more credit.

  • Anonymous

    Who is Jake Trapper?

    • Anonymous

      A journalist/news anchor on ABC.

  • Sad State of Affairs

    This article does not just pertain to the military. Anywhere you have men and women working closely together you have the likelihood that a spouse will stray. Some women are out for power and money and will stop at nothing to get it. They won’t let a ring get in the way either. It is not just men who cheat.

  • Anonymous

    There is more to every story than meets the eye, as we have been told before, and we are simply getting what the media want us to see/hear.

  • Guest

    Just remember, at times even the best of us may go a bit “Overboard”. Glass houses and all…

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