August 20, 2019
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Comments for: 3 dead after airplane crash in Owls Head; plane struck truck during takeoff

  • Sean Jewell

    If there are any survivors I hope they are okay. My thoughts are with the families of those who have passed. And just a note it was tonight Friday not Tuesday when the crash happened.

  • Anonymous

    The first paragraph says this happened Tuesday….but later it says Friday….

    • Anonymous

      The only reference I see to Friday, is that they interviewed a man at the scene Friday night. I do find it improbable that that they kept this quiet from Tuesday to Friday though.

      • Anonymous

        The story has been edited….it happened tonight.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, I see that. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    As a licensed pilot I am fully aware of the many safety concerns
    that pilots go through before any flight.
    I find it deeply troubling to learn that a truck was crossing the runway

    as this plane was taking off. WTF ??

    And now we have 3 people killed in a fiery crash.
    Tragic doesnt even begin to describe this event.

    • I’m just curios to something. When you post comments, what are you using because your spacing is always all over the place.

      • Anonymous

        I have an Obamafone.
        cant afford

        a smart one since
        he took

        • So much for trying to ask you a serious question.

        • joetaxpayer

          Don’t deserve a smart one if a Romney vote.

        • Anonymous

          The low income cell phone progam is a product of previous administrations. The qualification requirements to obtain one have been tightened under the current administration.

      • Ann Flagg Campbell

        They are probably spacing it so it isn’t an indecipherable wall of text.

        Like this.

        Spacing. Sometimes it’s hard to read run on paragraphs.

      • Anonymous


  • Rocky4

    WTF……….is right. If that was a 172 and he was doing 100mph he should have been
    airborne. And what the hell kind of an operation is that over there with a truck on the
    active runway? Somebody’s arse will be in wringer over this one!

    • airport manager has always allowed vehicles to drive/cross the runways. Sad accident

      • Anonymous

        Airport manager has some ‘splainin’ to do since these needless deaths.
        3 people were burnt and mangled to death because ” we always do it that way” ??
        No, I aint buying that line any more.

      • Anonymous

        “Accident”?? A tragedy waiting to happen, seems to me. Someone ought to hang for this one.

  • Anonymous

    This article just flooded back memories of that crash in ’79. I knew a couple of the people that died in that. It was an awful thing. They couldn’t even get to it for some time. Thick fog and didn’t know where the plane went at first.

  • Juniors Farm

    The DeHavilland was prone to numerous maintenance issues and several crashed,It would be like getting on a Russian built aircraft.

  • Guest

    Why is anyone questioning whether the pilot made position reports. The question should be why vehicles are allowed to be on a runway, taxiways or anywhere in the airport environment if they are not escorted by County airport employees with radios and following legal procedures. Doesn’t this airport receive federal funding and meet any TSA requirements?

  • Anonymous

    I live in the area and landed there a few months ago and had the same issue with some fool in a silver pickup truck. I could not believe it when I encountered this guy driving all over the airport taxiways and runways, crossing the active runway while we’re on final and pulling up to a taxiway turnoff at mid-field as we’re on short final. I called and called on the Unicom and CTAF freq, – no response. Didn’t hear a word from the individual once. We aborted 2 landing attempts because we could not understand what the person was up to and didn’t trust that they had any brains, and then landed the 3rd time around when he was crossing a runway at the other end of the field.

    I asked some people at Penobscot Island Air if they knew anything about maintenance on the field or who the vehicle belonged to, – no idea. We even asked the sheriff in the terminal building if he knew if there was maintenance being done, or what the vehicle was doing.

    THIS is why every little airport in the country now has a damn fence and a gate with a keycode on it, – stupid people driving around airports just because they can. I hope they throw the book at this guy, pilots license or not. Actually, having a pilots license makes it even worse, – he should know better!

  • tedcohen

    Why would a truck cross the runway?

  • Anonymous

    Mainers cant drive on normal road…What @#@# to think they can drive o a runway…

  • Anonymous

    Hell of a way to run a railroad…..airport

  • Anonymous

    Trucks on the runway….says it alot about the culture of safety at the airport.

  • Anonymous

    Attention vehicle drivers!!

    We’ll stay off your roads–STAY OFF OUR RUNWAYS!!

  • Katie

    It is irrelevant if the plane made radio calls before taking off. There are numerous airplanes that operate out of the field all the time that don’t have radios installed. The driver of the truck should have stopped and looked before proceeding across the runway. Not all vehicles that cross those runways have radios in them either. It is the responsibility of the drivers of the vehicles to make sure they give right of way to aircraft at all times. I resent the fact that they are trying to place blame on the pilot.

  • Tommy Gunn

    Aircraft have the unmitigated Right of Way on runways and taxiways. The truck should not be on the runway when an airplane is in the process of takeoff or landing, etc.

    Both of the airports I have managed we allow the tenants to drive on the ramp areas but not the runway or taxiway. If you need to get to the other side you go around the end of the runway.

  • Britt @ BrittsRunningStyle

    Placing blame doesn’t help anything. I heard it was standard procedure for there to be a truck yo clear animals off the runway….he does a check just in case. Not sure if this is the case for last night’s accident, but don’t prosecute the driver before you know.

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