January 22, 2018
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Comments for: Bangor van-pedestrian accident sends two to hospital

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  • Anonymous

    Crossing Hogan Road?  Really?

    • Admin Person

       Twenty years ago my parents were shopping at K-Mart. I needed to get to Goldsmith’s to get a new hockey stick, so I walked across Hogan Road. Just like the chicken, I crossed it to get to the other damn side.

      • Henry Bowers

         i crossed the street to go to Bull Moose in 2005 true story…

        • Anonymous

          Were you struck and killed?

          • Henry Bowers

            yeah i float down here

      • Anonymous

        Twenty years ago there were a lot fewer cars on the road.

  •  I work at a hotel in the area. People come here all the time on buses
    (so, they obviously do not have vehicles with them). A lot of them
    travel by taxi, or on foot. There is virtually nothing in the Hogan
    Rd/Stillwater area in the way of sidewalks or crosswalks, but there is
    more than enough foot traffic to warrant having them. The people of
    Bangor pay enough in taxes. There should be a few crosswalks. Don’t be
    ignorant with your comments. These people are not from here and don’t
    know the area. They likely don’t expect to have to take a cab across the
    street, because in any normal city, there would be crosswalks.

    • Anonymous

      Not being from the area doesn’t make these people any less intelligent about the fact that it’s a terrible idea to cross a multi-lane road in the dark without an appropriate traffic signal.

      • Stanley MacArthur

        looking at where they were hit, its possible that traffic was stopped along hogan road and the van might have been turning out of Longview drive and did not see them. I have no idea what really happened so none of this is fact, simply a possibility where no parties are at fault. I have to agree with Jen, there is a complete lack of crosswalks. If the city of Boston and Portland can have minimal traffic snars then so can we. Why does something bad have to happen for results to occur? As I shamefully reference the new crosswalk at the waterfront

  • Anonymous

    Listing these victims as ” Canadians” could be construed
    as racist.
        At least according to some earlier posts regarding a high speed traffic accident.
      I’m not sure where to draw the line.
       I’ll have to leave that to the experts.

    • Admin Person

      They are from Canada how that be misconstrued as racism???

      Canadians (singular Canadian; French: Canadiens) are the people who are identified with the country of Canada, residential, legal, historical, cultural or ethnic.

      Save your drama!! 

      It would be safe to assume the driver was a MAINEiac.

      • This is the story it is typing about.


        Because the mans last name was Garcia someone made a comment that read “it was a Mexican” and that is all they typed but RHSC doesn’t think that is a racist comment and hence you now have it posting this non-sense.

      • Anonymous

         Why is it safe to “assume” the driver is a Mainuh ??
          Lots of out of state/province drivers everywhere.
        Half the cars in Calais are non Mainuhs.
        Eastport , in season , as well.
            Drama ???  Huh??   Whaaaaat ??

        Admin, friendly advice : Dont go around “assuming” too much.
        It might not work out to good for you.
            Comprende’ ?

    • That user was being 100% racist but you refuse to acknowledge that fact. It even posted some nasty comment about the 3 children and father that died. Why you keep defending a racist I don’t understand.

      • Anonymous

         I did not realize the ” mexican” , from Oakland,  in the high speed
         crash( Subaru WRX) that was referred to had kids or etc.
          I missed those remarks, perhaps flagged before I read the article.
        You were the person that initially said that stating the speeding
        driver was ” mexican” was racist.
         Something I did not understand.
           Hence my question about Canadians.

            I dont believe I am defending anyone.
        I asked a simple question.
            Apparently, you missed the point.
          I f I will be defending anything, it will be to defend your right to be

        3 kids and a dead father??
        Are you referring to the house fire??
          Cause I am not.
        Confusion abounds, eh Kevin ? 
        Get some sleep, amigo.
        Sheeeeesh !!

    • Anonymous

      When did “Canadian” become a race?

  • Anonymous

    I was there shortly after and helped what little I could. May god bless these women and be with them. The one in the red coat was the more critical of the two and she can use all our prayers tonight. Still have my clothes soaking to remove her blood that stained them.

    The Trauma team at EMMC is top notch and im sure they are doing all that is possible. She has a long road to recovery ahead of her. I pray for her family as well.

  • Anonymous

    Not knowing the details of this, I wonder if the people crossing the road were wearing dark clothing.  I’m always amazed at how often I encounter someone walking along a road – even where there are no sidewalks – wearing dark clothing.  It’s even more amazing to note that they often don’t even bother to turn around and look at the cars coming up from behind them.  How careless is that!

  • Anonymous

    Surprised Life Flight wasn’t called…….. Got to keep that bird flying to make it pay…..

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