August 24, 2019
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Comments for: Labor leaders warn of cuts to Medicare, Social Security

  • Anonymous

    Medicare and Social Security are completely UNSUSTAINABLE

    I don’t care if you tax the ‘rich’ at 100% folks, it does not matter

    when we are borrowing from our neighbors to foot the difference in revenues and expenses of these two programs, the programs are already finished… they are BROKE

    the sad part is that most folks dependent upon these programs right now will believe the lies and bogus bill of goods being sold to them by these union ‘leaders’ and wind up up completely broken, ill, and destitute waiting for their precious, bankrupted government to come and save them

    at the end of the day, those who claim we need bigger government and that they are on the side of compassion are actuallyt the least compassionate among us and will end up doing the most damage to all

    • I wish.more people could understand that!The government only gives what it has first taken from someone el!se

    • Anonymous

      Social Security has plenty of money. They just lent it all out to the federal government for their pork products.

    • Anonymous

       You can keep spending money you don’t have. It doesn’t work at home, Augusta, or Washington DC. Taxing the rich only works till ya run out of rich.

  • Talking to Oly Snowe’s staff is useless. But if they were smart they’ed be out talking to Angus, now, before the DC brownoser’s start trying to promise him stuff that’s W-A-Y beyond their means of delivering. Whether Angus knows it or not he just dove into a pool that has no bottom when it comes promise’s being made and then finding a knife, instead of a life preserver ring, in one’s back when ‘crunch time’ comes around.  The last time this nonsense happened was when Loring was closed. And we all saw how well that worked out, didn’t we ?

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure Angus knows what he is getting into.  Anyone that spends more to get a job than he will get paid, knows what he will get off the record.  He is no different than any other politician.

  • Anonymous

    Obama care cost these programs 740 billon in cuts. Spin it as you may it is still the truth..

    I’m hoping That the Bush Tax cuts expire which will give up the same taxe laws the existed durning the years of Bill Clinton.. Also it would give Obama what he has been yelling for for the  last 3 years.  Liberals have been screaming for this to happen for a long time.. Any liberals disagree with letting them expire because I know you wanted them too?

    • Getting what they voted for..sad we have to watch!

      • Anonymous

         and pay. Middle class is where the real money is.

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