June 19, 2018
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Comments for: Former Gov. John Reed, a Republican, set example other leaders should follow

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  • JohnR

    One of the “last” good republicans, this country may never see another “good republican”, I think the Party would rather die than admit it’s wrong…….. it’s nutjobs are so entrenched.

    • Anonymous

      Romney will win Tues.

  • John H. Reed was governor when I was an underclassman at Maine. I never got to vote for him because I was not old enough to vote then, however I remember both he and Ed Muskie favorably. His name is also remembered because The Lone Ranger’s original name without the mask was John Reed. Interesting that the message from JohnR is so full of HATE while speaking of Republicans.
    Why do so many of your readers carry so much hate?

    • JohnR

       Let me explain it this way, I was in Viet Nam with a platoon full of young democrats…….. Know why I know they were democrats? Well as it turns out the Republicans turned tail and ran from Nam. I saw too many good people die so the likes of Mitt Robme and Ted Nugent could stay here and years later claim they are true Patriots. When I got back home, I got sick of the BS from the cowards that refused to join. Here are some of the quotes that I can remember, “good thing I did not go over there I would have killed more than my share”….., another “if they sent a platoon of guys like me over there we could win in no time”…… “why don’t we just level the effing country and be done with it”……. the only good g_ _ k is a dead g_ _k,”………” if the politicians would just get out of the way our guys could end this thing in a couple weeks”. My favorite was a guy at work that called Jane Fonda a “cowardly traitor”, as he hid behind his deferment to complete his apprenticeship. This one I did not let slide and told him in front of the class he should be careful “because it was obvious that Jane had more ba!!s than he had, she actually had the guts to go to Nam.” This man later became my boss but he never dared to open his big yap again about Nam…………… in front of me. But being a republican I am sure he is still a hero in his circle of republican friends. But he will always be a zero to me. There in a nutshell is why I hate Republicans and always will. They are legends in their own minds…………. only. You would have to understand the time of the late 1960’s to understand where I am coming from.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but THAT Republican Party is GONE.  You now have the ultra radical TeaFarce Party, and until today’s Rabid Republicans realize they have gone off the deep end and need to return to reality and moderation, they will continue to dwindle and wither on the vine.  The world is changing.  Demographics are changing.  Today’s TeaRabids are stuck WAY in the past and consumed by delusional anger and fear and are being pawned by corporatist billionaires and fear mongers.  This is the party whose solid majority buys into the truly delusional idea that our President is not an American citizen and is not a Christian.  Just SICKENING.  This is the party that believes women should not make their own healthcare and reproductive decisions and that we should go back the 1950’s on these matters.  This is the party that actually believes a drug addict college dropout with zero political credentials like HeadRush Limpmind actually has something intelligent or truthful to offer.  This is the party that thinks the corporatist LIARS on FAKE-News speak the truth like Moses on the Mountain, when all they do is LIE for the sake of their corporate masters.  This is the party that says they love Jesus and in the very next breath demonize the poor, kiss the toenails of their corporate masters, bash the middle class, destroy American jobs and send them overseas at every chance, cut education and healthcare to give endless job killing tax cuts to billionaires, and worship war and guns at every turn, all of which would make Jesus Christ sick to his very stomach.  Yes, the GOP of John Reed is GONE.  The words “moderate” and “cooperation” and “compromise” have become sinful and unimaginable ideas in the minds of today’s rabid and radical TeaPublicans.  They have squarely turned their back on their own legacy, and it is a sad shame, even to the point of entirely reversing themselves on all manner of policies that they always used to support like same-day voter registration, investing in infrastructure, and much much more.  SHAME on the rabid and radical TeaPublicans of today, and hopefully after this election cycle when they LOSE, they will learn this lesson once and for all and decide to step out of the the land of self-imposed delusion and return to the land of reason.

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