October 22, 2019
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Comments for: Zombies will walk through downtown trick-or-treating event in Bangor on Saturday

  • Anonymous

    Just that day, Bangor always has zombies walking through it

  • Anonymous

    Small children will be terrified by the  sight of the walking dead. You can’t explain away the costume factor when the image is so clear and realistic to them.

    • Ur Funny It’s HALLOWEEN! 

      • Anonymous

        Do you have children? Reason doesn’t work so well on young minds.

        • Anonymous

          I have a trick that might help you that I used for my oldest when he thought bears would get him if he went outside. I told him that if any bears get to close to him, he should kick them in the nuts. Worked like a charm, until his younger brother got the nickname “Bear”.

          Anyone dressed up like a zombie that sees a scared kid should get kicked there if the approach said kid.

        • Carey Haskell

          I do, I have done the Downtown trick or treating and don’t have any problem with the zombie walk folks.

  • I was a participant in last year’s Zombie Walk, which also crossed over, time-wise, with the downtown trick-or-treaters.  While this was probably somewhat unexpected by the families of trick-or-treaters, there were no unusual incidents that I witnessed, nor heard of after the fact.

    I attribute this to the fact that we (as zombies) generally did not engage with any persons that did not engage with us first, thereby respecting the wishes of those who did not want to be involved with our Walk.

    This “rule of thumb” also led to a fun and incident free Zombie Pub Crawl that occurred last summer in the downtown area.

    I know that several of Walkers this year are parents themselves, and some are bringing their children who want to play along as young zombies.

    As long as every one remembers the spirit of fun that this season is about, and that everyone is in costume and pretending, there is no reason Bangor’s downtown can’t accommodate all the groups celebrating Halloween

  • Anonymous

    If parents think their children will be scared then they shouldn’t take them downtown. Pretty simple.

  • We as zombies do not tend to bring fear to anyone. We are a group of people just bringing some fun back to Halloween. We are no difrent then what your children will see themself on halloween night. In fact there most likely to see worse on halloween night.

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