GUILFORD, Maine — Approximately 50 third grade students from Piscataquis Community Elementary School visited Valley Grange Hall in Guilford earlier this month where they were greeted by grange members, a Civil War Navy captain and television news reporters. The purpose of their visit was to receive dictionaries from grange members.

At the event, sixth-graders Alison Quimby, Nathaniel Fanjoy, Addyson Herrick and Ethan Chadwick talked with the third-graders about receiving dictionaries three years ago. Asked what they remembered best about that visit, they agreed that a highlight was the bus trip back to school when they and their classmates kept busy looking up words and “just being excited about having our own dictionaries,” they said. At least one third-grader challenged the sixth-graders’ advice to take good care of their books by noting the condition of their 3-year-old dictionaries. The older students pointed out that their well-worn dictionaries are evidence of how much they’ve been used.

Civil War Capt. Jack Battick, a re-enactor, attended the event dressed in a Navy uniform of the era. He demonstrated the proper Navy salute and talked about the role of the Navy during the Civil War. He was accompanied by Mary Annis, who also wore Civil War-era dress.

A Valley Grange team will travel to LaGrange, Milo and Brownville to visit third grade students on Friday, Nov. 2. Students from the SeDoMoCha school in Dover Foxcroft will visit Valley Grange Hall on Monday, Nov. 5, to receive dictionaries. The local program is part of a global program, The Dictionary Project. Based in South Carolina, the project aims to provide a dictionary to third-grade students around the world.

To learn more about the grange’s work in the area, visit The public is invited to attend the grange meeting at 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 19, at Valley Grange hall. It will include the program “Allagash Tails and Tales,” featuring author Tim Caverly. The event will begin with a community potluck supper followed by the program at 7 p.m.