October 17, 2019
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Comments for: Man acquitted of rape testifies against prosecutor at misconduct hearing

  • Anonymous

    Can we add some facts such as: Who comprises the three person committee, based on the results of the committee’s findings can they take action or is it then referred to the court? 

    • Anonymous

       Usually its a couple of lawyers and a non-lawyer.

  • Anonymous

    We need all the information released.. Who is Watching the Watchers?? Why is some people exempt from releasing info to the public.. Funny how we are seeing more of that these day, when more and more of the elites crimes are being exposed

    • Anonymous

      A whole lot of people are watching, from all around the world.  This ruling will be duly noted.  
      This is one dirty, dirty story.  Mary Kellett’s rape prosecution rate is ridiculously higher than the national average; so is her “loss” rate, and she apparently doesn’t care, because courtesy of VAWA, her district gets federal funds for those rape prosecutions, no matter what the evidence shows.  I would suggest that either Hancock County has a phenomenally disproportionate number of rapists, or Kellett has a predilection for prosecuting innocent men.   Money pours into the coffers, careers are assured, and the only “cost” is the professional, social, and financial ruin of a few dozen men who don’t seem to count.
      Nothing to see here, folks.  Move along, move along.

      • jerrymyx

        I SO agree with you; from a very personal place. My stepson Lost  1 year out of his life in Hancock County Jail, for a crime of rape, he did NOT commit. Thank God for a good and decent man/lawyer from Holden  and a very smart jury; who clearly saw through the  charge!! He was found innocent/ not guilty!!  HE WAS.   was a deer caught in SOMEONE”S  headlights!!!    Mary Kellett was the prosecutor!!!  That situation helped ruin his fathers health!!  Their needs to be accountability here in this other young man”s case; which I have been following from day one.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t Kellet get disbarred for her actions?

    • Anonymous

      not yet.

  • jdtex

    Similar thing happened in Texas, but instead of acquittal, a man spent 25 years in prison for murdering his wife.  The prosecutor, Ken Anderson, withheld evidence that would have freed the husband.  The real killer was recently found through DNA evidence, the husband was released, and the scumbag prosecutor (now judge) is about to be disbarred – finally. 

    • Guest

      Isn’t it just terrible when an innocent person goes to prison? I’d much rather watch a guilty man walk free than an innocent one lose their life to a prison sentence. I watched a documentary awhile back about a man who was acquitted of a crime(he never committed) with new DNA test results. He spent over twenty years behind bars and missed out on his children’s upbringing, lost his wife and his parents passed away. It made me cry.

      • george easton

        Recently a construction worker was freed from prison after spending three years in prison for a rape that was fabricated because, in the woman’s own words, “I wanted my friends to feel sorry for me”

        • Rick Martin

           Women lie about rape for many many reasons and with a total disregard for the accused man. People are led to believe this is a rare event, but unfortunately it isn’t.


          • Anonymous

            And when they do lie about it, it sets womens rights back decades. Now what happens when a real rape occurs? Is this person lying about it as well? When a Prosecutor lies like this they should not only be disbarred but they should also serve time behind bars. Stick them in general population. These women that lie should also be in prison.

        • Guest

          It’s crazy and makes me wonder just how many people are sitting in prison under similar circumstances. I think people who ‘knowingly’ make false claims about an individual that leads to criminal prosecution/prison time should have to serve out the same sentence as their victim. A false accusation can fu*k up so many aspects of the victim’s life. Not only that – but every time someone ‘cries wolf’, it makes the cries of those who are truly being harmed a little less noticeable…..

      • Anonymous

         Prosecutorial misconduct of that nature would be a good excuse to bring the guillotine to the USA. It is the absolute worst form of tyranny around — that which robs man of years of his life. Those who do so unjustly, we would do better as a society to put them out of our misery.

    • Davida Willette

      some are corrupt

  • Having seen these type of cases from both sides, and what’s here, the Hancock County DA needs to go back and start reading their Criminal Law 101 book over from Page 1. Once a Brady Motion is filed the DA is REQUIRED  to turn over EVERYTHING to the Defense. It doesn’t matter if the item is not specifically mentioned in the Motion, you turn it over. Interfering with, or manipulating, a Brady Motion is a guaranteed verdict reversal. That’s how the DOJ almost lost their 20th hijacker trail in DC when the DOJ refused to turn ove Brady, or in the Federal System, Jenks Motion material, to the defense. Judge Brinkama, who has sat on both the Magistrate’s Bench and now the District Bench, was more than aware of the political and personal implications if she had ruled a mistrial based on the DOJ’s Prosecutor’s potential misconduct. It took her openly discussing the potential of a Mistrial, in open Court, to get the DOJ off it’s collective keester to make sure that the Rule of Law was applied as caaled for by The Constitution. And in case the DA has forgotten, this is one of those case’s that has a Civil Right’s attachement to it. Pesky thing’s those Amendment’s. 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 14th. And we wonder why the Maine AG’s Office is so screwed up ? It begins at home, as it were, and this is the proof.

  • Anonymous

    Knowing the extremely high stakes involved (innocent peoples lives ruined and her career for starters) it would seem this prosecutor would have been knowledgeable and proficient in her practice of the law. Possibly an audit should be conducted.  How many more individuals has she done this or similar to over her years in that office?

  • Anonymous

    Justice is a joke in this country.

    • Anonymous

      This is why they are called “courts of law” rather than “courts of justice”.

  • I sincerely hope that whoever is on that three member panel seizes the opportunity to promote justice, which can only be accomplished if Mary Kellett is disbarred. There needs to be a message sent in response to the hubris, arrogance and corruption of Carletta Bossano’s district attorney’s office.

    The team of them, Bossano, Kellett and Paul Cavenaugh have all acted like thugs, pummeling Filler’s rights and acting with total indifference to due process and basic human decency.

    They have become predators in the community they are sworn and paid to protect. Time for all them to go.

    Free Vladek Filler.

  • Vladek Filler has been denied medical treatment, jailed, and denied an attorney at the time when he is needed to testify against Mary Kellet.  Not suspicious at all.

    • Anonymous

      He did testify!

  •  Pa8ul Cavanugh lied to Vladek Filler’s healthcare provider to deny him medical treatment after a car accedent, and Filler currently does not have access to an attorney.

    • jerrymyx

      Why NOT?

      • Anonymous

        He was denied access to the attorney of his choice, even though he filed the paperwork on time.  Judge Robert Murray attempted to prevent him from filing at all, by sitting on the paperwork for six weeks then giving him a very short deadline.  He made the deadline and was still denied his own attorney – one was assigned to him by the court.  A lot of people are working very hard to keep a lid on this.  Even Mr. Filler’s misdemeanor conviction was based on bogus evidence.  TWO felony trials, and that’s all they could pin on him, but it’s all they needed to keep him from being adequately represented while exposing the truth.  

        I hope every one of Mary Kellett’s victims comes forward.  Gentlemen, despite what you have been told, most of you are NOT criminals; you are the victims of criminals, and they can’t silence all of you.
        Go visit   http://www.avoiceformen.com/

      • Anonymous

        Because the court magically took several weeks to process paperwork Filler sent to change solicitor, then demanded Recusement papers from his previous lawyer just before he was due to go. Effectively forcing him into prison without a named lawyer.

        Oh, and the misdemeanor assault that they convicted him of. It was for a bruise that was not present as even reddening of the skin when examined by a doctor near the time, but magically appeared later. 

        Do some googling, this case is getting attention all over the world (I’m in England) in terms of what a dodgy prosecutor can do.

        Search for details such as just how many false accusations Ligia Filler made without charge of perjury or false accusation. Note the fact that whilst the prosecutor was charging and indicting him as a rapist, your social services didn’t believe a word and awarded him full custody. Search out her insane rant to police officers of how she would have them cut into pieces. And note that as far as I know no charge has ever been laid against her. Never mind the injustice to an innocent man, you’re being forced to pay for this through taxes, that just adds insult to injury.

        • jerrymyx

          I have read every article on this young man’s case, saving them on my computer and found the case to be appalling, but NOT shocking. I  could read the signs very clearly, what was about to happen to him!!  considering the location ( Hancock County) where this case was tried.There was perjury committed in my step sons case, but nothing was ever done to the liars!!! It’s sickening and disheartening what has become of the integrity of the justice system. Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death. this quote makes me wonder if some of the involved in this debacle, were even born, or S— when the crows were flying!!!

          • Anonymous

            It’s not just the integrity of the justice system, it’s the central integrity of society. I’m in England, I watch what happens in American society so as to know what is coming for mine,  when I was a kid we’d joke that we where 5-10 years behind you, not anymore.

            In this cases like this you have three nasty factors interacting to produce bad results.
            Mandatory prosecution in rape cases no matter how weak the evidence and a financial motive to do so.
            What appears to be a corrupt and ideologically driven prosecutor and a incompetent or corrupt oversight system.
            A crazy or vicious woman who falsely accuses, knowing there will be no penalty for lies no matter how blatant.

            Pick whichever you want to fix completely and cases like this will become much rarer. But good luck fixing crazy,vicious,corrupt or  incompetent.

        • Anonymous

          I couldn’t agree with you more….  and this kind of “women are untouchable /unaccountable…  so you men (and children), just shut up and take it” mentality in the prosecution offices of this state has risen to catastrophic levels.   Making false statements to police with the sole intent to terrorize and torture your estranged spouse (and children) so he will be forced into taking “a deal” in family court and or criminal court, is domestic violence by the woman making the false allegations, is it not?

  • jerrymyx

    This can”t be true, they denied him medical treatment, is it? did He get to give testimony via TV?

    • Dean Esmay

       That is correct, that disgrace to the bench Robert Murray has both denied him counsel and denied him medical treatment for a terrible auto accident he was in. Six weeks before the trial Fillet filed paperwork to get his new attorney recognized (denied at the last minute by the corrupt judge Robert Murray who should be impeached by the Maine legislature) and forced him to serve his 21 days before completing treatment for his injuries, by MAGIC COINCIDENCE his time to be served while Kellett is being put on trial. So he has to appear in shackles and a jumpsuit, in excruciating pain, just to explain why Kellett screwed up his prosecution.

      Any man stupid enough to set foot in the State of Maine for any reason should know he can be arrested at any moment and incarcerated by corrupt thugs like Mary Kellett.

  • Davida Willette

    what happened to thistle he is in that office too

    • Anonymous

      Dale Thistle is a defense attorney in Newport. I assume you are referring to Bill Entwistle, who is an ADA in Hancock County.

      • Davida Willette

        bill thistle yes him . he is under bassano and kellett. 

  • Davida Willette

    i think you find kellet will either get a dismissal with a warning or a public reprimand  but wont be disbarred that is the way i see will happen. 

    • Anonymous

      Probably. Whether it is law enforcement, town business or regular business, the “good ol’ boys clubs” have a way of protecting their own. 

      • Davida Willette

        i know. not only men she forces to plea . 

  • Rog Clarke

    watching and waiting in Canada this stinks of a corrupt court…..

    • Anonymous

      when the people facing prison aren’t related to someone “in the know” it can be very bad for them.

  • We need more people to be aware of stuff like this. Men get falsely accused and put in an unfair trial. The justice system no longer protects as it should.

  • Scavrefamn Dragonclaw

    This is an abhorrent abuse of power by Mary Kellet and Robert Murray.

    I hope this is only the first of many hearings that involves this group of corrupt “public servants”. Suppressing evidence and reckless prosecution are very dangerous as there is no worse crime than convicting a man for a crime he didn’t commit.

    To add to this, Mary Kellet has an unusually high conviction rate of “rapists” under her resume. How many of them were accused / convicted because of her witch hunt? I hope this ultimately ends with these crooks behind bars.

  • Dan M

    Tjis whole ‘team’ is a shining example of the corruption and rot that is the U.S. legal system.  VAWA ensures that this kind of injustice actually earns the State money, for crying out loud.  Kellett may indeed end up protected by the slimeballs in power, but she will forever serve as a symbol of every hypocritical corrupt public official in the US….so I guess there’s that at least…

    Men would do well to avoid the State of Maine like the friggin plague….either as tourist destination, or as place to live and work.

  • nwilliam

    So let’s get this straight.

    Kellett got testimony about the custody dispute excluded from the case because it would “confuse” the jurors.

    Then she brought it up herself in closing.

    That leaves us with only three possibilities:

    1. Kellett lied to the court when she argued that reference to the custody matter would be “confusing”. 

    2. Kellett knowingly presented an irrelevant matter to the jury with the intent of “confusing” them.

    3. Kellett is just grossly incompetent.

    I just don’t see a reading of this aspect that leaves Kellett looking like someone who deserves to practice law, let alone represent the interests of the people of Hancock County.

    • Anonymous

      Just following tradition of the Hancock County DA’s office.

      • Anonymous

        Makes Maine look like Mass. or Texas.

  • Anonymous

    One day the citizens of this country may rise up against dishonest lawyers and politicians.  Perhaps another American revolution is in order.  For now , I’ll vote and I’ll continue to call and write our electees.

  • Randall Flagg

    how does one rape a wife

    • Anonymous

      Wow are you new?  Let me explain it to you genius….the wife says no and the husband doesn’t care….you know like any other rape incident takes place and I’m guessing your single- thankfully.

      • Randall Flagg

         “play rape” isn’t rape

    • jerrymyx


  • Randall Flagg

    the women always win

  • Anonymous

    Kellett sounds like one of those feminists who believe that having sex with  a man is always rape.

    • jerrymyx


  • Mary Kellett should be disbarred, anything short of that will reinforce the growing suspicion that the authorities approve in the rampant corruption taking place in the state of Maine. The entire district attorney’s office should be investigated. We need people in office who will uphold the law, not break the law in an effort to support their ideologies.

  • Anonymous

    I have been saying for a few years that the scales of Lady Justice have tipped. Just more evidence to prove that.

  • Anonymous

    This is an all-to-common story of what it means to be a prosecutor in our court rooms. Not one of those good-for-nothing bastards cares about ruining the lives of innocent people. It’s all about winning; if that means the innocent suffer, than so be it.

    It is truly one of the most despicable professions ever to be conceived of. But take note madam prosecutor, and change your ways. You and all your ilk should not only be disbarred, but should be incarcerated for twice the amount of time as your innocent victims.

    The founders of this nation believed that it was better that a hundred guilty individuals go free than one innocent person be punished unjustly. How far America has fallen from that ideal!

  • Steve Scott

    Mary Kellett needs to be disbarred. She stands in flagrant disregard to basic human rights and due process under the law. She harasses and sacrifices the very people that the taxpayers pay her to protect.

  • Anonymous

    I find it strange that Kellett is being represented in this hearing by the Assistant Attorney General.  Is this the norm?  Doesn’t seem to me that any attorney who is being accused of misconduct of any type should be represented by someone who is paid with taxpayer money.  She should be paying for her defense out of her own pocket.

    • Anonymous

      If she paid for this out of her own pocket that would indicate that things are fair and impartial. The reality is so far from that it’s sickening.

  • This is not a Hancock County issue. This is not a Maine issue. It is not even a men’s issue. It IS a systemic national issue.

    This kind of corruption is rampant in our country, and others as well I am sure. The problem is, here in the US even when these corrupt lawyers, prosecutors and judges are caught out, usually nothing happens at all. They might receive a slap on the wrist but they are never judged criminally even though what they have done is criminal in every sense of the word.

    When found guilty of malfeasance or legal malpractice they should face jail time for their actions. Period, end of story, no excuses. Perhaps then they would be a little more careful of how they trifle with people’s lives.

    • Totallly agree. 

      In my case in Ohio the only Civil Rights  Judge, a black feminist, bigoted, woman,  refused to let me testify or allow my witnesses to tesitfy when I was being sued in an employment matter.  That’s right supposedly she is to uphold civil rights, while denying mine, WTF.

      I complained to the Civil Rights Board, who overruled her, but did not remove her from the case, and I had to testify in front of her.  How could she not be biased, she or the Board should have recused her from the case. 

      Bunch of crooks in my opinion, they are endemic, in their “Just Us” system.

  • Richard Westlake

    Mary Kellett is abomination enough. But the culture of conniving and corruption this story is uncovering, in Hancock County, is appalling. 

    Sir William Blackstone (Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England) said “It is better that ten guilty escape than one innocent suffer.” From the story behind this story, it appears this precept, which is at bedrock in our own system of jurisprudence, has been turned on its head by Kellett and her complicit friends in the Ellsworth judiciary.

  • Anonymous

    “former rape defendant” – round my way, we call that “innocent man cleared of malicious charges”, but each to his own.

    There is a systemic problem in the Violence Against Women Act, that rewards prosecutors for bringing rape and domestic violence charges against men. They get this money even if the case it thrown out at its first hearing. So for the prosecutor, the more flimsy their case, the faster they can collect their fee and move on to the next target. Broken system.

    The article also fails to mention that Filler was convicted on the basis of a bruise that magically appeared after his accuser had been submitted to a thorough medical and found to be completely unhurt.

    • Anonymous

      BINGO. You nailed it.

  • Anonymous

    Vladek Filler has been denied justice by this corrupt legal system all the way through. He is now literally being illegally brutalized by said legal system to try to cover up their gross corruption.

    Denied medical treatment, denied representation, locked up on trumped up trivial charges to make him look like a criminal, and being separated from his children.

    Justice must be done here.

    Mary Kellett must be disbarred

    Free Vladek Filler

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why the citizens of Ellsworth and Hancock County sit idly by while Ms. Bassano and her Asst DA Kellet are permitted to so blatantly persecute men outside the bounds of justice.  Isn’t it obvious by now that Ms. Kellet is prejudicial against the male half in EVERY assault or DV she handles?  Yet she’s allowed to continue, hoping to drain these men of resources so they’re forced to plea.  There’s something wrong in Hancock County.

  • J H

    Now that this case is a developing international story, why is there still no real journalism emerging from the BDN. Is the local establishment, including the prosecutor’s office, so powerfully self-preserving and connected that journalists cannot fill their traditional role, and must carry the water of the local authority? 

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