June 23, 2018
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Monday, Oct. 22, 2012: Same-sex marriage, moderate King and Election Day

Do it for the kids

For those married folks who are not sure how to vote on allowing same-sex couples to marry and who have been hearing dire threats that it will “destroy marriage” or “redefine marriage,” here is a simple way to decide.

Consider all of the many things that are related to your being married, all of the meanings that you and others give to that, and ask yourself how many of those things have depended on you and your spouse having different genitals. Is that really what your marriage is all about?

When women finally got the right to vote, did that destroy or redefine voting? If you think that raising kids is special about your marriage, know that lots and lots of same-sex couples are doing that, too, and doing it just fine. If your kids have benefited from having married parents, so will theirs.

Please vote yes on Question 1 for marriage equality. If for no other reason, do it for the kids.

Peter Rees


Vote Nadeau

I would like to thank Republican Mike Nadeau for stepping up to the plate and running for Maine State Representative of District 1. When I met him I realized that he has the integrity and the heart to represent the hard-working people in Aroostook County.

He calls himself a simple mechanic who can figure out how to fix things that are broken. He is much more than that — a small-business owner and a pillar of the Fort Kent community.

Nadeau, like many of us, is tired of rising taxes, rising insurance, rising energy costs and having to hire people full time to keep up with regulations at the local, state and federal level.

Enough is enough. Please consider voting for Nadeau for District 1.

Deb Kent

New Canada

Voting for Levesque

I called on Levesque Lumber as sales manager for the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad for five years in the early ’90s. Dan Levesque, a Democrat, and his family were always a joy to work with. Levesque converted a rail loading siding at the Ashland mill over a weekend to allow access to both sides in order to load our new center-beam lumber cars. He later modified the Masardis siding to accept additional cars at that mill.

He could be counted on to get things done. He has been active in community government, was vice chairman on the reconstruction of Route 11 and 212 highway project, was former owner of businesses in Ashland and Presque Isle and was active in bringing an industrial park, co-generation plant and spec building to Ashland.

Levesque has been a voice in Augusta on the Canadian lumber tariff in order to protect the lumber mills and jobs in Maine. His knowledge of business and issues of concern will be a great asset as he works for us in Augusta. I hope you join me in voting for Levesque on Nov. 6 as our state senator in District 34.

Bruce Larlee

Island Falls

Return to Augusta

I am the mother of a special-needs child and had the unnerving task two years ago of testifying before the Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services in Augusta on a complex and controversial medical issue. I have talked to many legislators before about my son’s special medical needs and vulnerabilities and had become used to being ignored or dismissed, so I expected the same at the hearing.

I was very pleasantly surprised that four of the legislators on the committee listened intently, asked well-considered questions and then brought to the floor the bill that would protect children with atypical medical needs like my son.

One of those legislators was Republican Richard Malaby, who is currently running for re-election to his seat in the Maine House to represent District 34. I thank him for his compassionate and thoughtful service to children like mine and encourage the voters of Gouldsboro, Hancock, Lamoine, Sorrento, Sullivan, Waltham and Winter Harbor to return him to his post in Augusta this fall.

Ginger Taylor


Center seat

Like many Maine voters, I consider myself to be moderate. And like about one third of Maine voters, I am not enrolled in either political party.

I vote for intelligent, pragmatic, nonparty-line people of any party or no party. Had Sen. Olympia Snowe run for reelection, I would have proudly voted (again) for our accomplished moderate female Republican senator. In her absence, I will just as proudly be casting my vote for former Gov. Angus King, an independent.

From his eight years as our governor, he knows all about being “the man in the middle.” He will vote his conscience, form coalitions where necessary and intelligently represent the best interests of Maine and our nation. He cannot be bought or bullied. I am voting for King for U.S. Senate because he is moderate and independent. Snowe is correct: the centrists need

to assert themselves. King has the experience and intelligence to do just that.

Christina Breen


Lifelong commitment

Recently Annie fractured her shoulder. When the ambulance arrived at Penobscot Bay Medical Center, the EMT told the emergency department staff that Annie’s wife, Lucie, was following behind. Soon Lucie was signing the papers, which allowed Annie to be treated, and was by her side.

In a time of emergency, we were unbelievably fortunate. Our marriage in California is not legally recognized here in our home state of Maine. As registered domestic partners in Maine we hope, but can never be certain, that the very limited protections we are granted will cover our ability to support each other in medical emergencies.

The limited protections of our civil union in Vermont stop at the state border.

There is only one word which describes the lifelong commitment we have made to one another and to our family: marriage. Our children deserve to be able to count on the legal recognition of our vows, and so do we, especially in an emergency.

In just a few days the voters of Maine will decide whether or not to recognize our marriage license. We urge you to talk with your lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender neighbors, friends, coworkers or family members about what the freedom to marry will mean to them.

Please ask them how your vote on Question 1 will affect their lives.

Then stand on the side of love, commitment and family and join us in voting yes on 1.

Lucie Bauer

West Rockport

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