February 18, 2020
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Comments for: Health care waste deconstructed: Fraudsters and patients aren’t the problem

  • Anonymous

    750 billion dollars is the largest mis-allocation of resources perhaps in this country. But, is the federal government, that hardly ever gets anything right, the right place to handle anything this massive. Just with the ACA it will probably take 10 years or longer to implement.

    As the ACA does, the Mass health plan has finally resorted to capitation.  In capitation you can only cut doctors and hospital  re-imbursements so much before they disappear through bankruptsy or just leave the field. The alternative is rationing. How do you approach this scenerio? Low re-imbursements (which are already too low in Medicare and medicaid), or rationing?

    Medicare for all? Medicare only covers 80 percent of the bill. Explain how I cover the other 20 percent.

    If the goverment covers everything how will you deal with “moral Hazard”? 30 percent obese because insurance (or your Medicare for all) makes their treatment someone else’s responsibility.

    Explain to me how Lasik surgery has gone from $5000 an eye to $500. Could it be because there is no insurance envolved?, and no government?

    With poor re-imbursement rates squeezing hospitals and doctors won’t innovative new cures dry up?

    There are other countries that spend much less than we do that use private insurance companies. Germany uses a 15 percent medical loss ration and have a population that believes “we are all in this together” unlike the American attitude where only the far left believes in togetherness under the government umbrella. Switzaland uses mostly high deductibles and spends about a third less than we do. High deductibles demand “individual responsibility”.

    I would be content to let the liberals have there Medicare for all paid for only by their taxes and high deductibles for the rest of us paid by our taxes. I think the lasik model would work its magic under high deductibles.

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