April 22, 2018
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Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012: Election Day Letters Part 2

Yes on 1

A “yes on Question 1” vote will affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

A “yes on 1” vote will extend justice, equity and compassion for all Maine citizens.

A “yes on 1” is a response to God’s love by loving our neighbors as ourselves.

R. Upton Nelson


Pease supporter

As the former sheriff of Waldo County and a retired game warden, for the past 40-plus years I’ve had the pleasure to live with and to serve the folks in my area to the best of my ability.

Along the way, I met many other folks who also were serving their communities in a commendable way. One of them, Republican Jethro Pease of Morrill, is currently running for the House of Representatives.

I’ve known Pease personally for many years. He was a sharp businessman working in Belfast and Bucksport as the owner of McDonald’s franchises. He is a good friend of mine and a dedicated firefighter in Morrill. He was a dedicated Waldo County commissioner and as a citizen, he often could be found volunteering to work on many causes geared to aid and assist those in need who were living within his area.

Pease never sought out recognition for his efforts, nor did he ever decline to aid a person in need if he heard about their struggles. He has gained a high amount of respect within our communities.

He has raised a great family. Both of his sons currently are conducting their own respectable careers, providing a valuable service to the state of Maine.

I know he’ll give the citizens his all, and he’ll do so always with their best interest at heart.

I urge you to join me in supporting a man with integrity, honesty and a sense of community dedication.

John Ford Sr.


Vote Dunbar

Every four years we get bombarded and oversaturated with political media content. We get all democratically excited to vote on the national level. Afterward we may experience voter regret, feeling that our concerns and promises stated were not addressed. I think more is required of our citizenship than just paying attention to presidential elections. Who can really address what we want as citizen representation? Well, the answer is not that complicated. Our local representative government is more responsible for getting what we need and expect.

Democrat Sharon Dunbar is running in District 40 (Bucksport and Orrington) for state representative. Dunbar is one of the local citizens to speak on our behalf in Augusta. She has put in her personal time, spending countless hours representing issues that the majority of us are interested in, for many years as a citizen. I know her as a motivated and hardworking person who is goal-oriented and gets things done.

She’s also honest, intelligent and listens to people, and those are qualities I look for in a representative. There are big issues facing the state of Maine. I’m supporting Dunbar for the Maine House.

William Beal


Seek the truth

Voters in Waldo County should re-elect Susan Longley as county probate judge. She is an honest and forthright public servant. Her dedication to the people of Maine cannot be questioned. I have known Longley since she was a member of former Sen. George Mitchell’s Washington, D.C., staff. I attended her law-school graduation. I closely followed her career as a member of the Maine State Senate, where she was chair of the Judiciary Committee. I supported her initial campaign for Waldo County probate judge.

No amount of negative innuendo or distortion of facts can diminish the reality of her impressive public service record and her unrelenting efforts to improve the lives of all Mainers. Seek the truth and vote accordingly.

Arthur Norton


Dr. Gratwick: a visionary with integrity

During my six years in Bangor, there were a handful of health care providers who stood out as leaders. Democrat Dr. Geoff Gratwick, of Bangor, is one of those with whom I had the pleasure to interact. At first, I came to know him on a weekly basis, as Gratwick and I were both members of the Bangor Noontime Rotary Club. He has been a consummate member of the community in Bangor for many years, well-respected and a visionary.

Eventually we also crossed paths within the Eastern Maine Medical Center, where we were both on staff, as well as the Bangor City Council. Gratwick has an acute sense of understanding of how best to improve the health of Mainers, and we share many similar views.

When I learned of his desire to run for the state Senate, I could think of no other person with whom I have been engaged in Bangor who fills the desperate need we all have for a thoughtful public servant with integrity. I urge the citizens of Bangor to vote for Gratwick for state senator; there is no better choice for your community.

Jonathan Shenkin, DDS, MPH


Down Easters

What a wonderful time to live Down East! Of course, I mean the southern half of Washington County. We know who we are. We live in one of the neediest states in the neediest area. Our great state is showered with more tax dollars from uncle than we pay in. Excuses aside, we have been rewarded due to our unique ability to exist below the federal poverty line. What many folks don’t realize is that we have the distinction of being on the cutting edge of “hope and change.”

We have, by default, become the model for the “Obama-Nation.” I was privileged to have been serving our nation in Germany when Ronald Reagan bankrupted the USSR, and the Wall fell. Traveling across that boundary was amazing; the entire continent was shades of black and white, emaciated citizens living day to day using farm animals to work the land, eking out a pathetic existence. It was inspiring to see them flee across into Germany.

Those countries were of the Obama model and therefore we Down Easters are truly pioneers. The debt that we owe China and the monetizing of trillions of dollars to “stimulate” the economy guarantees hyperinflation. Not to worry, Down Easters will survive; we have been training for decades.

Dave Timpe


Money race

The editorial (BDN 10/16) states that $3 billion dollars is estimated to be spent on advertising for political races, such as the U.S. Senate race in Maine, and that most (80-90 percent) of the ads that are bought are negative.

What a waste of money! Much of the money for these ads comes from wealthy men like casino mogul Sheldon Anderson, who plans to spend up to $100 million on the presidential race. This is sad.

The old “robber barons” of the late 19th and early 20th century used their millions to build hospitals, buy and set aside millions of acres for the good of all and do other good works. Think of John D. Rockefeller and Cornelius Vanderbilt, whose names appear on hundreds or thousands of schools, colleges, buildings, hospitals and public parks.

Where are the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts of today? Buying influence. How much better to help take care of their fellow citizens who need good schools, hospitals and open spaces.

Kathleen Fox

Tenants Harbor

Vote for Lloyd Chase

With the current polarized political atmosphere, it is heartening to encounter a candidate for office who is committed to representing the interests and concerns of the constituents of the district that he seeks to represent and not some national agenda.

I have witnessed Democrat Lloyd Chase, candidate for House District 44, taking the time to actively listen and to welcome input from all. As a former manager at Delta Airlines, he knows that effective solutions to the problems we are facing are the result of input from people with differing points of view.

Chase recognizes that the future of our youth and the vitality of our community rest upon a solid public education. He also recognizes the importance of small businesses to our local economy. He will work toward accomplishing these goals by reaching across the aisle to find Maine solutions to Maine problems.

Robert Johnson


About the Senate

I urge everyone to vote for Republican Charlie Summers and not for independent Angus King on Nov. 6. Why? To be sure, King is a good man, courteous to a fault, and a very good lawyer. But King claims that his business experience qualifies him to help Maine businesses succeed.

King’s business record includes two major successes, first with an “energy conservation” firm that marketed control of electric power and, second, with the construction of wind farms. Both of these enterprises depended on government subsidies. Without the subsidies, the wind business would not exist.

Now, there is nothing wrong with a smart lawyer/businessman exploiting subsidies: good for King, but not good for the health of American business!

Charles A. Berg


Deserves re-election

As an independent builder, small-business owner and former school board member, I strongly endorse Republican Chris Rector for re-election to the Maine State Senate. I endorse Rector for his support of small business and his creative and steady support for education. While a member of the Midcoast Builders Alliance, I worked with Rector to help develop uniform building codes and independent contractor definition. The work that he has done for contractors has established clarity in the building field. Clarity is good for employers, employees and independent contractors. The outcome of Rector’s efforts helps to assure clarity in the building trades where question arise.

In the area of education, Rector is one of the initiators of the Many Flags/One Campus concept that continues to move forward in the midcoast. Rector has long focused on the integration of vocational training and has long taken a leadership role in driving education solutions. He deserves to be re-elected to the state Senate on Nov. 6.

Les Murray

Owls Head

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