BANGOR, Maine — Thanks to a partnership between the Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project and Maine’s public libraries, patrons will have another source of legal help and information through live online streaming.

“We’ve offered legal help online before through the site, but this will be different because of the live streaming and ability of lawyers to answer questions from people in a live forum,” said Barbara McDade, Bangor Public Library’s director.

The first installment of the new Volunteer Lawyers Project program will debut at 6 p.m. Tuesday. Seven libraries are confirmed participants. They are the Bangor, Skowhegan, Cherryfield and York public libraries, Norway Memorial Library, Cary Library in Houlton and Maine State Library in Augusta.

“We’re working with the court system and the bar association to do this for about two or three years now,” said McDade. “They won’t be offering legal advice so much as legal information and assistance.”

Library patrons are invited to come to participating libraries, watch the video presentation, and ask questions to the volunteer lawyer making the presentation from Augusta. The Volunteer Lawyers Project Web clinics will take place every third Tuesday of the month and will cover various civil legal issues.

Starting next spring, Volunteer Lawyers Project legal information clinics will be offered by live appointments for low-income rural Maine residents.

For information about the clinics, visit and click on the “Lawyers in Libraries” link.