June 19, 2018
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Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012: America, Covenant Health, elections

America Inc.

Sixteen trillion dollars in debt, food stamp rolls growing, no extension on unemployment, Social Security in the crapper waiting for the flush, but our government finds it OK to send billions of dollars in foreign aid to Egypt and God knows what other foreign country.

I really know that our government is out of touch with the people that they supposedly represent. They are selling out our democracy and our republic. What are we going to do — sit on our rear ends until it is too late?

If you think socialism is so great, look around America. Remember “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” A great quote from a great man that we have forgotten. God bless America!

Earl Eberhart


Shame on Covenant Health Systems

I’m writing concerning closing of the St. Joseph Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. The program is positive and motivating for heart patients. Having had major heart surgery, four catheter ablations and two pacemakers in three years, I entered the rehab program and was challenged as well as encouraged. It’s a very important part of my life as well as many other patients’.

I was under the impression that patients came first. The heart logo of St. Joseph’s is compassion, competence and community. There doesn’t seem to be much for us.

Staff have our full health issues in mind. When one doesn’t feel well you need a knowledgeable team of people who can make you understand your limitations and be able to cope with them. The talents and experiences of this staff will be lost not being able to work one on one.

We are a group that needs special care.

This decision of Covenant Health should be reconsidered. If only they would talk with us and hear our stories and then put themselves in our shoes.

Jill Webber


Obama versus Romney

Here is an editorial comment about President Barack Obama’s accusation of Republican Mitt Romney and his lacking concern and compassion for the American people. We are being told by the Obama camp that the present fiscal nightmare which threatens to engulf this country on the brink of catastrophe and destruction is the result of many previous administrations’ fiscal policies.

Well, I ask you point blank, who put all of those trillions of dollars added onto the national deficit all of a sudden in recent years through pork barreling, ineffective stimulus packages and bailouts that have toppled the federal deficit to a monstrous overburdening, out-of-sight sum that seems impossible to pay back?

These cannot be put to blame on previous administrations. All we are getting from the Democratic convention this year are justifications as to why we are in this mess. On the other hand, Romney and vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan are trying to correct the ineffective fiscal policies of Obama and get us back on the road to economic responsibility and liberty.

Who really is the one who is truly lacking in compassion for the American people? The one who would keep us entangled in the web of tyranny and fiscal irresponsibility or the one who would set us free to prosperity and all-around liberty?

Victor F. Pinard


Plutocrats fear Angus

Anonymous GOP plutocrats are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to stop independent Angus King from being Maine’s next U.S. senator. Why do they fear King?

King is the primary obstacle to the success of Republican Senate candidate Charlie Summers as the plutocrats strive to control the federal government. These out-of-staters depend on the Republicans to repeal laws enabling our middle class and small businesses to compete fairly against greedy over-reaching by huge corporations. These global giants will increase their riches at all costs. Loyalty or obligation to our people and country is not a priority.

I retired from a company that employed more than 200,000 people in more than 140 countries. I saw how work was shifted to other countries where lower labor costs, weak environmental regulations and reduced taxes maximized profit. This practice pressures the U.S. and other advanced societies to descend to the lowest common denominator among nations.

A federal government that serves all our citizens, instead of the few who gain from unrestrained chasing of the dollar, is necessary for the survival and continued improvement of our way of life.

This is why the plutocrats fear King. They remember Maine’s recent gubernatorial campaign when a Democrat took votes from a well-qualified independent to enable the GOP candidate to nose out the independent with only 38 percent of the vote. Now, they fund a GOP-affiliated super-PAC to support Democrat Cynthia Dill, hoping to draw votes from King. We can’t afford to let outside money bring Republican Summers through the back door of the Senate where he will do the bidding of the plutocrats.

Daniel E. Harris


Elect Geoff

I’m an electrician, and that means I work for a living. When I look at the work that got done in the last Legislature, all I can do is shake my head. Bill after bill was passed that put the hurt on Mainers who get up and go to work day after day, sometimes at more than one job.

It was that much harder to bear because my senator, Nichi Farnham, voted wrong on nearly every bill. She voted to make it harder for injured workers to receive the compensation they deserve; she voted to take away collective bargaining rights for farm workers and child care workers; and she voted to make it more difficult to collect unemployment benefits in the middle of one of the worst employment scenes we’ve had in years.

Given all of this, I can’t express enough happiness at the chance I now have to elect Geoff Gratwick. Gratwick gets it. He understands how people who live paycheck to paycheck want to live happy, secure lives, and he’s willing to fight for that in Augusta. November 6 can’t come fast enough.

Scott Cuddy


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