November 16, 2019
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Comments for: Health insurance waivers show wrong priorities

  • Anonymous

    Exactly right.  The current reforms do nothing more than shift cost which helps no one, least of all those of us shouldering the bill.

  • Legally Kidnapped

    I really don’t think that LePage understands the impact these cuts would have on Maine including those who do not qualify for MainCare.  Although I may very well have missed something somewhere, I have yet to see him address or demonstrate any understanding of any of the negative effects on the families who would be affected by these cuts.   If somebody knows of something, please point it out.

    Nor has he demonstrated any concern or empathy for the people who would be cut from MaineCare, and instead waged a war on the poor calling them lazy, telling them to get off the couch and get a job, and trying to take away their “free lunch” while ignoring the fact that many of the available jobs in Maine, employed by hard working Mainers, don’t pay enough for families to make ends meet.   He also ignores the fact that the poor in Maine are also people who he is supposed to serve as Governor.

    Nor has he offered any viable solutions like forcing all businesses that operate in Maine to provide a living wage to their employees so that parents can afford food, rent, child care and health care for their kids on their own without having to work 2 or 3 part time jobs.  

    God forbid the business that thrive in Maine should take on any social responsibility to the communities which supports them or to the people off of whose backs they are profiting.  Perhaps the poor should start protesting outside of businesses like WalMart for a raise like they did in California. 

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for that link. Just one more reason to stay out of WalMart, or any other corporation that pays “public assistance” wages and places the responsibility for their “associates” health care on the tax payers. The lack of a social conscience and obscene greed on the part of these corporations is destroying this once great country. We all have but one line of defense to stop them. Do not do business with them, period. 

  • Anonymous

    The 1st District court of Boston handed down the judgment, and it is because the federal government did not want to bring resolve by September 1–now extended to the end of October, evidently, quite close to the election of Nov. 6, perhaps having a play in this presently R controlled state.

    • Anonymous

      The feds have 90 days to deliver an 0pinion. LePage chose not to request a waiver until August instead of in June when he knew he would have to because of the unfunded budget cuts. Instead he chose to file suit against the feds for no valid reason. Who’splaying politics here? Not the Feds!!!

  • Anonymous

    We need to keep building our medical welfare populaltion until we are all on it, right, Mark? We can afford it, right, Mark? – even though our MaineCare program has shortchanged the hospitals by 100s of millions, forcing some to close, it has increased the cost of healthcare because of the non-reimbursement, and it has sucked all of the money out of the state budget including our roads. Great. This is the kind of thinking that brought Maine to the worst economy in the country.

    • Anonymous

      Flat wages, off shoring of manufacturing jobs, and the complete lack of a social conscience on the part of big corporate America has led us to the worst economy in the country, not just the soaring cost of health care. If the wages had been keeping pace with inflation over the last 20 years, the state and federal government would have plenty of money to pay the bills to the hospitals. The dim wits in Washington forgot to allow for the reduction in income taxes that comes from wages being held down to pre 1990 levels when they enacted “free” trade. Between the cheap COMMUNIST Chinese labor and the cheap illegal immigrant labor, the government has stuck a knife in the backs of the working men and women of America by simply doing nothing. Does anyone wonder why we have been working on a wall between us and Mexico for many years now and only have a few miles of it built? They do not want to stop the flow of cheap illegal labor into our country, they just want to make it look like they are trying to stop it. They do not want to stop the flow of cheap COMMUNIST Chinese made goods into the U.S., they just want to talk about creating jobs here in America. We need to demand that Washington replace the import tariffs and level the playing field for American manufacturers ( the ones that had the guts to stay here, not the traitors who moved to China and call themselves Americans ) , raise the minimum wage until it is up into this century, and stop pandering to the top 1% and start looking out for the 99% for a change.

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