MILLINOCKET, Maine – Fire destroyed an equipment shed and pickup truck at an Iron Bridge Road home early Wednesday, but firefighters kept the flames from getting too far into a nearby house.

No injuries were reported, acting Fire Chief Thomas Malcolm said.

“It was a good stop. They did a great job on it,” Malcolm said of firefighters who answered the call at 103 Iron Bridge Road. The fire “melted the side of the house but beyond that did no fire damage to the house.”

Maine State Fire Marshal’s Office Investigator Tim Lowell is investigating the cause of the fire, Malcolm said. Lowell could not be reached immediately for comment.

The fire was reported about 4 a.m. after a neighbor who heard several muffled explosions and saw the blaze called 911. Owner Arnold Batchelder and the other occupants of the residence were outside the house when firefighters arrived, Malcolm said.

Firefighters doused a venting propane tank to keep it from exploding, Malcolm said. He doubted an explosion would have occurred, “but you never know,” he added.

“It takes a lot for them to explode, but you don’t want to play Russian roulette and find out,” he said.

The fire appeared to have started at the rear of the shed, Malcolm said. Heat and debris from the approximately 12-by-15-foot wooden shed melted and then ignited the front end of the pickup truck, which Malcolm described as a mid- to late-1990s model GMC. The truck was about 15 feet from the shed. The engine compartment and dashboard were destroyed, Malcolm said.

“It started with the plastic on the front of the truck and just went from there,” Malcolm said. “With these newer trucks the front end is just about all plastic anyway.”

Thirteen firefighters handled the call and were back in station about two hours later, Malcolm said.