March 31, 2020
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Comments for: LePage’s legal counsel gets committee’s OK to become judge

  • He’s ready to put partisan work behind him. LMAO……. Anyone else seen this clowns comments on AMG. Impartial …………………..not!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Another cushy PUBLIC TAX-PAID job for another of LeBUFFOON’s cronies.  What else is new?

  • Participation in political dialogue is “to be encouraged,” and shouldn’t disqualify someone from being nominated to a judicial post, Billings said. “But as a judge, that needs to be put behind.” 

    Sure , we saw right thru that one at the Audition!

  • Anonymous

    Typical libs. The first ammendment applies only to you and doesnt apply to anyone that has a different outlook than you, right? Anyway, you should be happy…7% Cynthia got her name in the paper again, even if it was by encouraging censorship.

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