BAR HARBOR, Maine — The proverbial dog days of summer arrived at Acadia National Park this weekend.

Just ask Oolum, a 100-pound-plus, long-haired Newfoundland who had to be rescued Saturday afternoon from 90-degree heat while hiking with his Canadian owners on the north ridge of Dorr Mountain.

A team of 10 rescuers carried the overheated canine down the mountain and got him to a veterinary clinic in Bar Harbor.

“By the time we got him there, his body temperature was 106 degrees, and he was still panting,” said Ranger Ed Pontbriand, who help to rescue the heat-stroked dog. “The owners said the dog just stopped in the middle of the trail and couldn’t move. They tried to give him water, but it just wasn’t enough.”

Pontbriand said the “Newfie” wasn’t the only one feeling the effects of Saturday afternoon’s blast of heat.

“We almost had heat stroke ourselves, heading up that mountain to bring him down,” he said of the team of rescuers.

Oolum’s owners were not cited by park law enforcement for animal neglect, according to Pontbriand.