October 23, 2019
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Comments for: Are conservatives engaged in a war on bicycling?

  • Anonymous

    wow, guess anything can now be used to rant against conservatives and get space in BDN.

    • Anonymous

      No, it got space so you would (gasp!) have at least one thing to complain about.

    • Anonymous

      If the shoe fits …

    • Anonymous

      No kidding.  The snarky article is nothing but a vehicle to attack conservatives.

      And this guy is confusing something he wants with something he needs, at public expense no less.

      What a whiner.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a conservative, at least as currently defined, and my comments regarding bicycles on our roads usually contain part or all of these points:

    The majority of bike riders do not follow traffic laws.
    The majority of bike riders do not stay to the side of the road.
    The majority of bike riders impede motorized traffic.
    Groups of bicyclists on our roads do not save gas because the motorized traffic must respond to their presence and this uses more fuel.  Every time a line of vehicles must stop, slow, or go around a bike it takes extra gasoline to do so.
    Bicyclists should be licensed.
    Bicycles should be registered, inspected, and taxed just as motor vehicles are.Contrary to claims made by pro-bicycle groups, roads were built to promote commerce not to give bike riders a place to ride.Road laws governing bicycles should be modified to disallow riding side by side and bikes should be required to pull over and stop when a vehicle is passing them.There should be an minimum age that a bicyclist can get their license to ride.  Allowing young children on the same roads as motorized traffic is ridiculous in the extreme.
    Well this is how one liberal feels about bicycles on our roads.

    • Anonymous

      In the new age drivers must share the roads with pedestrians and people on bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles, especially in communities where all have the right to go shopping or excercise or do whatever they want using public roadways. Sure, all are supposed to follow the law and that includes drivers when it comes to speeding, stopping for pedestrians on crosswalks and not passing bicyclists too closely.

      • Anonymous

        I used to ride a lot, and I always respect cyclists right to the road.  I do insist, for everyone’s safety, they follow the rules of the road.  I wish the police would enforce them more—for bikes and for people driving with them.

    • Anonymous

      As a cyclist and tax payer, it is my right to ride on any road I like.

      I do see where you’re coming from though.. There are a lot of people on bicycles who do not ride safe (riding into oncoming traffic, on sidewalks, without safety gear and just being unpredictable). We’ve even seen that dude who rides around toting garbage bags full of cans.. However, to propose we create a whole new state department to regulate the use of bicycles is crazy.

      I think children of a reasonable age should be able to ride on public roadways as well. Sure, I would definitely not have my child ride down Broadway or Stillwater, but every child should be able to ride their bicycle to school or in their neighborhood. There’s almost always an alternative route to get around..

      Any adult on a bike suited for the road should be treated as anyone else in a vehicle and allowed to go wherever they please. I think they gas they’re not using makes up for the gas you’re burning.

       From what I read, the author is just trying to make a point of how unfriendly our society is towards these alternative methods of transportation.

    • Anonymous

      Some “liberal”.  Anecdotes or real data?  How do you really feel about this?

    • Anonymous

      The majority of drivers tail gate . 
      The majority of drivers run stop signs an red lights .The majority of drivers do not follow traffic laws. Lots of driver should lose there license . The majority of drivers do not stop for people in cross walks

      • Anonymous

         Agreed!  I hate teenagers and twenty-somethings (and older drunks) in pickup trucks who tailgate, speed, and pass in no-passing zones.  God knows we have far too many of them here!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve bicycled for decades and find that the most arrogant cyclists:

    > ignore traffic rules…I break stop signs and ride through pedestrian crosswalks;
    > refuse to be responsible for their traffic violations;
    > arrogantly flip the bird at motorists who honk at them to remain in the bike lane;
    > ride 2 and 3 abreast in the traffic lane and refuse to give way to traffic;
    > ride at night with no lights and few reflectors….I love riding on a moon lit night on back streets.
    > refuse to be licensed let alone display readable ‘license’ plates., to have their bikes inspected for safety, refuse to wear safety equipment, and refuse to carry insurance;
    > will ride hands free, talking or even texting on their cell’s. 
    > ride in groups that occupy entire lanes. 

    The time for regulation is now, before someone freaks out and mows down a group of cyclists. 
    ….am I being contradictory with my behavior. Yes, which is why I want more regulations to keep me honest. Right now it’s simply a lot of accidents waiting to happen.

    • Anonymous

      Ride down in Cape Elizabeth, and you will see items 1,2 and 4 all the time from otherwise-solid citizens.

  • Anonymous

    Are liberals engaged in a war on reality?

    • Anonymous

      Can’t hold to conservatives on lack of reality.

    • Are  conservatives engaged in a war on people?

    • No, that would be conservatives.

  • Anonymous

      Entitled types(liberal cyclists on a crusade for a tiny carbon footprint), abandon all common sense and concern for their own personal safety. They ride ON and IN the roadway. Because they are entitled. Someone told them so. Someone told them the road is theirs too, just like the cars and trucks out there. Of course they have a right to be on that road, silly. You know, that hard, flat, linear surface, designed and invented for motorized traffic and commerce. Yes, I said motorized. Vrooom, Vrooom. Fast moving, heavy metal objects. Operated by those with purpose in life. Someone that’s got to be somewhere. Someone that isn’t retired, vacationing ON and IN the place(s) I’m trying to conduct a life.

     Entitled = Liberal = Socialist = Enviro Whacko = Health Nut = Bicyclist.

     Let’s spend a bunch of money on bike friendly ROAD projects, in a rural state, where biking everywhere is just dumb. To heck with fixing the roads that were made for cars and trucks. Upgrading roadsides with “bike lanes”, instead of just calling it what it is- a paved shoulders.
    Building roads better and safer w/ paved shoulders: millions of dollars
    Building roads better and safer w/ “bike lanes”: millions and millions of dollars. YES!!!$$$$

     Perhaps we could just build bike only roads, in which case some years down the road, motorists can start using them, and claim they have a right to be there, and it is someone else’s responsibility for their safety.

    • Anonymous

      Is this a serious comment? No where is the author suggesting we spend millions. He is merely pointing out the hyperbolic commentary around biking. Since when did biking become the enemy? Kids used to ride their bikes to school…

      Are you saying only liberals care about being in shape and healthy? 

    • Anonymous

      where on earth did you get the notion that roads were made for cars and trucks? roads were made, and maintained, for travel…whether motorized, peddled, or on foot. my tax dollars support the infrastructure (roads) and I certainly expect to use them. geesh.

    • Sure  Conservative Hypocrites complain about the poor and tell them to get a job , and when they do they complain about their Mode of Transportation to get to work!

      Hey By the way, Horses still have a right of way over your Gas Contraption, they where here first and are Grandfathered! 

      “Entitled” Conservative Pickup Truck Owners!

    • Anonymous

      So I suppose you want the Amish off the roads too?
      It’s to bad bicycles interfere with your texting habit, but we all pay for the road, and we all are entitled to it’s use!

    • Steve Anderson

      This is a joke, right? It’s satire, exaggerating and mocking the knee-jerk stupidity of conservatives?

      It has to be, because no human being could possibly be idiotic enough to believe something as moronic as the pile of intellectual diarrhea which is the above comment.

    • ” Entitled = Liberal = Socialist = Enviro Whacko = Health Nut = Bicyclist”

      Conservatives: Yes, they really are that stupid. 

  • Anonymous

    I commute by bike to work everyday(30 miles round trip) and especially enjoy  the opportunity it provides to exchange hellos with walkers, runners, other cyclist and people working in their yards, and to be more in touch with wildlife and the natural beauty of Maine. Rarely do I encounter any rudeness or threats from any motorists which is why many vacationers  regard Maine as the most cycling friendly of all states.  I find that the Eastern Trail (ET) cycling route through Southern Maine has a traffic calming effect which benefits the neighborhoods through which it passes, forcing speeders to find an alternative route and keeping drivers more alert. I would be interested in hearing from anyone knowledgeable of the ET Trail if it has reduced the occurrence of accidents and traffic violations on the roads it now uses.

  • If the proposed East/West highway was a bike path Johnknownothin Carter would be all for it and the environmental concerns would evaporate like the morning dew on a hot summer morning. Guaronteeed!

  • Anonymous

    I have almost been hit twice by bicyclists while walking trails, no apology just annoyance for being in the way. One bicyclist kicked my wife’s vehicle when he was flying down a sidewalk and she was pulling out of our driveway. When it suits them they are a vehicle, or if traffic is too bad they will just swing into the breakdown lane or on to the sidewalk. I wish there was a “war” on bicyclists, however this is just another liberal diatribe.

  • Anonymous

    I have had the pleasure of living in 3 states – Maine, Minnesota and New Jersey. I both MN and NJ I was able to bike to work and it was always wonderful. It is a very different story here. Even shopping centers with stores close together don’t have sidewalks to make walking or biking easier. I would love to bike more near my home. I walk my son to school every so often and I realized at the end of the year – not once did I see a bike in the bike rack. That is sad. What happened to kids biking to school?

    I’m shocked at all the anti biking comments! Our population is getting more overweight by the day and you darn near kill yourself trying to bike somewhere. Biking could help be a part of a solution to this problem. 

    Do those against bikes realize that bike lanes would encourage bikes to stay out of the roads?

  • Anonymous

    We have a lot of cyclist in the summer in my town.  TONS of them.  I have no problem sharing the road with them and I find that most of them are just out doing what they love (like I do on my own bike..the difference being my bike has an engine).  However, there are some of them (certainly a minority) that are extremely disrespectful to other motorists and completely ignore the laws of the road…Accidents waiting to happen.  

  • Carter Jones

    it is amazing to see this stupid op-ed in the paper, simply put, it obviously was wrote by another moon bat liberal…

  • Anonymous

    Conservatives disliking bicycles is nothing new.  George Wallace got off a wonderful threefer once wherein he derided bicycles, educated people, and homosexuality in a few well chosen words, namely: ”
    “…pointy-head college professors who can’t even park a bicycle straight. ”

    There is an undercurrent of resentment which feels that a bicycle profanes our civic religion, which is, of course, cars & trucks.

  • Anonymous

    This is pretty funny. You suggest making bicycling apolitical, (which of course it already is), in an article titled “Are Conservatives Waging a War on Bicycling?

    And may the beatings continue until morale improves!

    Conservatives are understandably concerned about the rocketing debt. What is it about $15 trillion you fail to understand (that is, 15 million million dollars)?

    I was pratically born on a bicycle and have ridden up and down the roads and trails of Maine for many years. I love the sport, however, for most people, it is simply not a practical mode of regular transportation.

    Now, if you were to suggest that we divert to bike paths the millions of tax dollars we give to Planned Parenthood every year to slaughter the innocent, I could get behind you.

  • Anonymous

    I think the conservative concern about bike lanes is simply that they are a state and not a federal concern, so ultimate control of the money for them is turned over to the states. Of course, federal money for state roads isn’t exactly a conservative position anyway, but we mustn’t expect too much in the way of character from politicians. Cars are popular, bicycles are not, so principle is passed over in the one case and enforced in the other. It goes without saying that prostituting your principles to buy votes is absolutely non-partisan.

  • (Or as one commenter referred to us, “liberal bicyclists.”)

    Darkcat! Was that you?


  • I’m conservative and I ride a bike.  I have a need to save (not spend) money.  That was “conservative” in my family.

  • Based on the absurd anti-liberal/anti-bicycle sentiment being expressed in some of these comments, it’s pretty obvious that the answer to the question posed by this article’s headline is “Yes.”

    •  Pardon those of us who do not see it that way.  Must be the thickness of our glasses.

  • Anonymous

    Matt Bernier, most conservatives like most Americans are not opposed to biking. The fact is, in recent years the State has increased its spending considerably to insure more access to bikers. As a result, many of our highways are now wider to accommodate biking lanes. Abandoned rail lines have been converted for bike use and dedicated trails have been constructed in many areas. More than ever before Mainers can now access a place to bike within a few miles of their homes without use of the highway traveled by other vehicles.

    Current cuts in the nation’s transportation bill are part of an ongoing effort to cut general spending deemed to have reached unhealthy fiscal levels. This unfortunately entails setting priorities within the transportation budget to ensure programs needing the most funding are not as seriously affected. Access for bikers for obvious reasons was not deemed as important as the system that keeps the commerce and livelihood of our nation afloat.

    • John Boyle

      Money for bicycle and pedestrian facilities went from 1.5% of the Federal Transportation budget to less than 1%. Cutting out money for sidewalks and trails doesn’t get our bridges fixed or our budget balanced. It only means that sidewalks and trails don’t get built. 

      • Anonymous

        I’m afraid you’re right. It’s too bad the government doesn’t furnish all our mind’s desires. We could just sit back and enjoy being catered to by whomever is stupid enough to slave for others.

        More seriously, I bike myself and enjoy access to public trails. At times however the government needs to do some belt tightening, like most households must do. For that reason, I’m thankful some money was left to promote bicycling.

        The problem I have with Matt Bernier’s article is the blame game he is playing. I think cutting back and even eliminating government programs is responsible action by whomever, conservative or otherwise. This sounds a bit like the immature tendency of our President to blame former President George Bush for nearly everything controversial gone wrong. At some point one would think he would let go. After all, Bush left the White House 3 and 1/2 years ago.

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