PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — Maine Public Service customers will see a change in their electricity bills after an adjustment of the company’s annual transmission rate.

The overall average retail rate change will amount to a 0.61 percent decrease in transmission rates. The change took effect July 1. The annual rate adjustment occurs each year at this time.

The transmission rate change affects all Maine Public Service customers and varies by customer classification, such as residential versus businesses of different sizes.

Lois Smith, interim general manager of MPS, said earlier this week the company strives to keep electricity rates stable for its customers.

“While transmission rates are a small portion of the total electricity bill, we are aiming to keep rates stable for customers, while also investing in energy infrastructure to further improve reliability and expand our support for economic vitality of the communities we serve,” she said.

A typical residential customer bill, including delivery and electricity supply, using 500 kilowatt-hours monthly under standard offer service will see a 33-cent decrease in the total monthly electricity bill.

A typical small commercial customer using 1,200 kwh per month will experience a decrease of about 61 cents per month.

Maine Public Service Co. serves approximately 36,000 electricity customer accounts in northern Maine.