Member of professional fireworks crew injured during Sanford display

Posted July 05, 2012, at 4:58 p.m.

SANFORD, Maine — A man who was part of a professional fireworks crew was lucky to escape major injury Tuesday when he was burned during the town’s fireworks display.

Assistant Fire Chief Steve Benotti said the injured man was part of a Maine Pyrotechnics crew. He would not release his name.

The victim suffered a third-degree burn to his knee.

“He was part of the crew that was shooting from the barge, which is where all the fireworks are shot from,” said Benotti.

The fireworks were being set off from Number One Pond. Benotti said it’s traditional in Sanford to hold its fireworks display on July 3.

The festivities were attended by 6,000 people, none of whom were injured, according to Benotti.

“He’s a very lucky guy,” Benotti said.