BELFAST, Maine — This city had no fireworks complaints on July Fourth and the midcoast seemed quiet on the holiday, according to police.

“We had no complaints. It surprised me. Even though the city banned them, we expected some complaints,” said Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham of the Belfast Police Department.

It wasn’t that people didn’t launch fireworks, according to City Clerk Denise Beckett, who heard fireworks from her home; they just must not have called police.

The state of Maine legalized the sale of fireworks but Belfast banned them — so city residents can own but not shoot off fireworks.

The foggy, misty weather, which led to the cancellation of the Thomaston and Camden fireworks shows Wednesday, likely also contributed to the lack of complaints.

Rockland also has a ban against lighting fireworks. Its Police Department got one complaint — like it does just about every other day of the summer.

“We are usually quiet during the Fourth of July because we don’t have a celebration at all. They have them in Thomaston and Camden. Rockland becomes a ghost town,” Rockland Deputy Police Chief Wally Tower said.

Rockland police usually know when people are lighting fireworks in town, Tower said.

“You can light them off in Appleton and no one will say anything, but you light them off in Rockland and people will call,” Tower said.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office had only one complaint about fireworks on July 4 and that was on Vinalhaven.