November 18, 2019
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Comments for: Americans’ concern about climate change declining, poll finds

  • More proof that religion is on the decline in this country. Even those practicing the religion of environmentalism are losing interest.

    • Anonymous

      Environmental concerns a religion?  Both church goers, esp. conservative Christians, and the non-religious should take offence at that one.

      • Google it.

      • Anonymous

        The hub of environmental activism in the Mid Coast are the environmental groups in Presbyterian churches, and their advisers in the Sierra club. Every environmental lobby group I’ve  been involved with has at its core these ‘church’ people.  …..You’re right about Conserv. Christians; but the liberal denominations are extremely active. 

        • Anonymous

          Granted, a lot of church people and groups are involved in environmental movements but that does not make “environmentalism” a religion.  In similar fashion,I avoid “Darwinism” since the conservative right uses that for Evolution in order to describe it as a religion.  As for the religious basis for environmental movements, bear in mind that the correct translation of God’s commision to Adam should be “stwerardship’ of the earth, not “domination”, at least in the current sense (don’t know what it meant 500 years ago in the KJV).

  • Anonymous

    Confusing results (confused poll?).  Apparently, climate change still is a concern (and therefore acknowledged.  If not, it’s whistling in the dark, whistling past the graveyard.

    Inhofe is a clown, unworthy of his position.

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