Comments for: Bucksport police investigating robbery at Rite Aid pharmacy

Posted June 26, 2012, at 6:20 p.m.
Last modified June 26, 2012, at 9:37 p.m.

BUCKSPORT | Local police are investigating a robbery Tuesday afternoon at the Rite Aid Pharmacy on U.S. Route 1 in which an undisclosed amount of prescription drugs was taken. No one had been arrested in connection with robbery as of 9 p.m., Bucksport police Sgt. David Winchester said Tuesday …

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  • Anonymous

    Rite Aid, not suprising

    • Guest


      • Anonymous

        Could be, or could be that they’re seeing that Rite Aid gives them what they want without a fight. I’m not saying they should put up a fight, a few pills is not worth an employees life! I can say I wouldn’t want to work at one right now though. The article says only half have taken place at a Rite Aid…I’m sure Rite Aid’s make up half the pharmacies in Maine, though I don’t recall reading about other places that much except the one you pointed out at WalMart

        • Guest


        • Anonymous

          I think there was a CVS robbed as well.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t they have cameras? Post a pic of the thief!!

  • Anonymous

    One OR two men? Really? So much for eyewitnesses.

  • Now, don’t all the people who still suffer from refer madness feel stupid?  (they should)

  • Anonymous

    Why is BDN calling Penobscot Cty RCC. For infoa Bucksport is in Hancock Cty!

  • I liked some one else’s idea from another post a few days ago, the pharmacy industry needs to come up with sugar pill/laxatives that look identical to the prescription pills most taken… then just start substituting those.  That would be one way to cut down on the robberies… Do you think the robbers would be willing to take their chances?

    • Anonymous

      thats a good idea, if they used instant action laxatives…

      • Anonymous

        Not if you are the one having to clean it up. 
        Make it a two minute super-laxative to allow time for the robber to exit the store, after that, the police dogs will have NO problem following the scent.

    • Anonymous

      That is not a good idea. Let me get your thinking straight. So after the robber sticks a gun in my face and violates my trust in humanity I give him/her pills to make them have a “movement”. I could care less what they take but if you are going that route how about one that just kills them period. Now that would be a pill worth distributing to someone that robs me.

      The way the robberies are going to stop is by securing the facility. The pharmacists have no need to have personal contact with the customer. They can dispense the meds from behind a sound proof-bullett proof glass. Enough already. 

      • I was being facetious….. sorry if that was lost on you or your sense of humor!

        I agree with you – enough already and something does need to be done. I agree with another poster here – if Rite Aid is known for “just handing over the drugs” what do they expect? Of course they are going to be targeted! They need to come up with a better game plan than that…

        • Anonymous

          “just handing over the drugs” or anything else is always the policy of businesses when being robbed! Duh.

          Let’s see, your policy would be to not hand it over, show the robber who is boss. Awesome, let’s play that one out.

          Robber. “Give me all your money/drugs…I gotta gun”

          Clerk/pharm “uh, shoot, I mean no, don’t shoot, but uhh, I mean, oh no, what is that running down my leg, uh, please don’t kill me, uh, my boss SARA told me not to hand over the drugs so easy so uh, i dunnno what to tell you, uhh, Have a good day? I just called the cops.

          Robber/Junkie “BANG”

          Yep, that beats just handing over some money/drugs to get them out of the store safely from hurting them or other customers.

          Get it? Oh wait, your humor meter might not be on today and you might not understand that I was being sarcastic or better yet, facetious.

          • Why are you jumping all over me when I agreed with you?  I agreed that something does have to be done, just like you said the same thing by suggesting the bullet-proof sound-proof glass….

            No where did I say that the pharmacists should stand up for themselves, call the police, or confront the junkies…. 

          • Anonymous

            Pretty sure Sara was saying that the Rite Aid policy makes them an easy target; that’s an indisputable fact.  Nowhere did she say that pharmacists should risk their lives.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if the police spent less time sitting on some old turnout on some back road waiting for somebody to ride by with an expired inspection sticker or not wearing their seatbelt and spent more time in or around the pharmacies this might stop..Take the cop out of the school and put him in Rite Aid is another idea…Instead they go for the low hanging fruit and money making stuff..Priorities…

    • Guest


    • Actually they are usually on route 15 lately but this happened at 3pm kind of an odd time of day and they are usually around town at that time…. Not that I am defending them all just sayin. Oh and no school in session its summer vacation.. Besides the fact the cop is not in the school all day :). 

  • How did we get ourselves into the Opiate addiction cycle … it seems to have popped up over night sometime in the 90’s and has been a horrible affliction on our communities ever since…

  • Nok-Noi Ricker … thats just a cool name for a writer… IMHO…

  • Anonymous

    armed guards in all the pharmacys? that might stop a few would be robbers but most likely would put more people at risk drug addicts will get what they want  pharmacys shud install silent alarms to alert the police during the robbery so when the bad guy leaves the runs into the cops

  • Anonymous

    Just do what Sheriff Tommy Robinson did back in the 80’s in Little Rock, Ar: In response to the high robbery rate in the county, Robinson
    initiated a program of placing hidden deputies in random stores armed with shotguns, the result was a 96 percent drop in armed
    robberies during his tenure.      Or do the Buford Pusser  (McNairy County, Tennessee) on their a!! with Walking Tall oak stick……..but since we’re in Maine, make it out of white ash.  A good Ash kicking is what is needed.    

  • Anonymous

    maybe I am just dumb but with all the pharmacies being held up for narcotics  why don’t they take the most common ones say oxy, put them in a secure, central location and overnight the prescription to the prescribing dr’s office who then has to identify who they give it to.  Yeah it may cost more but in the long run it would be cheaper for the pharmacy liability insurance and the potential lives the current system places in danager

  • There is only one way into rite aid in bucksport (yes there is obviously a back door must be an emergency exit) but the people at the front of the store didnt see this man (coward) come in? There are cameras there too I dont know if they are recording ones but they have them its odd no one saw a weirdo with a medical mask. 

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