FARMINGTON, Maine — A Bangor man faces a harassment charge after he ignored police warnings about bothering residents in this town.

Sgt. Michael Adcock arrested Andrew Brachlow, 39, Saturday on a charge of harassment, Farmington Police Department secretary Rachel Heseltine said Monday.

Police first had contact this year with Brachlow late Friday. It was reported that he was following a woman and her young daughters while they were out for a walk on Farmington Falls Road.

Police told Brachlow, who was on a bicycle, that it was inappropriate to follow them, Heseltine said. He had gone up to them and they told him to go away, she said.

On Saturday, he confronted a woman in a private driveway on Fairbanks Road about 8:23 p.m. He started talking to her about wanting companionship, Heseltine said. The woman got back in her vehicle and locked the doors. Brachlow was on a bike then as well.

Police gave him a verbal warning.

About an hour later, Brachlow went up to a residence where a birthday party was being held for a 12-year-old girl and started talking to the girl and her friends. The mother called police, Heseltine said.

Farmington police have dealt with Brachlow in previous summers and have no idea why he comes to Farmington at that time of year.

Police called Bangor police, who said they have dealt with him in more than 20 incidents similar in nature, Heseltine said.

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