March 29, 2020
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Comments for: Keep the change: Toll highways aren’t going away

  • Anonymous

    And Fort Kent is still waiting for their connection to the system…

  • Anonymous

    If you actually fixed the dang roads i wouldnt mind paying the roads, but there is no way i am driving that 100 mile stretch of red cones so that i can give you snakes any more of my money, thanks…I will take the back roads.

  • Conley Raye

    It seems that all our state agencies need new audits as nothing from the past is working and everyone has been doing, not much. I think its time to hire management based upon merit and not politics. Out with the old and bring in business and management knowledge, folks. Same with our elected officials. By keeping the same ole, we are not going to improve our state or country. One exception is Mitt. I sincerely believe he will be bad for the country as his dad was for Michigan. However, so many people will not bother to research it and are bought by the ad’s. Bottom line, we need help at all levels of our state government and asap.

  • Jake_OO7

    If you do away with taxes or as republicans like to call them, fees, more people will come to Maine.
    Lepage is talking out of both holes in his body again.

    • Anonymous

      melrose, collins, governor Angus King….where did you see lepage?  This has been going on since ’47 .  .. And yes if you reduce the amount people pay to “visit” us , it stands to reason that more will come.. unless they see you downtown with your little sign again.

    •  Republicans are not against all taxes, don’t sound so idiotic and echo the far left.  Tolls are an excellent way to charge motorists to use the roads and there ought to be more, not less.

  • Anonymous

    As Melrose states,” As cars become more fuel efficient, state and federal government can’t depend on the gas tax as a steady stream of revenue for their highway funds.”
    Do you think it may be why you can’t buy a VW Passat with a 1.6 blue motion diesel engine that gets 73 mpg? They are available in Europe however where the price of fuel is 7.oo + per gallon. 

  • Anonymous

    Unless you want to travel an secondary roads from Augusta to Portsmouth you have no choice but to pay the tolls, No pun intended but this is “highway robbery”
    We are paying 30 cents at the pump per gallon plus federal tax on top of that to use these roads plus now they want to increase the toll tax.
    Why not start cutting upper management salaries and bonuses.
    Get rid of the union and pay normal salaries.

  • Anonymous

    Yet another instance where the state has taken money from a user fee service and put it into the General Fund.  Plus, if memory serves me right, it wasn’t too long ago that the state legislated that the Turnpike Authority was to purchase a section of state roads because the General Fund needed money.  Robbing Peter to pay Paul catches up with us.  

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