WATERVILLE, Maine — The Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce warned local businesses on Friday about a possible scam in the area.

A Florida-based company called Student Relations Inc. has contacted area businesses by telephone about selling advertising space in a publication, the chamber said.

“Four [businesses] claimed that they got scammed today,” Christian Savage, program assistant for Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce, said Friday.

Savage said the businesses were told that students at Waterville High School were handed fliers from Student Relations Inc.

“Waterville High School called us today to let us know about this company saying they’re affiliated with the high school, have a contract with the high school, [but it isn’t true],” said Savage. “They try to sell ad space to [businesses]. I think the one I saw was $100.”

Any businesses who think they have been scammed are urged to contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint at 508-652-4800.