November 13, 2019
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Comments for: House votes to ban bath salts; final Senate vote next week

  • Anonymous

     Under current law, the DEA can ban new and emerging drugs if they and
    the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services can demonstrate within
    18 months that the drug is harmful and lacks medicinal or industrial
    value. In 18 months a lot of people can die! Law enforcement needs a faster response than this.

  • Anonymous

    It took this long to get this passed. SHAME!!

    • Anonymous

      was thinking the same thing…

  • Anonymous

    Only about 5 years too late.

  • Anonymous

    This is great.  I just wonder if there’s any hidden pork in this bill like most bills our fed gov passes.

  • Anonymous

    This will not help.  Nobody is going to decide not to use this stuff because it is against federal law.  Drug abuse rates are in no way correlated with penalties.  This is a lesson we should have all learned after 25 years of the war on drugs.

    The war will only be won when we completely get rid of the legal penalties for abusers and begin to spend our time and money on treatment.

    As long as drug abuse is a part of a counter-culture, the behaviors (crime, secrecy, violence) will get worse and worse.  A simpler and probably more effective approach is to legalize all drugs and control distribution through legal channels to adults only.  This provides an intervention point to offer treatment and other forms of harm reduction and education.  Portugal has been doing this and has already seen better results than we have.  Uruguay just introduced a law to try this approach.  We have spent over a trillion dollars, and consumed too much of our police resources and have nothing to show for it except  overflowing jails and increasing rates of abuse.  Hello….not working!

    Instead, we will try what has proven ineffective and double down on that. 

    • Guest


      But drug enforcement means big budgets for local and stat agencies.

  • Anonymous

    A link to a presentation from the Down East Emergency Medicine institute on
    Bath Salts. History, Effects, Clinical Presentation and Treatment. For Police,
    Fire, EMS, Physicians and nurses. Informational and free to share with

    over 3500 views on youtube.

    Doc Bowie

  • I was looking to see if it were really true that they were running the “FINAL” epsiode of “HOUSE” and ran across this sad article.  I live in Panama at the moment, but only have a shower.  It is a sad day indeeed for me, to no longer be able to watch Hugh Lorie nor take a soothing bath.  The Gods must be angry indeed, at whatever I don’t remember doing.

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