August 21, 2019
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Comments for: Yarmouth councilman takes a truly unconventional approach in bid for U.S. Senate

  • Anonymous

    His 12-year-old is his campaign manager?  When he says something like that, it just so destroys his credibility that he becomes a joke, which is too bad because in many respects he sounds like a good guy with balanced and reasonable ideas and seems to be a decent local public servant.  But he is marginalizing himself with some nonsense too, which is foolish.  Angus will win it, and rightfully so.  Angus is a good first tier candidate and will represent us honorably as a true moderate.

    • Anonymous

      Tinserblic – Thank you for sharing your thoughts in regard to my campaign.  In regard to my 12-year-old daughter being my campaign manager, I disagree with your assessment that this “…destroys his credibility that he (me) becomes a joke..”  If you evaluate most other “Campaign Managers” I think that she stacks up pretty well in that she is; smart, articulate, passionate on various issues, does not have a mean bone in her body and is unflinchingly honest.  And most importantly – she (and those of her generation) is the reason that I am running for the U.S. Senate.  If you look at the people currently surrounding the other candidates – you might notice a trend in regard to age, political experience and self-interest – and in many ways – all firmly embedded in the past.  Cammy and her generation are the future – and their collective voices need to be heard most clearly – as they are the ones that will be inheriting the mess that is being created today.
      One more small detail;  I agree with you in that, “Angus is a good first tier candidate and will represent us honorably as a true moderate.”  But is that what we really need, someone to merely “represent us?”  I believe that we need someone to fight for change unencumbered by friends with agendas, partisan affiliations, lobbyists, etc.
      Please take a few minutes to visit my campaign website for more information.
      Thank you.
      Stephen M. Woods
      United States Senate Candidate

      • Hang in there, 

            We need real people in politics not the just the one’s who can bombard us with the most commercials turning us into Zombie Voters!

  • To me it’s a little bit of a farce. If King really seeks to reach out to Independents, perhaps he would have encouraged Eliot Cutler, who he endorsed, to reach out to Shawn Moody. Shawn’s 5% , it turns out, would have easily put Eliot over the top. Also, Woods ready to spend a lot of (his own) money, I realize he has to get his message out, but how is that going to be an example of changing the system that he says needs changing? (although I think it is great he says he will not take PAC money, I’m guessing he means special interest groups rather than the independent groups candidates don’t control?)

  • PS I think it’s great that Steve is responding to real voters below. Too many candidates use social media as only a one-way broadcast medium, and some don’t even personally handle their own accounts.

  • For King I understand, but why is the media (it seems from what I’ve seen anyway) giving Woods more press than the other Independents in the ME Senate race?

  • How can he be unconventional? He already endorsed Angus a week ago? He even has an “Angus” section on his website which is more like a fan-page than an election site. 

    • It’s strange, not only from that dynamic but he also is pretty critical of King as well (one example: ”
      To the 80% of Maine residents that indicate in polls as “voting for Angus King” in November’s election, do you actually know what Angus has be doing since leaving office as our Governor 10 years ago?  Does that matter?  Should that matter?  I’m not offering any judgment in this regard, but I’ve spoken with thousands of voters during my campaign and not one single voter has been able to describe what Angus has been doing for more than a decade – yet for most Maine voters, that does not matter.”)

  • Guest

    Go for it.. The more the merrier.. I like choices…(-;

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