PORTLAND, Maine — The Maine Philanthropy Center released its 2012 update on foundation and individual giving in Maine as part of its ongoing “Giving in Maine” report. The update reveals growth in philanthropic assets of foundations, but challenges in individual giving levels.

“The figures appear to show base assets in 2010 recovering from the economic decline,” said Maine Philanthropy Center President Janet Henry. Henry noted that the top 20 Maine foundations in 2010 maintained their giving overall from the year before, but increased their giving in Maine by 4 percent.

A few highlights from the report:

• The top 20 Maine foundations maintained their total giving from 2009, but increased their giving to Maine nonprofit organizations by more than 4 percent.

• Giving increased in arts and humanities and education.

• Since 2000 Maine foundation assets have increased more than 300 percent and giving almost 400 percent.

• Maine ranked 50th for individual charitable deductions: $2,702 versus national average of $4,191.

• Maine ranked 18th for the number of estates that included a charitable bequest.

“The report underscores both the growth of philanthropy in Maine and the impact of local and national economic challenges to individual giving,” Henry said.

The Giving in Maine update also highlights how national and regional foundations are contributing significantly to Maine nonprofits. Six foundations awarded $11 million to Maine in 2010, on top of the $54 million awarded by the state’s 20 largest foundations. The report can be accessed at mainephilanthropy.org.