Lady’s slippers seemed to carry the theme during the last couple of weeks. I’m always excited to see them. Deb and I hiked Bald Mountain in Camden. It wasn’t long before the slippers started showing up alongside the trail. We even spied a white one.

The white Pink Lady’s Slipper is kind of an albino, just missing the pink pigment.

We also met Tinkerbell on this outing. She was leading her person up the trail with great enthusiasm and courage for such a little dog.

A hike on Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge also provided lots of pink lady’s slipper viewing. A further wandering at Halfway Brook turned up this great crested flycatcher … I depended on several birding friends to help identify this loud and noisy flycatcher .. .thank you!

Also, the lesser yellowlegs was a surprise to see. I usually see them along the coast.

For wildlife enthusiasts, there is usually a certain landscape that you peer into and think there should be a deer, moose, or some other critter standing there waiting to be seen. It was like that for me as I was gazing onto the meadow beside Buzzy Brook. At first glance I thought moose, because that was what I wanted to see there, but it was a doe white-tailed deer with ears on full alert (no less spectacular) … looking like broad moose antlers! Oh well.

I’d like to introduce a new gallery on my website. I’ve sorted butterflies, moths and dragonflies and damsels into their own gallery, please visit: