Bangor Courts

Posted May 25, 2012, at 1:25 p.m.

Cases April 23-27, 2012

Derek Bailey, 30, Bangor, disorderly conduct, $200 suspended, restitution, $3,000.

Scott S. Bouchard, 29, Millinocket, disorderly conduct, $300.

Todd A. Clavette, 39, assault; disorderly conduct; both counts dismissed.

Jonathan A. Gaudet, 31, Bangor, forgery, jail 82 days; theft by unauthorized taking or transfer, prison two years all suspended, probation two years.

Stephen A. Giles, 52, Alton, operating vehicle without license, $150.

John Hennessy, 49, Orono, passing stopped school bus, $250.

Boyd M. Hess, 45, Brogue, Pa., rule violation, operating vehicle with false duty, $750.

Russell Johnsen, 46, Bangor, disorderly conduct, jail 40 hours; sale, use of drug paraphernalia, $300.

Frank C. Johnson, 34, Corinna, operating vehicle after habitual offender license revocation, $1,000, jail six months; violating condition of release, jail 30 days.

Stephen Kuchinski, 51, Bangor, domestic violence assault, jail 90 days.

Jessica Leach, 18, Wallingford, Conn., criminal mischief, $250.

Spencer D. Smith, 19, Winterport, theft by unauthorized taking or transfer, $250.

Karlton G. Stanhope, 49, Hampden, operating vehicle while license suspended or revoked, dismissed.

Steven Z. Stark, 39, Bartlett, Tenn., rule violation, duty status not current, $250.

Toby E. Thurston, 52, Bangor, trafficking in dangerous knives, jail 48 hours; carrying concealed weapon, jail 48 hours; violating condition of release, jail 48 hours.

Nicole A. Weaver, 19, Warren, minor possessing liquor, $200.

Stephen C. White, 47, Brewer, two counts theft by unauthorized taking or transfer, prison two years, all but 83 days suspended each count, probation two years.