June 20, 2018
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Friday, May 25: Religion and Rick Bennett


Define religious

Regarding, “ Got Faith?” in the BDN weekend edition, perhaps it’s not so much that people are dropping religion, but rather that we have internalized the education. We no longer seek it, because we are the teachings and live them out everyday.

For example, it has been implied by acquaintances that because I don’t attend a church, I’m “not religious.” But the fact is, I pray for advice and give blessing and thanks almost every morning and generally throughout the day. I try to make all of my decisions based on love and the responsibility that entails. I may not tithe to a particular church, but 10 percent of my income is set aside for charity, in which religious organizations or activities are sometimes included. I tell our children God made everyone unique and that regarding organized religions or even atheist perspectives, each has gifts for humanity. It’s our job to sift through the various philosophies and practices to find the jewels that apply to us as individuals.

Religious organizations still have a place in society, especially as a base of teachings upon which to get our footing, but like children who have grown up and left home, it may be we are starting to refer to them more for advice than continue living under the same roof.

Tammera Fenn


Trust me

Rick Bennett, in his May 21 OpEd “ Maine Wants real Solutions From Candidates,” claims that he knows the “real solutions” needed in Washington and that his opponent, Angus King, does not.

However, Mr. Bennett goes on to demonstrate that he doesn’t see the real problem in Washington, namely the failure of the two big parties. He only sees the symptoms, such as the national debt, partisan gridlock and more. I’m sure that Mr. Bennett is a good person — he seems more positive and open-minded than many others in his party — but if he can’t see the real problem, how can he produce any “real solutions”?

Can an independent like Angus have the positive impact that we are all yearning for? Who knows? Breaking new ground in a fossilized and broken-down institution is not going to be easy, but it’s high time someone credible tried to do it.

So, yes, Mr. Bennett, Angus is telling us “Trust me!” All politicians say or imply that, even the ones who, like you, advocate specific policies, but since Angus seems to be the only candidate who understands the real problem in Washington, he’s the one I’m going to trust with my vote and support.

Charlie Graham


Correction: An early version of Letters to the Editor contained a letter entitled "RSU choice" that has been removed at the request of the author.

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