BANGOR, Maine — The Old Town High School softball and Orono baseball teams have each been awarded 25 Portland Sea Dogs tickets after winning a contest for reporting their games to the Bangor Daily News.

During the spring sports season, the BDN has asked the coaches, managers and athletic directors of high school baseball, softball and tennis teams to report their games to the BDN website,, unlike past seasons when teams reported their games over the phone or through faxes.

The BDN conducted a contest over the last couple of weeks, with the stipulation that the two teams that did the best job of reporting games would receive Sea Dogs tickets.

Many teams have done a great job reporting their games using the new system. Given that, the BDN put the names of those teams on cards and placed them into a Sea Dogs hat for a random drawing.

Chloe Thibodeau, a young sports fan, drew the two teams’ names out of the hat. Chloe, who is 15 months old, is the daughter of Cory Thibodeau and BDN Maine Living editor Aimee Thibodeau.

BDN sports editor Joe McLaughlin will bring the tickets to the two schools on Wednesday.

“We sincerely appreciate the efforts all of the teams have been making in taking the time to report their games to our website,” McLaughlin said. “The games are very popular with our readers.”