January 29, 2020
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Comments for: The ills of money-driven medicine

  • Anonymous

    Anyway we look at it, universal healthcare is not the way to go.   We do not need to be paying for those who will not take care of themselves and/or not work to pay for their healthcare. 

  • Anonymous

    By impeding the health care reform law, the republican party aims to keep health care out of the hands of millions of working Americans.  The poorest are covered by the safety nets.  It is low wage workers, many as contractors, that are being harmed the most by this effort. 

    We are a nation of riches and those riches are shared by fewer each passing year.  By keeping health care an illusive goal for young and low wage workers, they help to cement the disparities between the classes.  At the end of the day it about keeping people down.

    For the US to be on par with Kenya, yes Kenya, in premature births screams that we are not doing things the right way.  We spend nearly twice what the second most expensive system spends per capita and have middle of the pack outcomes.  If conservatives were honestly interested in reducing deficits they would work to deliver solutions, not obstruction.  They do not care about deficits.  They care about maintaining or expanding inequality for the purposes of exploitation.

    Our economic future depends more on how we respond to this issue than perhaps any other.  Ours is a greed soaked system that measures success in dollars not lives saved or suffering averted.  Standing against progress in this regard speaks volumes about the lack of empathy of these “leaders”. 

    • Anonymous

       We are the nation of OPPORTUNITY not riches!  Please tell me who does not get heath care. The massive number of closing hospitals across the southwest proves people get care for free cause ti causes the hospitals to close. You want universal health care go live where they have it! It sucks.

      Americas economic future depends on people getting off there a55es and working instead of staying at home all day watching the cable and gaining weight eating the welfare junk food all day. Why is it so many come form nothing every year to become so much more but welfare and those who seek something for nothing grow faster?

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