December 11, 2019
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Comments for: Common garden tools found to contain toxic chemicals

  • A lot of this is common sense or has been learned by us all every year when we all open up the garden or tool shed and start taking stock of what we have to work with. PVC in hoses is nothing new, more so since they became cheaper to make (and sell) than the rubber one’s. Problem with PVC is that it both ‘brittle’s’ up in the winter, in the shed, and when hooked up to a faucer or spigot, and put under pressure, has a tendency to spout leaks everywhere with no warning. Same thing happens when the hose is left out in the summer. PVC, like all plastic’s’, suffers from ultraviolet breakdown. Unless you pay a bundle for a UV-resistant hose (and folk’s, they ain’t cheap !) you can figure on any PVC hose ‘popping off’ at some point this summer. Reel’em in and spray a coat of protectant on them and they can go for year’s. But please, exercise some common sense and realize that these are designed for the outdoors, not as kitchen or plumbing tool’s. That the DEP doesn’t warn everyone makes me wonder just what they are doing since this falls under their job description.

    Check the UM Cooperative Extension Service website for more, and I am sure, better information. Hey’ it’s your tax dollars there. You might as well get a return on what you’re paying for, even if it does cost .75 cents for it.

  • The corporaton raking in the money says noone dirinks form a hose, guess they never had or were kids.

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