June 18, 2018
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Thursday, May 3, 2012: Freedom of religion, the meaning of ‘portable’

Taxation fight

In a day when both our national and state assemblies are polarized by partisan politics, it is somewhat refreshing to see the combined efforts of our local city representatives, regardless of party, working together to stave off the shameful attempt by the governor to raise the taxes in the three largest cities to accomplish his own cuts in general assistance at the state level.

Kudos to Mayor Cary Weston and his colleagues for standing together. Keep up the fight.

Ken Huhn


Need answers

Terry Donnellan appears to have done some research on an environmental problem. Donnellan’s cited references and conclusion (Environmentally sustainable food?, BDN, April 24) doesn’t answer some basic questions.

The cited research warns, “animal manure and fertilizers used in growing feed for animals emit large amounts of nitrous oxide.” What about all those animals living in the wild? Does not their manure create large amounts of nitrous oxides as well? Does that mean we should get rid of all animals? Careful, we are animals as well.

Donnellan suggests we move to a vegan diet. Wouldn’t that require more fertilizers and land to grow feed for us animals? I would suggest it would unless we were to get rid of all the other animals.

The cited New York Times OpEd did not outline the method to use to convince all the lions, tigers, and bears (Oh my!) to switch over to Caesar salad. I looked very carefully.

Nor did the cited statistics on agricultural production differentiate between that used by meat production versus nonmeat production. It doesn’t indicate what the percentages would be for nonmeat production if we were to eliminate meat production. I think we should know that before killing all our animals.

Donnellan should include nuclear energy in the “pollution-free energy sources.” Consider a dark Maine winter night and no wind blowing. At 2 a.m. and all the USA in the dark, where would we get heat? Algae?

Jim Miller


Ted Heads

The reality is the folks who don’t want Ted Nugent to play in Bangor are leftist, period. If we listed every singer who slammed a Republican, avoided the draft and slept with underage girls there’d be a lot fewer concerts in Bangor. If Ted Nugent was pulling for Obama in the upcoming election and slammed Romney we wouldn’t be having this problem.

Ray Bryant


Religious freedom

The Catholic Church is organizing a massive demonstration against President Obama’s attack on religion evidenced by his mandating that insurance companies cover not only contraceptives but abortion-inducing drugs. Apart from the immorality of the issue, the precedent set would ultimately marginalize religion in our country, a goal of liberal Democrats. Catholic bishops are calling all Catholics to the demonstration from June 21 to the July 4.

It is not contraceptives or abortion that is the issue. It is freedom of religion and sadly the attack is coming from our own government. The Catholic bishops, by refusing Obama’s mandate and risking arrest and imprisonment, are reminiscent of an earlier time. A time when the farmers in Lexington and Concord, Mass., encouraged by their Christian ministers, stood their ground against the advance of 400 British troops sent to enforce a different but equally unjust law. The event became known as “The shot heard round the world”. Two hundred British troops limped back to Boston and took a message back to England.

And now we are engaged in another dispute with a disreputable administration whose moral decline is staring us in the face every day as we discover that a dozen Secret Service agents brought prostitutes into their hotel rooms. Do you believe they are the exceptions? Then there’s the wastefulness of the U.S. General Services Administration’s extravaganza in Sin City and Michelle’s half million-dollar vacation.

Where does it end? It ends in the voting booth.

David Huck


Portable playhouse

Dr. Edward and Sheila Harshman of Thomaston are seeking a tax abatement on their portable playhouse.

I heard of a similar occurrence here in Orrington some years back. The owner complained his 24-foot above-ground swimming pool should not be taxed as it was portable. Word of mouth has it that the tax assessor said, “Fine, fold it up and take it in each night and I will not charge you tax on it.”

Fred Eich


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