Two weekends ago found me roaming the woods roads of T8 R4 in Aroostook County, which is never disappointing. My host graciously guided me to some great photo opportunities … I translated them through the lens the best I could.

An early morning moose caught in sparse cover on a hardwood ridge posed some focusing difficultly, but considering that and low light, the image is not too bad … I think.

A little later, while imaging black-capped chickadees, this gray jay charged into the scene with attitude, posed for a few shots, then departed with the same air of superiority!

A knot in a large tree provided an interesting image that we called “Old man in the tree.”

Katahadin is always more spectacular when seen in person, but I still try to capture it.

Snowshoe or varying hares were a bit skittish. Most of the hares we noticed were between changing from winter white to summer brown, which caused me and my host to call them “tweeners.”

Toward the end of the day, one tweener posed for me. We also caught a ruffed grouse budding in a young (aspen?) tree.

The eastern comma and the infant, a day-flying moth that I asked the Cooperative Extension Service at UMaine to identify for me, were imaged earlier in the week.

Maine outdoor adventures … how can you beat them?