June 04, 2020
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Comments for: New community paramedicine law looks to improve health care, cut costs

  • As a former 11B I think that Mike Willette’s idea is great. There was many a time that I would rather have the Platoon’s ‘Doc’, or the BN P.A.,  treat me right then and there as opposed to going to some Army Hospital. And since Willette knows just how diverse The County is, this program is likely to be a lot more accepted and workable in actual practice than some paper plan drawn up by some Harvard Public Health MPH who knows absolutely nothing about the conditions and people here in Aroostook County. This is what we, as voter’s, sent our Rep’s and Senator’s to Augusta for. That it even appeared, regardless of Party, does mean that there is hope for us all. Now to keep it moving forward …….. 

  • Anonymous

    Great job Mike Willette :)

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