We all know what is said about best-laid plans.

It is probably near kin to Murphy’s Law.

Those cliche fairies are at work again, meaning the ink was barely dry on the newsprint before something went haywire.

Last weekend’s column about Bangor’s Garden Show mentioned one of its vendors and presenters, Lisa Colburn of Orono, who is the author of “The Maine Garden Journal.”

The book was scheduled to go to press on Monday and be ready for Colburn to sell at the garden show.

That date fell through.

Colburn contacted me over the weekend to express her disappointment — words really can’t describe it better than that — about not having the book ready for sale.

It was “due to circumstances beyond her control,” she said. “Sometimes when you’re handed lemons, you make lemonade. And, being a gardener, if it rains, you smile and jump in the puddles.”

Colburn will be at her booth Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the show and with a presentation at 2 p.m. Saturday. She has advance draft copies of the book featuring the first few dozen pages for folks to thumb through and will have a slide show displaying more of the content.

And the lemonade she’ll be sharing? Colburn plans to offer a special deal if you pre-order the book at the show.

At the very least, she said, stop by and talk gardening with her.