August 21, 2019
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Comments for: RSU 3 to drop to one bus run from two

  • Anonymous

    This will be rough on the little ones. My nephew has to be on the bus at 6am. He gets home at 3.30pm. He ADHD. This is a killer for him already. The school isn’t thinking of the 5-7 or older children that will do poor in class or even pass out during the day due to be over tired. I guess compassion is overrated now a days.

    • Guest


    • Anonymous

      schools have to make hard choices these days.  $140K in savings would be several teachers (as an example).

      Some states don’t bus children at all (or they do it for a fee)…think about it.

  • Anonymous

    Though one room, district school houses had their obvious inefficiencies, it’s plain, as we go forward in time, that overly consolidated schools have their problems too.

    I wonder how bus transportation will be done when diesel is $20 a gallon?  Maybe we’ll have natural gas powered buses (for those districts that have natural gas service.) But transportation is only one aspect of super consolidation too.

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