Monticello fundraiser assists hearing-impaired student

Posted March 28, 2012, at 3:30 p.m.

MONTICELLO, Maine — Jordan Fitzpatrick, a 4-year-old preschool student at Wellington Elementary School, was born with some hearing loss. Since he was 14 months old he has worn a hearing aid.

But after Jordan started school this year it was discovered that he had gone from moderate to complete unilateral hearing loss in his left ear and was in need of an FM transmitter. The device, which cost $2,000, helps enhance the voice of the speaker who is wearing a microphone synchronized to the transmitter. Through a variety of programs sponsored by the state for children’s disabilities, a device was provided to use at school, but he also needed an additional device to use in other settings.

The Wellington School staff along with friends and relatives of Jordan’s parents, Tonya and Jerrid, donated a variety of items to raffle. The response was overwhelming, with ticket sales and donations exceeding $4,000. The additional money raised has been deposited in an account to provide other technical items to accommodate his disability in the future.

Susan McMann, Jordan’s pre-kindergarten teacher, along with other teachers, has noticed that he is more engaged during class and other activities since obtaining the transmitter.

“Jordan is experiencing a whole new environment of sound,” McMann said. “I think that as he becomes more comfortable with this he will begin to volunteer more in our classroom discussions.”