NEWPORT, Maine — An alert neighbor may have saved the home of a Rutland Road resident when a fire started near a wood boiler on Thursday morning.

Fire crews from five towns responded to a report of fire at 106 Rutland Road, where three storage sheds were burned to the ground. No one was hurt.

“When I came by, there was fire all the way around that boiler,” said Ezra Troyer, a neighbor. “There was a bunch of flames there already when I came by.”

“I seen him running across the lawn, and I knew something was wrong,” Ralph Hall, who owns the property where the fire started, said of Troyer.

Hall said the fire started at his outdoor wood boiler, which stands roughly 75 feet away from his home.

He said that puzzled him because “l hadn’t had a fire in the wood boiler for two days. It’s been nice.”

Hall said two house trailers used for storage were destroyed along with a wood shed, the wood boiler, six cords of firewood, a washer and dryer and a new $400 chain saw.

Newport Fire Department Lt. Adam Noyes said fire crews from Newport, Dexter, Corinna, Etna and Stetson responded, along with Sebasticook EMS. The forestry service also was contacted.

“When we arrived they were putting water on the house with a garden hose to protect that,” said Noyes.

Hall’s home wasn’t damaged.

Troyer said that when he arrived at Hall’s back door, the homeowner didn’t know why he was in such a rush.

“I figured they had already called the Fire Department, but when I went around the back door — and I ran in real quick — he came to the door like he didn’t know what was going on,” said Troyer, noting there are no windows facing the side of the house where the fire started. “I said, ‘You’ve got a really big fire out there, you know it?’ He said, ‘no.’”

Hall said he would clean up and start over again.

“It’s just things. I can’t take them with me,” he said.