May 28, 2020
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Comments for: Brewer withdraws support for I-395-Route 9 connector, sends superintendent residency question to voters

BREWER, Maine — Shortly after unanimously voting to withdraw support for a proposed Interstate 395-Route 9 connector, city councilors held a lengthy and slightly heated discussion about requiring future school superintendents to live in town. The connector route vote was easy because City Council members are… Read More
  • Anonymous

    Hopefully Brewer realizes that requiring the Supt. to live in Brewer will only limit who applies.

    Is there someone in Brewer who has been repeatedly passed over for the job who is pushing for this? 

    Would you also require them to purchase any and all products they use from Brewer merchants? Whoever came up with this idea doesn’t get the fact that Brewer isn’t the one in demand, the QUALITY Superintendents out there are.

    • Anonymous

      It amazes me that the city council voted to put this to the people and couldn’t just let common sense prevail.  There is not a huge number of people wishing to be superintendent, and IF this passes, Brewer can sit back and wonder why they get 3 applicants for the job, none with any experience. I do fear that this could pass in this day and age of “well, they make $100K or whatever so they should have to live in Brewer). How ridiculous this is. Where does it stop? What about other district level administrators?

      A VERY small number of Maine communities require this.  Bangor does not as far as I know.

      I find it odd that while some feel that the superintendent of schools just must live in Brewer, the chief of police can live in Hampden. 

      If this is the type of horrendous decision the Brewer City Council makes (especially after hearing from members of the school committee who told the council why they were not supporting it), then I fear for the future of the city under their genius decision making.

      Brewer should want ONE thing from its school superintendent applicant pool……….can they get a number of qualified and experienced applicants so they can hire the best fit for Brewer. What part of that coincides with “oh, and you have to live in Brewer”…….dumb

    • Anonymous

      I have no issue with the head of the school system, city manager, police or fire chief having a requirement to live in the city/town they live in.
      In the town I live in, the Superintendent of Schools lives in town, the fire chief lives in town and the police chief lives in town and there is no requirement to do so. They are connected to the town, they have an interest in keeping there budgets in line, they pay taxes, etc…

      “Would you also require them to purchase any and all products they use from Brewer merchants?” YES!!!!!!

      Southwest Harbor had (they may still have this policy but it has been years since I had to deal with it) the following purchasing policy:

      1. Purchase from town merchants first. If the item is not available locally then;
      2. Purchase within Hancock County, then the State of Maine and only after exhausting the first three choices then the department may purchase from a national vendor.

      Is it more expensive to purchase locally? Maybe or maybe not. But they supported the people that pay taxes to the town FIRST!

  • Anonymous

    The residency requirement makes no sense. Are they going to buy the house the new super needs to sell to buy one in Brewer? Probably not. The more restrictions they put, the fewer people will qualify. How is that in the best interest of the school district? It is not. This decision is overreaching and ignorant.

  • There is quite a bit of info at the Maine DOT website specifically set up for the connector. It includes a report that explains why the new 2B-2 route was chosen over others considered and why it is considered to have the least environmnetal impact.

    In order to informally discuss the project and this decision, an open house for the project will be held at the Brewer Auditorium located at 318 Wilson Street in Brewer, on Wednesday April 4th from 3 PM to 8 PM The deadline for public comments is May 15th with a more formal public hearing scheduled in early May.

    Sounds like DOT may have forgotten that local offocials might have appreciated a briefing on the 2B2 route and an opportunity to ask questions?

    I have been using the DOT website to study the history of the East-West Highway, of which this connector has long been a part and have found it very easy to use and have been able to read all the past studies done on the highway. There is a huge amount of information on this conector as well.

    I am not though suggesting that the governing bodies of affected towns should get their news from the paper or from the website. I would hope any state agency would afford the courtesy of a briefing to affected town officials before information like this is released to the general public.

  • Anonymous

    My impression of DOT is they end up doing pretty much what they want without regard the neighbors, or the town’s interests, or or even the engineer, most times.  I don’t know how you rein them in, other than to do what occurred here. Just say “No, that’s not how it’s done, here.” Bravo.

    If the object of the exercise is to find the best candidate for Superintendent, the residency requirement is a tad shortsighted and an unnecessary burden. Nobody should be forced into this real estate market for the job.  If it works, it works.

  • Anonymous

    Why does it matter if the Superintendent live in Brewer or not, shouldn’t they be hired on being the best candidate?  Their residence shouldn’t matter as long as they are there to do their job.

  • Anonymous

    As said recently, take it straight across the Penobscot River and connect it to Hogan Road, then on to I-95!!

  • Anonymous

    The DOT should hold off on this project at least until the East/West Highway due diligence is completed.  If E/W toll road is constructed it will all but eliminate a need to extend 395 to Rt9.  A traveler to Quebec or New Brunswick would rather a straight, divided highway (assumably a 65 or 75MPH road) to the Airline.

    As for the requirement about the superintendent to live in town… bad idea.  This might seem an acceptable idea about 40-years ago but today it is unrealistic and unnecessary.

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