While walking in the University Forest last week I came across an actively feeding flock of mixed birds. Chickadees, red-breasted nuthatches, golden-crowned kinglets (the kinglet pictured here was from MDI) and several pine siskins.

This morning, the siskins were most cooperative in posing. The sunlight filtering through the spruce boughs was just enough to capture a few images of this seed eater. Note the spruce cone seed falling to the ground. Their foraging acrobatics kept me entertained for fifteen minutes or a little longer. Entertainment to me, life sustaining to them, it’s all very serious business.

The American bald eagle and male cardinal photos were taken recently on the campus of the University of Maine in Orono. The eagle was on the Farm Road. The American redstart was from an outing this past spring to T8R4. The painted turtle and sandpiper are Penobscot River residents.