May 23, 2018
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Saturday/Sunday, Feb. 25-26, 2012: Donald Sussman and Schenck High School

Katz and hypocrisy

Sen. Roger Katz demonstrates breathtaking hypocrisy in his OpEd “Is Sussman a media threat?” (BDN, Feb. 22).

First, while he finds many “this could happen” faults with Mr. Sussman’s public, transparent and job-saving investment in Maine newspapers, Sen. Katz supports a Republican policy agenda that seeks to hide the names of political action committee supporters who could influence his and other legislators’ actions. I read no such concerns in his column for potential legislative conflict of interest or influence against the public interest.

Second, Sen. Katz criticizes Mr. Sussman’s free-market decision to invest in a business, a recent charge laid by other Republicans against Mitt Romney. But Sen. Katz represents a political party that appears to put corporate interests over individual interests, so I fail to see why this is a problem for the senator.

Third, while Sen. Katz voices personal admiration for Mr. Sussman and concern for freedom of the press and newspaper job-holders, the column appears to be a tortured rehash of the personal attacks on Mr. Sussman, and by inference the man’s successfully elected (Democratic) wife, that Mainers have endured from Republicans for years.

Mr. Sussman is wealthy. Ms. Pingree is an elected congresswoman. Get over it. The column is another example of personal and unwelcome partisan politics as usual. I for one have had enough of this, and will work to elect Maine politicians with far more concern for their constituents, and far more awareness of their own hypocritical behavior.

Michael Sirota


Schenck: keep open mind

Regarding the BDN’s Feb. 17 article “Superintendent: Is it time to close Schenck High?” — as a Schenck High graduate, former East Millinocket school board member and a East Millinocket Board of Selectmen member, here are a few comments.

I do not know Superintendent Quenten Clark. I have attended meetings where Clark spoke on important matters to the school and town. Clark seemed very capable and forthright with the facts he presented. I admire the courage of Clark in writing this article.

Over the past decade the Millinocket School System made several overtures to the schools in School Union 113 (East Millinocket, Medway and Woodville) to send our high school students to Stearns High school. To date, School Union 113 has voted to keep the status quo of our high school.

In the past, we looked and voted mainly for reasons to keep our high school. Now we are in crunch time and should look for reasons to merge our high schools. The facts that Clark presents are spelled out clearly in his article and we can’t continue to ignore them indefinitely. It seems that the quality of the education our students are getting should always be the prime concern of our towns’ parents and residents.

We should listen to Clark and the school committees with an open mind and seriously consider any solution the would better the education of our students.

Paul Baker

East Millinocket

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