May 27, 2020
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Comments for: Ron Paul wins big in Washington County, statewide results unchanged

EAST MACHIAS, Maine — Ron Paul’s strong showing in weekend caucuses in Washington, Hancock and Kennebec counties is challenging the notion that Maine belongs to Mitt Romney. In the presidential preference poll conducted at Washington County’s GOP caucus on Saturday, Paul attracted 163 votes to Mitt… Read More
  • Isn’t there another caucus in Hancock county this afternoon? If so, isn’t it a bit early to declare who won the county with another eight towns left to caucus (including Castine).

    Sounds like the Maine GOP really does want this to be over over!

    • Thanks Ken, we need to make this a little clearer. The caucus was in Hancock, but there are a few other towns left to caucus in Hancock County.

  • Anonymous

    I have learned the difference between a cactus and a caucus. On a cactus, the pricks are on the outside.

  • Jose Navarro

    How am my suppose to pick a GOP if they cant even tally up scores correctly ?

    • Anonymous

      They tally them up just fine.  The trouble comes after that.  When lump-heads like Webster turn to the formula given to all state GOP chairmen (it’s probably printed on Government Sachs letterhead).  The directions for caucuses must read as follows:

      1.  Count the votes (for goodness sakes, in secret!)
      2.  Did Ron Paul win again?  Damn it!
      3.  Plug in Ye-Old-Establishment-Vote-Fixing-Machine (ignore heavy damage from overuse in Iowa and Nevada – we have ordered a bigger model, in case Ron Paul won’t go away!)
      4.  Stand Back – making up votes for Romney and destroying votes for Ron Paul can be dangerous
      5.  Run for a long time if possible.  Use this time to adjust rules if heavy  vote tampering is required.
      5.  Announce another Mitt Obamney victory: don’t forget to explain rule changes if you had to fake more than 20% of the votes
      6.  Smile.  Swell with pride.  You have done your part to condemn the country to more of the same. 
      7.  If it gets too hot in the kitchen, take one for the team and resign (see IA, NV, soon ME)  

      After watching Iowa, Nevada and Maine, I think that about covers it?

      • Anonymous

        Do you really think Ron Paul has any chance of beating President Obama in the general election?

        • Jude Bourff

          I’m a Liberal, ex-Obama volunteer and I am voting for Ron Paul, this time. What Ron Paul and I don’t agree on doesn’t really matter if I’m not free. I don’t know how many others are out there, like me.
          So yeah, he is the ONLY chance against Obama, IMO.

          • I agree, freedom is the most important. The rest of the issues follow suit.  Without freedom it does not matter what you think since you are being spoon fed what they want to tell you.

          • Anonymous

            Ron Paul’s speeches generally include the statement, and I paraphrase..that the pursuit of liberty is the one thing that brings voters together becuase we all want our liberty for different reasons and I don’t care what yours are as long as they don’t infringe on mine.  WHAT A SIMPLE AND AMAZING CONCEPT!  Freedom, prosperity and peace should be something everyone can agree on. 

            States rights will allow you to actually voice your opinion on key issues, rather than the law being handed down by corporate funded lifetime congressional politician jugheads.  Referendum works just fine for me.. Hooraw for the liberals who vote Ron Paul. See you at the polls.

          • Guest

            That wasn’t the question. Nor the answer to it. Just saying.

          • Anonymous

            Im just asking a true question. If  Romney is winning states that he shoudnt be.. but still is I assume is winning over all. How can Paul even stand a chance?… Im a life time Mainer and to be honest. Even if they eventually declare Paul the winner in our state.. Maine.. Really hasnt mattered much in previous elections.. How can Paul win to even stand a chance against Obama ?

          •  Easy, if those that say they would vote for him ….but….. and if the anti Paul’s put their money where their mouth is and vote anybody but Obama. 

          • Guest

            “Anybody but (fill in the name)” has been used for a century to narrow the field to two candidates who are both “acceptable” to the corporate bankster elites. Every “Not (fill in the name)” who was elected to replace an unpopular president (i.e.: Carter) has continued down the big spending government path. Carter was replaced with “The Gipper” who increased military spending and racked up huge defecits and debt. Conservative Hero Reagan also signed a treaty with the Soviet Union that brought Soviet Outcome Based Education into our schools. This is what you get when you vote for the lesser of two evils.

            Liberal presidents push for social issues to divide the population into controlable groups while conservative presidents favor rolling them back (even though it rarely happens). Both liberals and conservatives feed the Military Industrial Complex huge doses of money.

            Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is performing the same experiment over and over and expecting a different result. People who vote for “Anybody but Obama” are asking for more wars, more spending and bigger government intrusion into our personal lives. Ron Paul is the only candidate who will actually cut the cancerous growth out of our government and this is why the corporate Wall Street Banksters are filling the campaign coffers of his opponents with huge sums of cash. WAKE UP People! The only choice they want you to have is no choice at ll!

          •  I totally agree with you.  I’m not one to hold my nose and vote for the lessor of two evils, evil is still evil.   I think all we can hope for is Romney and Santorum knock each other out and since Gingrich is essentially out of the game, that leaves Paul.  This may be the upset of the century. 

            I have no doubt that Santorum will lead us to war quicker than Obama will, although, it looks like Israel isn’t going to give us much choice except Obama is insisting that he won’t help Israel unless Israel asks our permission first. 

            Here’s a conspiracy theory for you.  What if Obama doesn’t want to leave office?  What if pushing us into WWIII will push this country into a national emergency?  What if under a national emergency Obama doesn’t have to go anywhere?   What if Russia joins forces with Iran?  What if Obama reduces our nukes by 30%?  What if China joins Russia and Iran and they collectively kick our butts?  What if it doesn’t matter who’s in office?  What if our elected officials from both sides vote for the Patriot Act, Patriot Act II, NDAA, the 30,000 spy drones in American skies?

            Everyone should watch this video.


          • Anonymous

             Careful you are using logic and the Paul supporters don’t react well to logic.

          • Anonymous

            Also..  As a  self proclaimed Liberal.. Why is it that you support Ron Paul?  I am by no means being snide.. I just would like to know

          • Anonymous

            Everyone is Liberal….. Some are more Conservative, some are more progressive…

            The USA has been Liberal since it’s inception.

          • Anonymous

            You do know that the term “liberal” doesn’t even mean what it originally did (when this country was founded)……..don’t you??

          •  My mother has been a democrat her entire life. She wasn’t a Reagan Dem.. but she’s most definitely a Ron Paul Dem.. :)

          •  And she likes him because of the fiscally conservative, socially liberal appeal he offers.

          • Anonymous

            How in god’s name can someone vote for Obama and then turn around and vote for Paul??! That square just won’t circle, man.

          • Roy

             Its simple..obama feigned  freedom and peace but was a liar.? And you don’t understand that? Newt Gingrich fan? LOL

          • Anonymous

            So you agree with his inspiration Ayn Rand?  That the reason I could never vote for him. But apparently thats just me.

          • You are not alone!

          • Here’s another liberal for Ron Paul. I’ll go with him too, not as a vote for Ron Paul but as a vote against the one party system, (the corprocrats,) that are running the country now.

        • Jeff russel

          very much so he’s the only one that can attack Obama on NDAA
          , patriot act and other civil rights violations because the other candidates support those
          things as much as obama.

        • Anonymous

          Obama ? 
          Why does that matter ? 
          I don’t think Paul has any chance of beating the GOTea Party machine’s “fix”. 

          • Anonymous

            If it doesn’t matter why all the hoopla?

          • Anonymous

            Same as a car wreck. 

            This has been better … more like a train wreck. 

        •  I’m not buying the conspiracy aspect of the previous post, but in answer to your question, absolutely! He’s the only GOP candidate that consistently leads Obama among independents, frequently by 10 points or more. He’ll also pick up the anti-war vote and other Democrats concerned about civil liberties. It’ll be much harder for him to win the nomination than it would be for him to win the general.

        • metor

          Read the polls and you’ll find out instead of shooting your mouth off. The polls show him pulling more votes against Obama than either Gingrich or Santorum. They also show him beating Obama with independent voters. Perhaps Obama could get Charlie Webster to count the votes and then all bets would be off.

          • Guest

              Temper, temper, they were just stating the poll that THEY had read.

          • Anonymous

            And what polls would those be?

            Polls Real Clear Politics

            Rasmussen Reports 2/14-2/15 1000 LV Obama 44% Paul 39% Obama +5
            CNN/Opinion Reporst 2/14-2/13 935 RV Obama 52% Paul 45% Obama +7
            CBS  News/NY Times 278-2/13 1604 RV Obama 50% Paul 39% Obama +11


            I could go on but the polls don’t change.

            So what polls are you reading?

          •  We can’t show you the polls of Ron Paul winning, because the networks took down their polls when Dr. Paul was winning.

            CNBC’s removed poll:

            FOX’s removed poll:

            And that’s just the ones I remember or know about. There is probably more going on that just that.

          • Anonymous

            Oh good grief…

            The CNBC was an unscientific online poll (would you claim a BDN poll was scientific) and about who won a primary debate.

            The infowar “article” first makes reference to a “online GOP presidential candidate poll” and then states “Above is a screen capture of the poll sent by an reader before it disappeared completely.” The screen capture….”Which GOP presidential candidate do you think won the Fox News Goggle debate?”

            So both polls are concerning who won a debate and both are online, unscientific polls.

          • Anonymous

            Oh and here is the link to the disappearing Fox News/Google poll

            And the poll is still open and you can still vote too.

            And this is what the poll says at the bottom of the page “* Please Note: The results of this poll are not scientific” and they shouldn’t be since you can still vote and you every time you open the link it allows you to vote

          • k

            JD , sorry friend but you seem a little fixated on “polls” now i’m not passing judgment on you here or anything i mean, I’m a don’t ask don’t tell kinda guy but……

            hey have you ever thought about this , your centralized media has turned lying to you into an art form, they will then release a completely honest poll? will they?

            the fact is , so called “Democracy” lives or dies on Polls does it?, if the time came Ron Paul would pull many Independents and Democrats votes that never got Polled JD, that’s right they never had the Poll,

            but you have haven’t you ;)

            you seem like a smart guy, your fixation on these polls seems worrying?

            so tell me would you say that in general the information that comes from the Television Media is “Fair and Balanced” or insert any other term, what I’m asking you is do you think that the Television Media are representing reality today in the USA?

            just answer that one question.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t watch network news so I don’t have an opinion on the Television Media in general. I also read the internals to most polls published.

            But so me one national poll that shows Ron Paul in the lead and/or beating Obama in a head to head with likely voters.

            My fixation with polls really isn’t a fixation but a rebuttal to the Paul supporters that believe he is capable of beating Obama and is winning the heart and minds of the American electorate. The polls just do not show this in any way, shape or form.

        •  Hello again
          I not shure if every american voted For DR.RP would  he win.I guess Russa Might be more free then we are. Dr.RP would be a real game changer ,the rest are more of the same.
          I will voet and cross my fingers not much more we can do.

        • Roy

           Odumbo needs to drop the feather from his trunk..HE CANNOT FLY

          • Anonymous

            Who said anything about Obama being able to fly?

          • Tyke

            The same idiots who made up the claim that anyone but people who hate Obama ever called him the Messiah.

    • Tally the votes just how you need ’em apparently.

    • How are they expected to govern a nation if they cant be trusted?

  • Ron Paul vs. Big Brother 2012
    The choice is clear.

    • Anonymous

      Here are the percent of Americans who look favorably upon the current candidates:
      Ron Paul 42%
      Mitt Romney 34%
      Rick Santorum 32%
      Newt Gingrich 25%

      Nevertheless, the GOP will nominate someone who does not have enough appeal outside the Republican party and cannot beat Obama because of it. Ron Paul is the only threat to Obama.

      • Anonymous

        …not according to little jd below!!

        he’s gonna be throwin’ some sweet Rachel Maddow numbers at you in 5..4..3..2..1..

        • Anonymous

          Hey Willie, do you have a math problem? Those are national polling numbers. Paul is a distant 3rd to 4th depending on the poll.

          I have asked several times for polls that show a different tale and someone posted two “missing” polls that were pulled “down” because they showed Paul in the lead. Well both “polls” were online  “polls” of who won a debate. And the Fox News/Google poll is still on line and available for anyone to see. It is also still open for voting too.

          But I don’t expect a man of your knowledge to believe anything that goes against your numbers…oh wait…you don’t have any numbers.

          • Anonymous

            LOL…right on cue!

          • Anonymous

            So Willie do we take it from your lack of polling information that you don’t have anything that tells a different story?

          • Anonymous

            When i wear my tinfoil the polls change and ron is in the lead.

          • Anonymous

            LOL thanks for the good chuckle

      • Ron Paul needs to defeat Big Buisness before he can Beat Big Brother!
        And that ain’t “Ever” gonna Happen!

        • Dlbrt — He can only do so when WE make a conscious decision to help him do so.  You see the problem, now join the millions of Ron Paul supporters who have chosen to become part of the solution.  

      • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

       Ron Paul and I have something in common — neither one of us will ever be president.

  • why is he even wasting peoples money and time? its just not happening

    • Who is “he”? Ron Paul didn’t ask for a recount. The people of Maine did. And it is worth the time because election fraud/incompetence is never a good thing for a republic, like ours.

      • Anonymous

        Jason this isn’t a “recount”. These are caucuses being held after the official caucus period ended.

        • Tyke

          The caucuses real job is to select delegates to the state convention in May. The period to do that has not ended and some caucuses are scheduled for next week.

      • Anonymous

        Rightly so. Tampering with votes, electoral/voter fraud or simply dismissing votes are the hallmark actions of a dictatorship and the American people should be outraged.

  • It’s obvious to everyone that Webster is firmly in Romney’s camp.   You have a margin of a couple of hundred votes, delay Washington County, not report on two others, and then say that the votes won’t count in a recount?   Really?

    • Anonymous

      Get the facts straight. Webster did not delay the Washington county vote. The leaders of the Washington county caucus asked for a delay because of a “snowstorm” that didn’t keep the Girl Scouts home last weekend.

      And how do you vote for anyone or anything after the voting period has ended and the votes counted?

      • metor

        Because the State GOP told them their votes would still count even if they delayed- this coming from the Washington County Leader who is a Romney supporter, so Get your facts straight!

        • Anonymous

          And who told the Washington County leader the votes would count? I heard his interview last Monday morning and he never claimed that he was told the votes would count. He was told they could “postpone” the vote if they wanted to.

          • Roy

             He didn’t say they wouldn’t count..and to have them still caucus the following saturday insinuates that the votes WOULD INDEED COUNT so you got PWNED pal

          • Anonymous

            When was the last time polls were opened back up and people allowed to vote after the declared period for voting was over and a winner declared?

            One word, never.

            This process has been a joke from the start and becomes a bigger joke at every turn…pal

    • Anonymous

      Almost like Romneys claim to $250 million of  investment wealth of which he made $24 million in capital gains last year – a 10% return. Truely, if the stock market was a wash last year and bonds were paying only 2% interest, and fixed income paying 1/2 of 1%   ..  how was it that his return was 10%?.   It’s more likely that he is nearly a $Billionaire or is the head of household with 12,900 dependent kids living with him.

      • Tyke

        Hard to tell with his accounts in the Cayman Islands and secretive Swiss Banks.

  • Anonymous

    I predict that the GOP will cheat on top of the cheat
    and insist Romney is still the winner to save itself from embarrassment
    and “preserve public trust in the elections process” which is
    politick-speak for keeping the Ron Paul supporters in the other states
    from demanding where the missing votes vanished to in Iowa, why there
    were more votes than voters in Nevada, etc. etc. etc. etc.

    But at this point, regardless of who is
    actually declared to be the winner, the sheer scale of the discrepancy
    between the original Maine counts and the new totals has destroyed the
    legitimacy of the GOP, this entire election, and the Federal Government!
    Nothing short of a complete redo of the votes, using paper ballots,
    public hand counts, and total transparency, will bring back trust in
    this government’s elections process.

    • Anonymous

      I’m going with the cockroach theory.. there is never one cockroach.  Romney will pull it out.. just like our two Democrat senators Collins and Snowe who title themselves to be Republicans always win.  Karl Rove has his dirty hands all over this caucus.  The voters never pick the politicians.. the politicians always pick the voters.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t blame the government.  Blame the GOP which, despite their belief’s, is a political party and not the government.

    • They just want someone who will do as he is told!

      It’s been that way since the Reagan years!

    • Superuser23

      The Delegates will just be awarded to Mitt Romney even if for some reason he dropped out, Charlie Webster would still put the delegates to him anyways.

  • We will not forget how the gop is cheating the American people from the first candidate who sounds almost like a founding father, who wants to bring the troops home and take care of America first, cut 1 trillion dollars from the debt the first year and balance the budget by the 3rd year setting America upright again, restoring the dollar. Nobody but Ron Paul!

    • Anonymous

      Tom there is not one national poll that shows Paul beating Obama in a head-to-head contest not one. Conspiracy theories are worthless. Paul has to attract the majority of the voters and he isn’t.

      Here are the national polls that show what I am saying. If you can produce polls that show the opposite, please do.

      • puma_for_life

        Here is a PPP poll; he does not beat him, but then no one else does either but he is within the margin of error: 

        LAKE JACKSON, Texas – 2012
        Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul remains competitive in a head-to-head
        matchup against President Barack Obama according to a new PPP
        Paul wins 41 percent of the vote to Obama’s 49 percent. The Texas Congressman
        is also within the +/- 3 percent margin of error of fellow GOP contenders Rick
        Santorum and Mitt Romney who garnered 44 and 42 percent against the President
        respectively. Paul also does better than Newt Gingrich, who would only win 40
        percent against the President according to the poll.
        Notably, Paul fares the best against Obama among independent voters, trailing
        him by one point, well within the margin of error. In the same match up among
        independents, the President beats Santorum, Romney, and Gingrich by four, nine,
        and 19 points respectively.Here is another poll that shows his favorability rating to be the best of all GOP candidates: JACKSON, Texas– 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron
        Paul is the most-liked GOP candidate according to a new CNN/ORC International poll.

        Paul has a net favorability of +8 compared to rivals Santorum, Romney, and
        Gingrich who have net favorability ratings of – 6, -20, and -38
        Notably, Congressman Paul also has the highest favorability among non-white
        voters, men, women, voters under 50, and independent voters compared to his GOP

        • Anonymous

          But here is the problem. No one is going to beat Obama based on independent voters. They have to garner the majority of the Republican voters, the Independent voters and the moderate Democrat voters. Paul is not and likely can not do that. If he were pulling the majority of the Republican voters then he would be higher in the national polls than 12.3%.

          Even if he went 3rd party he would not win but he would assure the re-election of President Obama. 3rd parties pull more voters away from the Republican party then the Democrat party, that is a fact.

          I am sorry but Paul just doesn’t do it for the majority of the Republican party.

          •  Lol? Really? He can’t attract Republicans? Republicans will vote for ANYONE BUT OBAMA. And he has great favor with Independents, and he’s drawn in MANY democrats that I know. He has appeal all over..

          • Roy

             Right On! Darcy!

          • Anonymous

            I have never read so much fiction in my life surrounding Ron Paul.

            He is polling nationally among Republicans at 12.3% and when he goes head-to-head against Obama, Obama is +8.5% average (with a range between +5 and +11 Obama).

            He isn’t attracting Republican voters. He is not attracting Independent voters. And he certainly isn’t attracting Democrat voters. Those are facts. Sorry that you have difficulty with facts.

          • Since you’re so concerned with facts, here’s one for you:

            This isn’t about one man becoming president. This is about an awakening younger generation of voters who no longer accept establishment swine who regurgitate the tired old mantra of Wilsonian doctrine. This is a revolution of the people, not merely a Presidential election. It’s not your fault you haven’t come around yet. Ron Paul is like calculus, you either get it or you don’t. You either agree with personal liberty, sound monetary policy, limited government and responsible foreign policy or you don’t. Can one who disagrees with these principles consider themselves a true American?

            Ron Paul may very well not win the Presidency or even the nomination. Regardless of the results of the election, every true supporter of Ron Paul will be rejoicing in the fact that more people are drawn together in the name of Liberty than ever have been in the history of our nation.

            The Revolution is growing daily, and you can’t stop us.

          • Anonymous

            Where do you get the opinion that I am trying to stop you? I am doing nothing but stating facts.

            I have not called anyone names either. Unlike some posters. I am not “swine” nor am I regurgitating anything.

            And in case you missed it, President Obama awakened the “younger generation” in 2008 which is one of the reasons he won. Granted, he will not repeat that in 2012 but I doubt any of the current candidates will attract that demographic either.

          • There is a lot more in the Constitution than Liberty!

            States Rights, Congressional Rights, the Right to Tax  and the Right to establish postal roads and post offices, the Right of Congress to regulate commerce, ect ect ect,

            Liberty is mentioned once in a single general phrase .

            It doesn’t trump everything else, and you dont have the Liberty to inflict harm or malice on another or public property.

          • Liberty?

            How is this for Liberty?

            Lobbyist are running the country, Liberty is the war cry for votes, but blind servitude to corporations is the agenda!


          • Anonymous

            LOL….in case you forgot about Bush v. Gore in 2000, elections are not won and lost on the national popular vote, so your national polls and percentage claims are a bit of joke, to say the least.  For instance, Paul does very well in some states and not so well in others.  Claiming he has 12% of the GOP for support is nothing but misleading.  Paul more likely has between 20 and 27% of the GOP vote, and he holds that percentage rock solid, his supporters will NOT waiver.  This is very different from his fellow contenders, whose support waxes and wanes as more and more is revealed about their abject lack of conservative principles.  Meanwhile, Paul’s support gradually grows.

            And your numbers on Paul vs. Obama are bit comical as well.  Claiming that the range goes from 5% to 11% is basically admitting that Paul is essentially tied with Obama at the low end of your range (you need to account for the typical 5% margin of error) and only bested by a few percentage points on the high end of your range.  Basically, your claim that Obama has him by 8.5 percentage points is pure hogwash.

            And your final claim is just another go ’round of the same diversions and half-truths you driveled out in your previous claims.  There are more independents and democrats coming out to support Ron Paul than any other GOP candidate.  There is simply no way to refute this, as it is Paul’s anti-war, pro-freedom stance that attracts converts from the failed democrat side of the aisle.  It is simply foolish to believe that Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich will attract independent or democrat voters with their support of the pro-war, anti-freedom support of the status quo that most of these voters are simply sick and tired of.

            So you can brainwash yourself into thinking what you have posted is “fact”.  But your version of “fact” is about as realistic as Rachel Maddow’s ldaily diatribes about the supposed evil doings of humans who stand for freedom and personal responsibility.  As is Maddow, you are out of touch with reality and do nothing but lend support to the oppressive, anti-freedom measures employed by the powerful, and well ingrained status quo.   

          • Anonymous

            Show me your facts then. Show me the polls that show “independents and democrats coming out to support Ron Paul than any other GOP candidate”.

            Here are my facts and where are yours?

          • Anonymous

            Real Clear?  LOL…so Conservative-leaning main stream media “polling” outlets are now considered “fact”…hmmm….well, OK then, I guess these columns are all fact then using that logic




            etc. etc. etc.  …there’s hundreds more like it, just search for it.  So what are we supposed to believe, a national poll released by the corporate status quo supporting outlets of RCP, Rasmussen, CNN, CBS, Fox News etc., or should we utilize the internet to its fullest and look to the thousands of independent reporting outfits around the country who are pretty much repeating the same narrative regarding Paul’s appeal to both independents and democrats?

            The FACT of the matter is that if the GOP would actually support the truly conservative candidate in the race, being the one who is most interested in conserving the American tradition of human freedom and limited government, they would find that he is also the most appealing to those in the middle and on the other side of the aisle, who are most needed to defeat Obama in November. 

          • Anonymous

            your facts are not facts. He’s polling second nationwide… Leading in non binding delegates and is one of two candidates that polls show can beat Obama. Stop drinking the Bill O’Reilly coolaid. 

          • Anonymous

            “your facts are not facts.”

            Really. I can back up every single piece of information regarding polling data I have posted. Can you?
            “He’s polling second nationwide…”

            Really, prove it.
            “Leading in non binding delegates”

            What? Can you prove that statement. Here are the states to date with non-binding awarded

            Iowa Romney 6, Santorum 7, Paul 0
            Minnesota Romney 2, Santorum 17, Gingrich 1, Paul 4
            Colorado Romney 9, Santorum 17, Gingrich 2, Paul 1
            Maine Romney 8, Paul 7

            Hmmmm Romney 25, Santorum 41, Gingrich 3, Paul 12 and you claim Paul is “Leading in non binding delegates”. You might want to take a math course because the facts don’t back up your claim.
            “and is one of two candidates that polls show can beat Obama.”

            Proof please.
            “Stop drinking the Bill O’Reilly coolaid”

            Don’t need to…don’t watch or listen to him

          •  enough trolling and stop using the word facts. You are doody talking.

          • Anonymous

            LOL I see we have another Ron Paul supporter that is having difficulty dealing in facts and truths.

            Do you have the polls that Paul supporters keep referring to that show him beating Obama and is leading all candidates nationally?

            The only polls that have been offered have shown him “winning” debates and those were online, unscientific ones that allow people to “vote” multiple times.

            So where are your facts that will disprove what I have offered?

          •  They might be referring to this:

            I thought I saw some others previously, tho restricted to one state if I recall.

          • Anonymous

            Paul came in 2nd in the NH Democratic primary….as a write-in!,_2012

          • Roy

             If Paul is the nominee the GOP will vote for him via the (anyone but obama card)..the independents will vote for him (ron paul is loved by the indies)  and the youth will vote for him… that in my mind makes up a MAJORITY,,, The only problem is..the GOP is so into itself and its power it fails to see this logic and make the correct choice of backing Dr Paul…pure idiocy

          • Anonymous

            First he needs to win a few states with delegates. And big swing states like PA, FL, OH, etc…not states like ME and NV. If he cannot start winning swing states he has no hope of pulling off the largest upset in modern political history.

          • Anonymous

            Absolutely wrong….he needs delgates, winning states helps but at the end of the day, delegates matter, especially when there is potential for a brokered convention

            The Paul campaign has talked at length about their strategy.  It’s a shame that half-wits such as yourself have trouble actually understanding the primary/caucus strategy.  There is a LONG way to go in this race and claiming Paul needs to win states outright or he’s done, simply points out your lack of understanding in the matter. 

          • Anonymous

            “Absolutely wrong” and then you post the same thing I did. LOL you don’t even know what you are typing.

            Oh, I wouldn’t be calling anyone a “half-wit” with a screen name of WilWhipple

          • Anonymous

            “If he cannot start winning swing states he has no hope”

            Hardly the same as what you said chief…or shall I say, chief of the half-wits

            again, you emphasize he needs to win states, I emphasize he needs to win delegates…it’s rather clear what you stated and what you stated was wrong. It does not reflect the over all strategy of the Paul campaign, hence your missing the mark with comments on FL, NV, and OH 

          • Anonymous

            Willie, maybe you should stop posting as your total lack of knowledge is showing.

            How does a candidate gain delegates? Is it not by winning states? If you win states aren’t you awarded delegates as a result?

            So if winning states and delegates “does not reflect the over all strategy of the Paul campaign” what is the strategy to win the GOP nomination oh wise one?

          •  JD,  You just displayed your lack of knowledge of the GOP Primary process.  Some states “bind” delegates to the winner of the state, such as Florida.  Florida was a “winner take all” state, so all delegates were bound to (or “won” by) the candidate with the largest vote total in the state.  Other states have different methods of awarding (binding) delegates. 

            Click on a state to get an idea about how delegates are awarded or “bound” to a candidate.

            If the state holds a “presidential preference poll” (such as Iowa), then the delegates to the convention in Tampa are not “bound” to a candidate.  In this case it comes down to which supporters understand the process and are committed enough to stay after the straw poll to conduct party business.  This business is electing precinct delegates to the county convention to further conduct party business.  At the county convention, county delegates are elected to attend the state convention.  At the state convention, state delegates are elected to attend the National convention in Tampa.

            The delegates to the national convention are the ones that decide the nomination and they are made up of people who stayed after the straw poll at the first stage.  Some of the state delegates are set by their position in the part, such as the state GOP chair, vice-chair, etc… and they are generally no bound in any state by the presidential preference poll.

            So, if the state delegates are not “bound” by the results of the presidential preference poll then they vote for the nominee based on whatever criteria they want.  They can vote for the winner of the poll, or they may vote for the oldest, youngest, tallest,.. whatever they want.


          • Anonymous

            “JD,  You just displayed your lack of knowledge of the GOP Primary process.  Some states “bind” delegates to the winner of the state, such as Florida.  Florida was a “winner take all” state, so all delegates were bound to (or “won” by) the candidate with the largest vote total in the state.  Other states have different methods of awarding (binding) delegates.”

            See that’s what happens when you jump into the middle of the debate. I am well aware of the primary/caucus process. Maine is a state that does not “bind” there delegates to a candidate. If that is the case why bother?

            A candidate has to “win” (awarded, etc…) a certain number of delegates to win the nomination at the convention.

            So what is Paul’s plan to gain the GOP nomination if it isn’t winning states that award delegates?

          • Guest

            hahaha, to much wvom for you!!! Take a day off and listen to the Pulse and you will find real inteviews and a good laugh.. I guess you can’t listen to them while you are working… I myself prefer an honest election.. Delegates that support Ron Paul from Maine with be there to vote for him, in the end… You guys just can’t handle that people are waking up..  If it wasn’t for the battle for the last dime, most people would be still asleep.CGSKCS

          • Anonymous

            Hmmmm…maybe I should listen to The Pulse instead of WVOM….LOL I do.

            7-9 The GH/RT Shoe WVOM
            9-10 Pat LaMarche (sp?) and company where they might have 1-2 phone calls an hour The Pulse
            10-12 Stephanie Miller Show (fart jokes and all) The Pulse
            12-6 Ed Schultz and company The Pulse
            3-5 or 6 Howie Carr WVOM

            And here is a typical interview on The Pulse

            The Pulse – Your doing a great job Senator/Representative/Labor Leader for the people of America/Maine/Union members
            Interviewee – Why thank you Pat, Stephanie, Ed and so are you standing up for the people of America/State/Union member

            The Pulse – So tell our radio listeners, what do you think of the Presidents position on ____ (fill in the blank)
            Interviewee – Well, the President is absolutely correct in his position. The Republicans just do not understand the importance of _____ (fill in the blank).

            The Pulse – Well what do you expect from them (insert fart joke and sound effects in the case of Miller’s “show”)
            Interviewee – *chuckle* Well you certainly understand what we are up against.

            And so the “interview” goes on and on. Until it ends with more pats on the back and mutual platitudes.

          •  On Nov. 6, the majority of Republicans are going to vote for the candidate with the “R” next to his name on the ballot. If that same candidate just happens to be Ron Paul, a goodly portion of Independents and disillusioned Democrats are going to vote for him, too. Neither Romney nor Santorum will get those votes.

    • The Founding Fathers?

      That was around the late 1700’s ,

      This is 2012!

      We dont have slaves and ride horses to the plantation anymore or did you notice?

      •  Last time I checked, the Constitution was still supposed to be the supreme law of the land. Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who seems to recognize that.

        • Ron Paul doesn’t have the Mental capacity to understand it!

          He thinks Ayn Rand wrote it!

          • Guest

             Hey! What’s wrong with Ayn Rand.

  • Why and how the Maine caucus mess matters:

    • Anonymous

      Posting on here so people will read your liberal blog?

      • Jude Bourff

        Information is information. People can read it or ignore it, I would think.

      • Anonymous

        Even I figured out what she’s doing lol

  • Guest

    Too bad RINO Romney was named the winner….. :-(
     *No gun rights
     *No medical rights
     *No US jobs

    Might as well keep the crook thats in, they’re both the same

    • Anonymous

      No, no no.. It’s time to re-register to the Libertarian Party and make your November vote count.  Libertarian is the party of  personal liberty, constitutional rights, balanced budgets, hard currency, limited government. It’s a choice that the college youth are joining in droves .. a choice for the self-sufficient, a choice of those that can vision the ugly future of the status quo delivered by RINO’s and Democrats and want a real change.

      • Guest

        In the end, if none of the candidates dont want to comment on the wrong doings of Obama in Northern Maine, then I just wont vote….

  • Anonymous

    Its kinda of funny that the “terms of service” for posting comments here, sounds much like Ron Paul’s Campaign and Foreign Policy… I wish more Americans would wake up and take a stand against this oppresive government. RP or NONE!

  • Anonymous

    The GOP will discount all caucuses to crown Mr Romney. The GOP us controlling the national message via Mr Romney and the State chairs as well as most GOP Governors. While some focus on Maine the pressure and money is hammering the next 13 states and the 117 super delegates

  • Anonymous

    The Republican Party have become Mafia Thugs to rule through Voter Fraud. No one will ever trust a Republican Party vote again. Ron Paul Won and every one knows it. Romney has become just a mere CROOK.

    • Anonymous

      We must also remind all the Paul LePage liberal haters out there.   Paul LePage was  not the choice of the mainstream Republicans, they wanted Steve Abbott.  The true Mainer knows how to think for him/herself, we will not be bullied, by either party or the social liberal/progressives in this state. 

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but LePage STILL got elected.

        • Anonymous

          Yep and he will be reelected, people in Maine aren’t going to be duped by either party.  We look at the person and Paul LePage is our man.  Stay in there Ron Paul just maybe the rest of the country will become free thinkers like we Mainers.

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t Ron Paul supporters start a new party? What are they afraid of?

      • puma_for_life

        Why don’t the neocons start a new party since, according to them, Ron Paul supporters are taking over the GOP.  If that makes them so insane they will conduct fraudulent elections across the country, maybe they could  start a  new party called the Bush Family Party.

        • Anonymous

          The totally paid for crazy clown republican party isn’t a place where a so called sane candidate should be associating him/her-self.
          Said candidate(s) should completely separate themselves from such corruption and give the voters a clear choice.
          Transparency and honesty in government. Sounds rediculous doesn’t it?

        • Les

          Deadly. The fellows that must cheat to win are the fringe. Let Rove/Romney/Bush win an election under the neocon flag rather than a party that’s dishonored by their association.

      • Roy

         Why doesn’t the GOP admit what it really is and leave Dr Paul’s republican party..since he  is the only true republican among the rest of them which are bought and payed for by the banks

        • Ron Paul is the GOP’s worst enemy, he actually wants to practice the ideals that the GOP uses to sell themselfs with!

  • Anonymous

    Watch the vote is showing a last caucus  for March 3rd 930am emerson hall Castine Hancock county .
    Is that true?

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    It is really basics of popular vote system, you don’t cast anymore ballots to “popular vote” totals after the totals have been published, especially after weeks of the vote publishing. If Ron Paul gets ahead, maybe they should have new caucus in the most Romney friendly areas so that Romney supporters really have opportunity to bring up the turnout, because they are highly motivated, because they know that the totals are so close and the winner is determined by them.

    Maybe these caucuses should have followed the rules and have the caucuses between Feb 4 – 11.

    Ron Paul got 8 votes out of Washington County in 2008, no way he would have gotten 200 more votes than Romney there this year, if the caucus had been held on Feb 11.

    I guess there is slight chance if all this noise causes Washington county turnout to be huge compared to what it would have been if it had been on Feb 11 and gives Paul unfair advantage, but I don’t think that is going to happen either.

    The the turnouts for each Maine county were in 0.2-0.6% range of total county population compared to population. Most rural counties similar to Washington had turnout range in the lower end of that range. 0.6% of Washington’s population is just barely votes 200 votes, and no county did any candidate get over 60% of vote.

    So there is no way Ron Paul would have won it by over 200 votes on last Saturday, if he gets there 200 votes more than Romney this weekend it is because of unnatural turnout of party poopers, and unnatural tactical voting based on the information acquired after Feb 11, not what it would have been on Feb 11, not natural result.

    The good thing is that whether to add these results or not to the totals can’t be decided before the March 10 Republican State Committee meeting , so even if there is some unnatural turnout, it wont be added before that, and not even then if they so decide.

    Rules say that if you want to have straw poll, and have the results added to the total state straw poll results, the caucuses has to be between Feb 4 – 11. You can select the precinct delegates anytime you want until that March 20, but the straw poll has to be between Feb 4 -11.

    • The caucuses were supposed to be held between February 4 and February 18 and all results were to be announced on February 18.  This is what I learned from a lady who works in the GOP.  This was all agreed two months before February 4.  

      Webster changed the schedule at the last moment and announced that the count would be made on February 11 and that the caucuses held after that date would not be counted.  On the morning of February 11 the GOP official for Washington County Chris Gardner postponed the caucus until February 18 on the pretext that heavy snow was expected.  He said later he was assured  by Webster that the votes would be counted.  

      The votes of the caucuses held on February 4 were not all included in the final count.  One caucus chairman in Waldo called the GOP office to determine what the votes were from his caucus that were to be included in the count.  He was given the numbers and told the lady they were wrong.  She demurred on the issue but retracted when the chairman told her they had counted the votes in public, against the instructions from Webster who wanted them kept secret, so she promised to have them checked again and corrected.  They then appeared in the final count as zero.

      It is probably material that Charlie Webster is a Romney operative and Chris Gardner is a  Romney supporter.  It was important for Romney to win Maine and so they made it happen.  They were being loyal party stalwarts in their own minds and believe that Romney is the best nominee for the party.   It is obvious that he has been chosen as the nominee by the establishment and they are using all their tricks to make it so.  

      This time around however they are being watched and they are not as clever as they think.  They have not been caught in the past so they are over confident.  This is their weakness and I predict that before this primary season ends some officials in the GOP hierarchy will be shuffling into court in shackles.

      • This is what you “learned from a lady who works in the GOP.”  So it’s hearsay.  Post proof .

        • Anonymous

          They won’t.

      • CPPray

        Charlie Webster, don’t you just love the guy?  It’s the GOP bringing their style of democracy to America, town by town.  Limit the vote, don’t count the votes, don’t save the ballots, announces the results the way he wanted them.  Just think, next time he can announce them before they meet so the rank and file every day Republicans can know how they voted before they go to the caucuses.

    •  I wasn’t aware Romney supporters were barred from coming out to vote…

  • Anonymous

    The weekend run of Paul Revered !

  • Anonymous

    Charlie Webster and Kevin Raye just as may stick their heads in the ground so they won’t hear all of this.    Or,  perhaps,  even apologize.   Webster should resign,  not only is he an embarassment to the repulblican party,   he’s making the whole state look  foolish.

  • Anonymous

    Pledge of Allegiance ? To who, the Romney Thugs ? Certainly not to America and the Constitution. The Republicans threw the Constitution in the Trash with their brand of Romney Voter Fraud.

  • G

     Excuse me, but the Maine G.O.P 2012 Caucus information/rules state:  ALL CAUCUSES MUST BE HELD BY MARCH 20, 2012….AND ‘Republican Party is “encouraging” all municipal committees to hold their caucuses between February 4th and 11th’.  In that reading, Maine has the right to hold caucuses up to March 20, 2012.  So why shouldn’t ALL the votes be included in the final tally????

    – January 16, 2012Posted in: Party Matters

    Important Information Relating to Municipal Caucuses

    • Each qualified political party (Democratic, Green Independent and
    Republican)* must hold a biennial municipal caucus in at least one
    municipality in a minimum of 14 counties for the purpose of electing
    delegates to a state convention and for any other business. (Title 21-A,

    • All caucuses must be held by March 20, 2012.
    o The Maine Democratic Party will hold all municipal caucuses on Sunday, February 26th.
    o The Maine Republican Party is encouraging all municipal committees to hold their caucuses between February 4th and 11th.
    (The Maine Republican Party will post the time, date and location of
    municipal caucuses as soon as they are known). Please refer to the
    Maine Republican party web site for further information in your area:
    o The Maine Green Independent Party has not provided our office with
    information regarding its caucus as of the time of this mailing.


  • The plot thickens:  Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Maine all show signs of vote adjustment in favour of Mr. Romney.  He has clearly not wasted his time between 2008 and now in making friends in high places in the GOP.  

    • Tyke

      He has more than a quarter of a billion dollars.

      Just a very small fraction of his fortunate would buy a lot.

      •  Romney is a pauper compared to John Kerry

        • Tyke

          I think you are confusing Senator Kerry’s wife’s wealth (which his prenup keeps him from ever accessing) with Kerry’s own personal wealth. Kerry is estimated to be worth less than Romney is.

  • Anonymous

    They’re still gonna cheat cheated in the end. It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes.

  • “In East Machias, it’s standing room only in the Washington Academy gymnasium as Washington County Republicans hold their county-wide caucus after it was postponed a week ago by a snowstorm.”

    I saw a video of Chris Gardner saying he was told to postpone a week because of a snow prediction of 3-4″ (Maine is not use to snow?). He also said he was told by Webster that they could caucus and it would count. But to be simply accurate, looking at NOAA history, there was no prediction of a snowstorm, and there was no snowstorm. So to say it was postponed by a snowstorm, in this article, is not accurate.

    Also, there was 8 inches of snow in 2008 when Wash. Co. held their caucus back then. Just throwing this in to correct that statement in this article, and reset perception.

    • As a short caveat, I will not be surprised, that as it all shakes out, the final “count” will have Mitt still winning but by a smaller margin to placate people (like the swap from Mitt to Rick in IA, even though 8 major precinct votes still just couldn’t be found). 

      If people won’t swallow the pablum, just alter the flavor and move on, business as usual.

    • Anonymous

      Saturday, in Eastport, we had 6-8 inches of snow. We had some nice white out conditions in the afternoon, and it was a winter wonderland.  You must not have been around here on Saturday, so if I was you I wouldn’t spread lies.

      • Anonymous

        The Girl Scouts made it out successfully last Saturday.

        • Anonymous

          Where were there any girlscouts? Why do you say this? What does that mean? It was snowing in Eastport, blizzard-like conditions in the afternoon.  I didn’t see any Girl scouts. Why is this relevant?

        • Anonymous

           What do you mean??? It was snowing with near blizzard-like conditions in Eastport last Saturday. What Girl Scouts? Do you have a point? There were no Girl Scouts out in Eastport. What are you talking about?

      • Anonymous

        Here is the forecast from WCHS6 last Saturday morning at 8:37 AM.

        “This winter it’s been very hard to get a “good” Nor’easter track into
        New England, so as a result we were very pessimistic about today’s
        event. Sure enough, I woke up this morning and the track of the storm
        had shifted a bit further east…lessening the impact on Maine. There
        are some years I would have been concerned the storm might push further
        west and really wallop us. This isn’t one of those years.”

        “Snow will be light and confined to mostly coastal Maine and southern New
        Hampshire this morning. The heavier precipitation will remain well
        offshore and fall harmlessly over the ocean. There is even a bit of rain
        mixed in along the Downeast coast, but that will change back over to
        snow as colder air pours in from the northwest.”

        “By this afternoon, some of the heavier bands will work into Downeast
        Maine, but that will be the only area clipped with that moisture.”

        I cannot find one site to substantiate you claim of 6-8 inches of snow. Besides, when did “Mainers” huddle inside when Mother Nature gave us a dusting.

        • cleanearth

          People who don’t think we had much snow here in coastal Washington County should have been here – it was a blizzard for hours and then turned into freezing rain which turned to ice which is still here all around.

          I have studded snow tires, but didn’t even go to the post office.  It was a serious storm.

    • Anonymous If you look at the map and article here, Accuweather was predicting 3-5 inches as part of a coastal snow storm. We got more.

    • Anonymous

      If that was the same Chris Gardner that was on WVOM Monday morning saying he “asked for permission to postpone the vote because of the snowstorm” and that “it was a good thing we did because it hit just as the caucuses would have been meeting”, was he lying then or now when he claims he was “told to postpone” the caucus?

      • I have no idea,, I only saw him on the video, saying he had been lied to.
        Looking at weather history for Machias, ME (Washington County) for the entire week before the scheduled caucus, 00.0 inches precipitation. 40F on Thurs., 42F on Friday.

      • Anonymous

        Is that you Ric?

        • Anonymous

          Ric? Let me check….nope.

  • [When the microphone was offered to a supporter of Rick Santorum, no one came forward….] Gee, where did they all go? LOL go Ron Paul!!

  • Anonymous

    Things like this remind me why I don’t belong to any political party or have any want to become involved with the political process.

    • Anonymous

      Things like this should remind you of why you NEED to become involved with the political process! Remember: 
      All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing

      • CPPray

        Oh so true

      • Anonymous


  • Obama is that guy who changed his mind that torture is OK, wars are cool, Guantanamo is not so bad, enslave the next generation with debt guy, right?

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget the drones.  NY Times had a story today that by 2015 we’ll have drones everywhere, with infrared looking for pot growers, etc.  Some are as small as hummingbirds.  Liberty?  Privacy?  Things of the past.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! Now that Ron Paul won the caucus a week after the scheduled event. He’ll win the November 06 election too… A week later…When Hancock and Washington county counts the votes…

    • Hello My fellow American’s
      The most we can do For The Great Dr.Ron Paul . Feet on the Pavement. I bought 900 Dr.RP
      Super Brochures. I spent 3  hours Walking the Neighborhood. 1 To Lower my Blood Sugar and for Exercise,and last but not least to Educate way DR.RP is the only Acceptable One
      HONESTY    Is the Main Issue. I tell people his vote in congress Matches his talk on the Trail. On the issue of the Newsletters,I tell them they were written by James B Powell and onle 2 Issues out of 240 printed delt with Black and Gay Topics.  I was at a church and spoke to people outdoors About Jesus the man of peace who would vote for DR.RP based on defensive war only and when approved by Congress And in line with the US CONSTITUTION.   AS a Aside when Reading Posts on line there was a Lady saying what Nice Teeth and hair Romster Has. I replied and with the help of The TSA we will find out if he wears GOLDEN Shorts or Briefs and what size  his  Meet Muppet is.  {I cleaned That one UP}also
      google THE MONEY MASTERS,also  THE SECRET OF OZ and media Exposed google
      “ORWELL ROLLING IN HIS GRAVE.    I am still amazed how some people do not know who DR.RP is.  I will Be meeting with a DR.RP group to Talk about  how we may help DR.RP
      I have donated several times to his Money Bomb and only regret I could not give more.
      But I am good at walking and talking. Not by telling anyone who to vote for but to research how good DR.RP’s  record is compared to the others.  If does not even matter if he is the selected one since all 50 states will give the option of writing in your choice. How rigged the machines might be is a horse of another color. Keep the faith and with a real drive for the cause we can make it happen.

  • Conley Raye

    Wonder what charlie is thinking now ?  Maybe how to avoid the slammer. Other things will continue to come to light, I’m sure.  We need to do away with the parties and everyone vote for the brightest not the richest. Washington needs to be redone, now.  

  • Anonymous

    Webster should resign for being a buffoon and botching this thing so badly.

  • I wonder how many other states Romney has done this in ? If he would cheat on his taxes….need I say more ?

  • Anonymous

    Why would Maine’s GOP chairman, Charlie Webster call the caucus results the way he did, other than to make national headlines for Mitt Romney unethically and wrongfully.

    This GOP fiasco is not something grownups I know participate in.  Is there a mob mentality that needs serious ethics training?

    These Republicans need to clean up their own house before they blame people they know nothing about for voter fraud!

    What has the ethical republicans done to remove the corrupt GOP chairman, Charlie Webster – anything?

  • Anonymous

    How can the birthplace of the first American Naval Vessel And Battle 1775 Machias Liberty be discounted from voting. Those who first died for our rights descendents – denied the very right.

  • GOP gangsters need to step down.  These are what public hangings are for.

  • Ron Paul is the only one I have seen being consistent. He also is not bashing other candidates, while focusing on his message!

  • Jeff russel

    Its a shame the vote numbers from many of the previous are reported completely wrong and fudged

  • CPPray

    Its looks like Florida vote counting has made it to Maine — we’ll never ever know who won

    • Osama Obama Biden (Bi)n La(den)
      One coincidence? Two coincidences?
      The odds of the president’s and vice president’s last names combined having the same 9 consecutive letters as the name of the most wanted terrorist is over 5 trillion to 1.

      With the media in on the last election, it’s why Sarah Palin was added to the McCain ticket. They had no intention of winning. Why do you think Republicans gained so many seats in the last midterm? Sarah and McCain were part of a coup. Obama was turned after he won the election to take down those who make up the “organized community” that he spoke about. The link in my name exposes the biggest cover up in history.

      • Peter Lang

        (Rich)  Santorum

      • CPPray

        I think you have too much time on your hands.  

      • Tyke

        The link in your name is a phishing attempt.

  • It doesn’t matter what the vote comes out too unless every county is transparent on count.  They already rigged the count on there spread sheets.  They are going to have Romney win no matter what the true numbers show, we have already seen the fraud in all these elections.  Including 2008 and acorn, how can we trust the voting machines when we know Obama’s crony’s SEIU are tallying the votes.  It takes 10 seconds to rig the machines.   

    • Tyke

      You win the prize for the most outrageous conspiracy theory, congratulations!!!

      Obama, SEIU and Acorn rigged the votes in the Maine Republican caucus???

      Oh dear, I haven’t laughed so hard in months. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    The inspirational message for Ron Paul supporters was “Not R-money.”  That message will be carried next by Santorum in Michigan and Arizona, by Gingrich and Santorum on Super Tuesday and by President Obama in the fall campaign. 

  • Why Dr Paul wasn’t declared the winner?
    America, the new third-world country in need of international watch at voting precincts.

  • metor

    Reply to 200jd8jd He said independent voters. You have to look at a poll where they included persons registered as independent voters.

  • metor
    • Anonymous

      Very interesting poll. The +/- was 3% and it was registered voters (typically likely voters is a better sample).

  • O D Irony

    Of course, this is assuming that the last released set of numbers from the State GOP are accurate. If you look at them, some of the city/town votes are given sums that literally don’t add up. Also, numbers reported on the first release now have magically disappeared. And oddly enough, it only happened to Ron Paul.

  • It is sad that so many of us can no longer trust the people counting the votes. As the saying goes it is not who you vote for but who is counting the votes that counts. 

  • Thank you for your in depth coverage.  We can regret that the colleges there had gone out of session yesterday, but can’t run history over to see if it would have made a difference.  I appreciate the detail you give, however.

  • Anonymous

    The strategy is not to let Ron Paul claim victory for one single state. At least the people have stopped pretending that election rigging and vote fraud doesn’t or couldn’t exist.

    I predict the screaming will get louder each state that’s stolen from Ron Paul. I believe he won Iowa and maybe some others too.  But like Ron Paul himself has said, it’s really about the delegates.

    They don’t want us to know just exactly how massively popular Ron Paul is in every state across America. And he’s gaining supporters every day.

  • Anonymous

    Well, we’ll never know who really won.

  • I’m glad to hear the GOP is recounting the Maine vote .  I’ve read that now South Carolina results are being investigated for irregularities too.
    We already know that in Nevada, more votes were cast than voters and Iowa lost so many votes, they can’t say who won.
    I read that Maine GOP Chairman, Charlie Weber, blames his spam filter for errors in releasing a correct vote tally last week.  This seems contrary to statements Charlie made last week that “there’s no way to recount. These were just slips of paper that were thrown away after.  There’s nothing to recount. There’s no ballots left” 

    Is this a case of incompetence (as Charlie Weber would like you to believe) or corruption and election fraud?

  • Anonymous

    I think election 2012 will be the beginning of the end for the Republican party the way we know it now, they will split off into radical fringe parties leaving only some sensible fiscal conservatives behind.

  • what about the 17 counties that were voted as “zeroes”?? Wheres Ron Paul’s votes there? …this campaign for a GOP candidate is beginning to stink –and stink bad!

    • Tyke

      17 Maine counties were listed as zeroes?



  • Well, this has been fun, sort of like a sitcom.


    • Anonymous

      What do you call the BDN?

  • Anonymous

    Where is Ross Perot when we need him most?

  • Roy

    If Paul is the nominee the GOP will vote for him via the (anyone but
    obama card)..the independents will vote for him (ron paul is loved by
    the indies)  and the youth will vote for him… that in my mind makes up
    a MAJORITY,,, The only problem is..the GOP is so into itself and its
    power it fails to see this logic and make the correct choice of backing
    Dr Paul…pure idiocy

  • Roy

    I guess Dr Paul should have run as a dem and just bypassed the whole GOP fiasco? Since republicans and dems are apparently the same thing now..Im just sayin

  • Roy

     Ross Perot is NOT anywhere near Dr Paul…

  • Roy

    “ITS NOT FRAUD…WE ARE JUST DUMB” *wink wink*  and Incompetent…REALLY? The only dumb and incompetent ones are the people who believe this nonsense…

  • ever wonder how a candidate (ron paul) puts at least 1500 people in a room EVERY TIME HE SPEAKS  yet hasn’t won a state?…..well…i’ve got your answer…..VOTE FRAUD…

  • Anonymous

    Maine is just one of many recent contests where cheating ruled the day! The establishment GOP is so afraid of Ron Paul they have totally adopted the third world banana republic model for this election cycle! The big question is ARE YOU GOING TO JUST TAKE IT?

    A CALL TO ALL WHO LOVE LIBERTY – if you haven’t already joined the republican party DO SO – just long enough to vote in a GOP primary or GOP caucus or fully preform GOP delegate duties for RON PAUL! After that – DROP THE PARTY LIKE A HOT ROCK! The swine in the RNC of the GOP are criminals and gangsters – HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS!


    You won’t have to be a member of the GOP to either vote for Ron Paul as the official nominated choice or write him in etc. Regardless DROP THE PARTY AND LEAVE THEM TO BLEED AND DIE! The GOP is not worthy of decent liberty loving Americans! USE THE SYSTEM TO IMPLODE THESE GANGSTERS! LEAVE THEM WITH THEIR JUNK WAVING IN THE BREEZE!!

    If this plan is done – they will loose easily over 25 -30 % of their membership  and CEASE TO BE A FACTOR IN AMERICAN POLITICAL LIFE! IT COULDN’T HAPPEN TO A NICER PACK OF CRIMINALS!

    • Oregon is a closed state and in order for my vote to count for Ron Paul, I had to change my party affiliation. Both Dems and Repubs are corrupt and once the vote is completed, I will change my party status again. You are obviously awake and I am over joyed to see that. I just wish more would wake up.

  • Anonymous

    Just remember this when the Maine Dem’s load the deck for the national convention with Super delegates; there is no room for independence or diversity with them running the show.

  • Not surprised, they voted for leplaque too.  They’d better stock up on lobster helper and save their cash for their new 4X4, oops, maybe they will have to pay for their own heat like Ron would want them to instead of the rest of the state paying for them.  I would really like them to pay for themselves, tired of supporting them.  Going to the market with hundreds on their food stamp cards, amazing and they pretend they can take care of themselves, HA  They’ve been living off the state as long as I can remember

    • Anonymous

      If your a Dr. Paul supporter then surely you realise Dr. Paul doesn’t want to cut people off, he want’s to create jobs for a fair days pay for a fair days work mentality’ so people are able to gain some self reliance and non dependence on the state for hand outs by investing in the people rather than wasteful government departments..

      • Harry H Snyder III

        He’s not a Ron Paul supporter, he’s a troll… look at his handle. 

        That’s the Romney tactic throw a truck-load of mud and some will probably stick.

  • Anonymous

    Portland votes, count ’em, announce the winnah. Nobuddy cares about the rest of the state

  •  The Republican Party better be VERY AFRAID of that idea! So had the American people, because it means 4 more years of Obama! In the end, those of us who support Paul, would rather him win the Republican nomination so that the Republicans can take back the Whitehouse now instead of enduring four more years of slavery! However, every single one of us is prepared to follow the long road to regaining liberty in America, and if we have to continue to reform the Republican Party to do it, and once again hold them back from a win in 2012, as we did in 2008, then so be it! I did not vote for John McCain! I did not vote for Obama! Although I did vote for every other position and ballot issue in that race! We are not done. If you are Republican make it easy on yourselves, VOTE FOR RON PAUL! Save America, and Save the Constitution of the United States! Otherwise, 4 more years of the Obaminator!

    • Anonymous

      The past 4 years have not been slavery. If you want anyone to take you seriously, don’t make such ridiculous and offensive statements.

      • Harry H Snyder III

        You obviously have not been watching and are not informed.  We have lost more constitutional protections under Obama than under George Bush.  Don’t take my word for it look it up.  The military can now arrest US citizens on US soil, and hold them indefinitely without court appearance.

        Obama is a traitor to the US way of life and our constitution… BUT is anyone surprised?

        • Anonymous

          Given this country’s history with slavery, anyone with even a 3rd grade level knowledge of history knows that the past 4 years have in no way come close to constituting slavery. 

          • Harry H Snyder III

            You can be a slave without being in chains, black, or on a cotton plantation.  The German people became “slaves” to an ideology.  It CAN happen here too.

          • Anonymous

            Of course, I realize that. But you’ve just made another extreme example. The past 4 years have in no way been comparable to slavery. To say that is pure stupidity.

  • Video of the announcement of Ron Paul’s victory today in Washington County-

  • Anonymous

    Romney found out he couldn’t buy the election and he was right…..So he tries to steal it and it doesn’t seem to be working either… After this caucus I will look at Romney supporters with a feeling of apprehension and will zip up my purse and distance myself.

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s desperate for people to read her POINT OF VIEW.  

  • I believe 100 % Ron Paul win this state, because of GOP elite they will miscount the votes in favor of Mitt Robama.  It makes no-never-mind because Ron Paul has all the delegates from maine….LOL 

  • Anonymous

    there was definitely a snowstorm in washington county last saturday-6-8 inches and ice on top. not fit for travel. even sunday a.m. roads still not safe over 30 mph.  after acorn and two stolen elections,  excellent to finally have some coverage of the real travesty: high level rove inspired/machinated VOTE fraud. NOT the votER FRAUD that ‘newspaper of record’ the new york times’ prefers to call the problem. THEY DON’T KEEP THE PEOPLE INFORMED, but rather, led by the nose. 

    • Tyke

      … and yet the3 Girl Scouts did not cancel their event.

      • Anonymous

        Had my daughter been in Girl Scouts, I would not have driven out that afternoon.

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Saturday, February 18, 2012 10:09 PM
        Subject: [bdn] Re: Ron Paul scores big wins in Hancock and Washington County but statewide count doesn’t top Romney

        Tyke wrote, in response to thymesup:
        … and yet the3 Girl Scouts did not cancel their event.
        Link to comment

        • Harry H Snyder III

          I drove to Washington Academy from Whiting village (about 14 miles) and although my car has no snow tires, I had no difficulty.

  • The New York Times has an informative interactive map of The Geography of Government Benefits on a county by county basis.  So here is Washington County going strongly for Ron Paul, who is adamantly opposed to government programs, receiving $12,070 per capita in revenue from government sources amounting to 38.39% of all county income.  Cumberland County, by contrast, receives $7535 per capita, which amounts to 16.38% of county income.  If Ron Paul should by some fluke get elected, Washington County would be in for some major pain.

    • Harry H Snyder III

      Yeah it hurts to be weened, But the benefits of this procedure are self evident.

  • Anonymous

    What a joke!  What are we talking about?  A couple of hundred voters out of how many thousands? Time to move to a primary.

  • Anonymous

    In about two months time,  you will be receiving a questionaire from the Republican Party with multiple simple questions like “Do you agree that we should balance the federal budget”  and “Do you agreee that Ice cream tastes good on a summer day ”  and you suppose that they really tabulate the results and are  input to policy.  Nope, not true.  Not even looked at. They only look to see  if the reply envelope contains a tasty check to cash forthwith.  Yup.. That’s how Karl Rove got his start in Texas.. and it’s worked ever since.   Sooo.. When you get your bogus survey.. just return it with a note saying “Grow Up” or better still send your check to the Real Republican party in seclusion .. the Libertarian Party.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Wonder how many Ron Paul Caucus votes were thrown out or conveniently lost ? The Republican Party and Romney are the FRAUDSTERS here. Why even bother with a Caucus or vote in Maine anymore.  The end result was finalized many months ago by the Romney Thugs.

  • Anonymous

    Why is the Castine Republican Caucus not until March 3?  They knew when the deadline was.  Get your act together please folks!

    • G

       Actually, if you research (search Watch the Vote, then click on GOP rules link to right), Maine must hold all caucuses by March 20th.

  •  Honestly, I don’t care if you take me seriously. You do not understand the word slavery.  Here is the definition according to Bing:
    1)system based on enslaved labor: the practice of, or a system based on, using the enforced labor of other people2)condition of being enslaved laborer: the state or condition of being held in involuntary servitude as the property of somebody else3)hard work: very hard work, especially for low pay and under bad conditions

        Our government is using our enforced labor. If you don’t believe so, look at how much of your pay disappears every pay period. We cannot drink raw milk when we want to. If you don’t pay your taxes, they can deny you all of your property. We are watched, and searched unreasonably, and our things are seized without our permission. Our government has declared my farm animals as part of the State herd(effectively removing ownership rights from me).  Your property can be taken by the government and used for whatever purpose the state desires, according to the Supreme Court. When you lose the right to pursue your own happiness according to your own dictates, you become a slave.

        In addition, you are mistaken if you believe that I think Obama is the reason or sole cause of our involuntary servitude.  We have been in one form or the other of slavery since the formation of the Federal Reserve, and actually earlier than that if you count the loss of States rights during the Civil War. When our government left the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights we became slaves.  However, if we do not begin to take back our liberty, we WILL remain slaves for four more years, and perhaps longer as it took 150 years to bring us to this fate, and may take some time to deconstruct it!

    • I find it helpful to sing a few choruses of this when I’m feeling slave-ish.

      You an’ me, we sweat an’ strain,

      Body all achin’ an’ racket wid pain,

      Tote dat barge!

      Lif’ dat bale!

      Git a little drunk

      An’ you land in jail.

      from Ol’ Man River, by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein

  • Anonymous
  • Paul must win the nomination or we must GO TO WAR against the Jewish Controlled American establishment. Americans are not to be the serfs of dirty Jews, their media empire and their abomination of Israel. Get ready…they have it coming just like they did 75 years ago…

    • Anonymous

    • Harry H Snyder III

      The above post is so obviously a troll piece.  People can be opposed to aid to Israel and also be Jewish…

  • Anonymous

    I think a recount is called for, not just new votes but all the votes.  Bangor Daily said yesterday that even after everything this week-end that it still would be Romney.  Guess the Republicans at the top don’t want anything different.  Hope Santorum shows them what the people want.

    • Anonymous

      Truly doubtful that Santorum will ever be President. He brought a dead
      fetus named Gabriel home to be cuddled and sung to by his young
      children, and keeps a picture of it in his office

    • Harry H Snyder III

      I notice the vote total changed in Romney’s favor just before the Washington County Caucus.  Tell the truth, does ANYONE believe the vote tallies coming from Augusta?

      • Anonymous


  • Your nuts if you think America or the world believes the MSM corporation licking tabloid crap in an internet world…

  • Anonymous

    Shocked, shocked I tell ya!

  • Anonymous

    Charlie Webster ordered All Caucuses to count their vote in secret and NOT ALOUD where anyone could hear it.  There is only ONE REASON to make such an Order and that was  with intent to cheat and rigg the vote .. Unless there is a total recount of the entire State of Maine where the count is out loud and witnessed , NOBODY can accept the results of the Maine Caucus as valid.  Charlie Webster will go down in history as a liar , cheater and hater of democracy

    • CPPray

      Leave Charlie alone – he’s doing the best he can

      • Anonymous

         LOL ,, yeah he is doing the best he can to cheat , lie and hate democracy… Who the PHUCK orders the count to be secret??? 

      • Harry H Snyder III

        Charlie Pray?  Is that really you?  …and you think we should take your advise? 

        How does it feel having to take a car to local basketball games like the rest of us?

        • CPPray

          Poor Harry, twenty-six years later and you still don’t know the facts, and since you really don’t care what the facts are you get to keep spreading the distorted version.  Oh, well, to me, family matters — and its not just a talking point like so many Republicans who only preach family values but fail to live them.  Alas, alas.  

          • Harry H Snyder III

            That line might work with some folks.  Good luck with it.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t suspect that the caucus’s on Saturday would change anything, but at least, we are going to be counted down here in Washington county.

    A note here:  While I am a democrat, I would consider voting republican this next election, however, there is no way I can vote for Ron Paul.  For one thing, his views are dangerous.  I don’t think the US should stick our heads in the sand at this time. 

    Republicans are doing the same thing in their own elections that they have been doing in the House this year.  They are unyielding, and will hold to their principle, even if it means shooting themselves in the foot.   Most Americans are tired of the gridlock we have in Washington.  We are tired of the T Party, we are tired of the spending, and we are tired of both parties.  We want to see some things done.

    The vast majority of independents cannot  stomach Ron Paul.  Many Republicans feel the same way, and many Democrats are thinking of jumping off the Obama ship.  But, true to form, Republicans refuse to stand behind a candidate that could win, and put their candidate in the White House.

    Guys, if you want to win, you need to get a grip, hold your nose, and put aside your rigid script, and vote for someone who can get elected.  Let’s face it, other than Romney having a lot of money, what do you have against him?  You won’t find any dirty family laundry on him.  You won’t find any illegal business practices, and you won’t find that he has paid fines for ethic violations.  So, what is your problem?

    Maybe Romney isn’t exactly your cup of tea (pun), but many middle of the road Americans, especially independents like the guy.    So, keep on supporting guys like Newt (phew), Rick  (scarey), and Ron (way too old, and off his keel), and you will put Obama back in the White House.   

    If you don’t believe me, ask your friends who are independents who they are likely to vote for, and if you have any, ask your liberal friends, who stands a chance against Obama.  They will tell you, it’s Romney, or they will tell you pick any of the other guys if you want to lose.  Better yet, ask your female significant other how they really feel about New, Rick or Ron, I suspect they will give you an earful.

    • Why do you feel like you would support a Republican for president now?  The economy is improving, unemployment is going down, and the stock market is rising.  Granted it is slow, but it is happening.  We are withdrawing from our involvement in the Middle East.  That is obviously not as sharply victorious as a V-E Day or a V-J Day.  But we aren’t likely to see al-qaeda run up the surrender flag anyway.  President Obama couldn’t get the country to support a complete change in our health care system (too much money at stake), but the changes he did get through will prove beneficial.  Gas prices are increasing, but no Republican is going to stop that from happening.  The rest of the world wants gas, too, and is willing to pay. 

      What exactly do you think a Republican, even if he were more of a moderate Republican, a RINO if you will, could accomplish that President Obama has not?

      • The economy is improving? You must be listening to mainstream media and they are bought and paid for teleprompter baffoons. Have you really checked the statistics of people living in tents or on the streets? Do you know they have now resorted to eating rats. Some parents are actually abandoning their children because they have no way of caring for them. The housing market collapsed and you call that progress? Those that orchestrated that collapse made billions betting against a housing recovery. Withdrawing from our involvement in the Middle East? Do you not see that we are preparing for war with Iran? How’s that a withdrawal? Al-qaeda was dining at the White House and being financed by the US. They’re our enemy when they are not doing what the US says they are to do. O’s healthcare system is a death warrant for the severely ill, disabled and senior citizens. Why do you think that most of Americans want it repealed? Have you even read that bill? Well I have and it’s not good. O promised hope and change and has done nothing but the opposite from day one. Look at the NDAA as an example. That bill allows any American citizen to be disappeared or black bagged without charges and no attorney and detention for the remainder of your life or possibly death. O has bypassed the Constitution and Congress and gets approval from the UN. The UN…give me a break. Who gives them the power to declare wars? How many times has O declared something through executive order? Please do some research and turn off your tv. Quit listening to mainstream media.

      • Anonymous

        Well quite frankly, Obama has not been nearly combatant enough with the Republicans.  He has wimped out a few times.  I don’t think he will get elected if the right candidate runs against him.

        He has allowed governors all over to try and eradicate unions, cut bargaining rights, and generally run amok.   Personally, I would like to have seen him go to Wisconsin and be with the people who were demonstrating against the governor there.  Ditto for Florida too.  He has been much too complacent.  

        He should have it in his head now, that no matter what he does, the Republicans are against it, and he should ramp up the heat on them.  Frankly, he is far too much of a gentlemen to street fight with the T-Party crew, inc.

        If there is change coming, I would much rather see it be with someone like Romney rather than all the other nutcases the Republicans have running.   I am out of tune with some of the anger that I see in people this election cycle.  But then, I have not been affected as much as many people.   I had no money to lose in the market, I had a decent job, my house was not used as an ATM card, so, I just don’t have the anger I see that many people have.

        I personally think that the political system in general has been bought by the big companies, and if you are a politician, it takes lots of $$$ to get elected.  Therefore if you want to campaign, you have to already be in some big businesses pocket.

        I do not agree with you on the jobs market at all.  I don’t care what the numbers say, not one person I know in several states now has a job they didn’t have months ago.

        So, I guess I am a realist, if Obama be re-elected, so be it.  If not, why not at least someone like Romney who has not yet flown over the cuckoo’s nest like the rest of the candidates.

      • Harry H Snyder III

        Obama has (under the guise of being a progressive) taken away more US constitutional rights than did George W. Bush.  Funny the media never points this out. The US military can now arrest US citizens, on US soil and hold them indefinitely WITHOUT a court order or a judge. He has set up a system where drones can fly over US soil looking for “targeted” people.  He has allowed the Patriot act to continue even though he had the ability to end it.

        This man is a piece of garbage and he needs to be rejected by the people in the next election.  Failure to revoke his mandate will insure a continued erosion of our constitutional protections

    • Granted, Mitt Romney apparently doesn’t have the baggage that some of his opponents do and his views don’t seem to be as extreme.  But what are his views?  Mitt Romney follows the advice of Quintus Cicero, a Roman of 2000 years ago, promise everything to everybody.  If Romney should be elected, he would be elected as a president who supports everything and therefore supports nothing that anyone knows of.  So what would he do?  Who knows?  His interest seems to be just in getting elected.

  • Eric shopf

    i went to last night and they have some polls. one was, what gop candidate should drop out? you can view results before voting, i looked at the number for mitt romney went back and clicked on mitt to drop out and his number didnt move. did the same thing for ginrich and it counted my vote. had my wife do the samething on her computer. guess what? samething    meidia sucks!!!                      Ron Paul 2012 

  • Anonymous

    Santorum constantly voted against the 2nd Amendment but voted repeatedly to give Penn State pedophile Jerry Sandusky the congressional Angels in Adoption award. Newt loves illegals (amnesty) more than Americans (Newt wants to bring back child labor for US kids). Mitt thinks corporations are people (killing his general election chances). Ron Paul is the only candidate with a plan to end the TSA and end the endless wars for Israel, it all started a decade ago after a false flag attack.
    9/11, US and Israel:

  • Mark Brown


  • Mark Brown

    You people that are debating who can beat Obama should be putting that effort and energy into getting him impeached for taking away our constitutional rights. (that he has sworn to uphold, along with all the other washington cronies)

    • Harry H Snyder III

      You have to get congress to go along with an impeachment and they were complicit in Obama’s treason.

      The system is broken!  We need a French style revolution….

  • Wow, Ron Paul took this, they just decide not to count some counties votes!! They should be outraged!

  • After this latest GOP cheating scandal, who in their right mind will ever vote for a republican?  Ron Paul is the only exception of a republican worth voting for.  In fact, he is the only person in politics worth voting for since every single democrat is no good either.  Therefore the choice is very simple; just vote for Ron Paul!

  • Ron Paul is clearly the best man to beat Barack Hussein Obama, he will get the independents, some democrats, and many, if not most republicans.  No other republican, or democrat can attract as many voters as he can.

  • Don’t worry if you see Ron Paul polling a distant 3rd, or 4th.   Polls are used to shape and manipulate public opinion, not reflect it.  They mean nothing except for what the politicians and media want you to believe.

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul has always had my vote, after he appeared in the Mike Ruppert video.
    I just came back from Ruppert’s website and want to give folks a tsunami alert.
    Sunday, 19 February 2012 

    Greece ‘Officially Defaults’ March 23, Banks Close


    “According to Ward, that following Monday, the 25th, Greek banks will

    This is what I told you yesterday. Last April I said firmly that we had
    until the end of July before all the global markets started coming
    unwound and sovereigns started defaulting. I was right. That is when it
    became abundantly clear that Greece was toast and so was the EU.

    Now two things are clear. First, we have until the end of March (if
    that) before a synchronized shut down of all economies in all countries
    takes effect, along with global rioting, major political upheavals and
    open, lethal repression. U.S. hegemony has been routed openly. Oil
    continues to climb in price as economic activity plummets.

    I think now the zombies are looking and realizing that the Mother of
    all Tsunamis is bearing down on them, and there will be no escape.

  • Guest

    Who cares, Rotten RINO Romney will become Obama II the beginning of the end
     *An end to the 2nd Amendment
     *Forced healthcare mandate
     *Jobs shipped overseas 

    If it comes down between Obama & Romney, why bother voting 

    • Anonymous

      Why did the Patriots (current day libertarians or “Tea Partyists”) bother fighting the Loyalists (current day “Statists”)? Don’t give up. Ron Paul is 76, but the spirit of ’76 lives on.

      Vote and raise your voice for honest accounting. In the end, we’ll win.

      Don’t give up. Ron Paul in 2012!

      • Guest

        If Ron Paul is against National Parks, then ask him to openly oppose the Quimby National Park…
        He wont

        •  Has he specifically said that?   Do you think in the realm of Paul’s issues, that Quimby is less than a molecule.

          • Guest

            Show me where Ron mentions Quimby’s name- —– he hasnt…!

          • Are you kidding me?   Sheeez.   I believe you’re religious.  So if Jesus doesn’t mention you specifically then he doesn’t love you ?   If you don;t get that – please don;t post anymore about Ron Paul.

          • Guest

            boo hoo, whats the matter— the fact is that most north of Bangor “didnt” vote for him, but it “could” have gone in his favor “if” he had objected to Quimby…!

            too bad, he is now third in the national poles, get over it

        • Anonymous

          Do some research on the topic and you will see that many in Maine are not too keen on the idea of a “National Park.” Here’s an excerpt from an article by the “Natural Resources Council of Maine:

          “Park opponents have expressed fears that the park would undermine the state’s forest products industries and extend federal authority into northern Maine in an unneeded and unwanted way. Supporters believe that a park could co-exist well with the forest products industry.”

          “Those who oppose or who say they are skeptical of a park include U.S. Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, Gov. Paul LePage, Millinocket’s Town Council, the Maine Snowmobile Association and the Maine State Legislature.”

          “Snowmobile association members also have complained that Quimby’s workers introduced an element of coercion into their campaign by at least implying to several Katahdin region snowmobile clubs that they would lose access to snowmobile trails on her land unless they wrote letters supporting the park.”

          “Committee members outlined two types of study. A reconnaissance study, or preliminary resource assessment, would be ordered by the secretary of the interior, take a few months, and cost about $25,000, and a special resources study, a comprehensive examination of a potential national park site that would take years and cost much more.”

          By the way, I’m sure that Ron Paul would be perfectly fine with the idea of making the designated area into a State Park.

          Last, but not least. Imagine having lots of National Parks but no freedom to enjoy them. In the grand scheme of things losing our freedom is a much more important issue. I watched Ron Paul in an interview when he was asked about National Parks and he said that it was one of the Federal bureaucracies that he had no interest in doing away with.

          • Guest

            Ron has been asked about the “Quimby” park a number of times, and those opposed to the park are “still” waiting on his press release saying so…

    •  Immeasurable difference,  especially if  the R’s take the senate and keep the house. 

      Without congress, Paul and Santorum will stagnate, there Gingrich would hold sway like Obama.  I trust both Romney and Paul from different viewpoints. 

      • Guest

        You might, but a lot of conservatives don’t…!

        •  again you miss the point 

          PS  Personally I’m NOT in favor of a national park. I also personally know folks who have been seriously negatively affected by her buying that parcel. 

          • Guest

            I am just looking for Ron to put out a press release about it…

    • Harry H Snyder III

      You have the ability to write in a vote.  Do not for get to include the address of your candidate under his/her name.

      • Anonymous

        Try writing in the candidates full name, address and party the candidate represents on a line no bigger then where you sign a personal check… with the mandatory large magic markers used for the optical scanning machines.

  • Anonymous

     anybody see the news coming out of Washington State about the overflow crowds for Ron Paul?

  • Anonymous

    He’ll WIN BIG in November… Don’t forget to VOTE for Ron Paul, November 20, 2012!

  • Anonymous

    Everyone knows Ron Paul won the Caucus. Yet the Romney Stooges throw the Caucus to Romney. It seems Maine’s Republicans have learned all about Voter Fraud from Florida where Al Gore won the Presidency yet the Fraudsters threw the vote to Bush. The Republican Party have become masters of corruption and voter fraud.

  • Anonymous

    looks like another 4 more years and another 16trillion in debt, but Romney and friends will make out just fine.

  • Anonymous

    Charlie Webster of the Maine GOP , ORDERED All Precincts to not read the count out loud… Why do you reckon that was ?  There is only ONE REASON for that and that is his intent to rigg the vote ….. Charlie Webster will go down in history as a HATER of DEMOCRACY .. AN ENEMY OF FREEDOM and LIBERTY!

  • Anonymous

    Why did the Patriots (current day libertarians or “Tea Partyists”) bother fighting the Loyalists (current day “Statists”)?

    For those who want to throw in the towel, I say “Don’t give up.”

    Ron Paul is a modern day Paul Revere “The Statists are coming, the Statists are coming!”). We need to heed his warning as it will be 4 more years of the same (war and bailouts).

    Ron Paul is 76, but the spirit of ’76 lives on.

    Vote and raise your voice for honest accounting in voting. In the end, we’ll win. We’re Americans and the spirit of freedom lives inside us.

    Don’t give up! Fight tyranny (from within)!

    Ron Paul in 2012!

  • Okay, now this is funny.

     CORRECTION:Because of an editor’s error, an earlier version of this article misstated the number of votes for Rick Santorum in the Hancock poll. Santorum received 17 votes, not 16.

  • I have a novel idea. Let’s just declare Ron Paul the winner of the Maine GOP Preference Poll, and move on to items of more importance for Maine’s governance, as well as working toward the R convention in May.

    That way, instead of spending the next 30 days totting up 4 straw poll chits for Paul vs. 5 chits for Romney, or the reverse, the R party can concentrate on things like the supplemental budget, and the need to find $120 million by April 1st to keep the lights on at DHHS.

    You know; stuff that actually matters.

    • Harry H Snyder III

      Stuff that actually matters …like our freedom to vote for the candidate of our choice, and have that vote counted fairly and honestly?  What is this the Red White & Blue USA or some dirt-colored banana republic.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Video of Washington County Caucus just posted on youtube:

  • Anonymous

    4 paragraphs on Gingrich who got 4 votes?  Huh?

  • It is very obvious that Webster has  criminally tampered with the Maine caucus. My whole family is from New England. People in Maine used to be among the most patriotic in this nation. I hope that is still the case, and I am going to be watching to see if the people of the state of Maine will do the right thing and clean up the GOP in that state. Webster needs to be removed on run out of Maine. He, in my opinion, along with Romney are traitors against the USA and it’s constitution. I am sick to my stomach because of what is happening to MY country. The status quo needs to be stopped and uprooted.

  • Anonymous

    The only fair process going forward is for a snow day to be included in any future caucuses. People are entitled to their vote.

  • Don’t give up. Write in “Ron Paul” if it comes down to it.

  • Anonymous

    “Caucus Results Lost in Spam Folder; According to Politico, while
    the outcome currently remains the same (Washington County will hold
    their caucus at a later date, and its votes will count)
    Maine Republican Party chairman Charlie Webster said there were
    numerous errors in calculating the final tally. “About half a dozen”
    towns were left out and e-mails from some municipalities accidentally
    “went to spam” in the party’s e-mail system he said.”

    Are the votes that were omitted the night of the announcement from Waterville, Belfast, and other caucus where zero totals were posted going to be counted? Will someone please report on this?
    Thank you!!!

  • Anonymous

    Democrat, Republican, Independent there is a direct assault on our rights. And everyday we loose them without any real fight.  Democracy and the right to vote is being voided in order to assure the false nomination of anybody other than Ron Paul. He can not be bought. He hasn’t altered his stance in 30yrs. He has never swayed from what he believes and says. He is for our constitution every time. The only one who doesn’t use that precious document when it is convenient for him. The majority of Americans want him as our voice to represent america. He can restore us! And the people will not stay silent anymore, no matter what the main stream says.

  • Gringrich has all the ( Swing ) Votes!

  • Ron Paul 2020 !

    Ayn Rand the running Mate!

  • Guest

    We all helped the Republicans win the Maine house and senate and throw out 30/40 years of Dems running this State, Now the Same people we elected are denying the voters the right to select Ron Paul..  I think the politicans missed the point… what you actually did was alienate we the people… Cheating/lying to get what you special people wanted will cost you more than you imagine. Winning by cheating is not a win, it’s a lost.. you lost my respect and I’m sure the respect of many other republican voters.

  • Thanks Charlie Webster for making us a laughing stock of the elections.  Hope you spend the $$$ Mitt gave you wisely, or save it for unemployment.

  • Anonymous

    I hope the recent events in Maine will serve as a warning to those in other states! These bogus shenanigans shall not be tolerated, either by loyal Republicans, or, for that matter, by any citizen, regardless of party affiliation.

    A Pennsylvania Republican for Ron Paul

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul will not win for the same reason that Ross Perot did not win. His age will be an issue just like it was for John McCain.

  • Anonymous

    Phil Berrigan once said: “If voting was effective it would be outlawed”.

    Doctor Ron Paul is the only candidate with the presription to change America, but voting is not accurate or honest thus null and void as we have seen in this fiasco.

  • I was the guy in the brown hat walking by when Paul was announced the winner :P

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